Thursday, September 30, 2010

Made it Back

And there were a few happy faces to see me!


Hope everyone has a great weekend.  I'm doing something very fun and exciting.  Husband says I'm just crazy.  Details and photos to come.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Luke, I'm Your Father....

Doesn't my helmet make you think of Darth Vadar?  That was part of my attire today for non-lethal ammunition training.  We wear protective equipment so the paint bullets don't hurt as much when you get shot.  Of course, not all your body is protected. 

So I picked a guy to shoot at me today.  Last time I did this, my partner shot me in the shoulder.  I just figured a guy is usually a better shot.  Boy was I WRONG!!!  I managed to pick the worst shot in the entire class.  Very first bullet hit my leg, right in the crease.  Let me tell ya, it stings.  Instructor came over to see if I was okay.  Of course I was, let's continue.  So then the next shot hit me in the head.  Luckily, I had my lovely helmet on.  The instructors stopped the training and told all the participants AGAIN, no head shots.  Very next shot, straight in my face.  Again, thank you helmet.  By this time, I'm laughing and shaking my head.  How does this guy qualify to carry a gun!?  The last two shots were in my throat area.  It was padded so no harm there.  He never hit me once in the chest which was where he was suppose to aim.

After the drill, he repeatedly apologized for his bad shooting ability.  He even stated, "I'm a really bad shot."  I just looked at the guy.  He didn't have to explain that to me, I was on the receiving end of his really bad shooting!

But you know what, I get to go home tomorrow afternoon!  Woohoo!  So I'll take a few bullets if it means I'm headed back to the ranch.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Hello From San Antonio

Not real excited about being here.  I'm in training for work until late Thursday.  Today I was recertified in CPR and First Aid.  Tomorrow is gym work.  I'll be learning more Ju Jitsu.  Y'all better watch out!  Then Wednesday I get to be shot with non-lethal ammunition.  All in a days work!

But you guys know me.  When I'm not in class, I'm here....

Yep, my room.  But my room is pretty cool this time cause it has that really nice flat screen tv.  We still have one of those "old" ones.  And everyone laughs when I tell them it's a 19 inch.  It's good enough for us though.  Anyhow, got a big tv.

Oh, and this...

A full itty bitty kitchen!!!  I don't have to eat out.  I brought my own food.  So for breakfast and supper I make my own meals, which I love!!  I have been very serious since June about counting my calories.  Lost all my weight plus some and I didn't want to get off track while I was here.  This is perfect!

To tell ya the truth, I didn't want to leave Sunday and come here.  Husband did NOT want me to go either.  The longer we've been together, the more content we are to remain at home and not travel apart.  And I miss all the kids.  But I'm sure I'll make it a few more days. 

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Murder in Progress

I bought the kids a new toy (Blue Duck) today.  Gave it to Diesel around 3pm.  By 5:30, he had almost decapitated it.


But it was no worse for wear.  Still in pretty good shape.  He was being a brat and not lettin' anyone else close to it.  Even put it next to his food dish while he ate.  No one would bother it there!


After he ate, we played tug a war with it.  During our play, the body of Blue Duck tore a little.  That was the beginning of the end...

Pepper took over then.  Her little terrier instincts were in full effect.


She must kill!


Destroy at all cost!


No stuffin' shall remain!


And she's so proud of herself.  Mom, look, I killed it good!


Rest in peace Blue Duck.  Crazy M is a tough place for a toy.  Hold your nearly decapitated head up high, you served your purpose well.


Friday, September 24, 2010

And It Led Me Here...

Sometimes you just have to think, is this what God really intended?  You know, I do try to listen but sometimes I'm a little dense.  I tell Him to make things very clear for me so I'll catch it.  Today, I think He did that.

This whole dog adoption deal really upset me.  Everyone I know is dumbfounded that I would be denied.  Then, as I said yesterday, I went by the local humane society. (Which is SOOO not like me.  Y'all know how I feel about that place.)  The people were very nice there and each person I came in contact with went out of there way to help me with the dog I was asking about.  When I got home, I emailed the shelter and asked them to please put my contact information on the dog's paperwork.  Also let them know that I would email monthly to check on her status until she returns from the college.

This morning I got a response saying that they would gladly keep my information and looked forward to my monthly check ins.  After I received the email, I got this overwhelming feeling that I needed to do more for the shelter, volunteer somehow.  So I hopped on their website, looking at their volunteer information.  There is was! Jumped off the screen at me.  They need volunteers to photograph their animals.  HELLO!!!



Diesel 030610

SK Ace


Duke portrait


I immediately sent another email.  I told my contact person that I would love to photograph the pets for the shelter.  Maybe if we could get some cute pics, people would be more apt to adopt them.  The response I got back, "That would be incredible!"  So I told them to let me know what I needed to do to get started.  After that, my mind started running with ideas.  Why don't we do a calendar for the shelter?  People are more likely to donate if they get something for their money.  Okay, maybe I'm putting the cart before the horse, I haven't even took a picture yet.  It's just that I'm pretty excited.

So maybe there was a bigger plan behind all this?  I don't know but maybe I can help bunches of animals instead of just one.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Guess What...

Yep, we were denied for the adoption.  I still hadn't heard anything from the shelter by lunch so I sent the contact lady an email asking about the status.  She called me back.  Said we were denied because I don't have my dogs on heart worm preventative.  Apparently, as she put it, that's a "deal breaker."  She also made a reference about not having a fence.  Which I wrote on the application that I HAD a yard fence.  It even asked for details regarding the fence so I put it was a pipe top rail with welded cow panels.  I'm guessing the city people didn't have a clue what I was talking about.  I didn't bother to correct her.  It was a lost cause at that point.  Their minds were made up because of the heart worm medication.  So Chance won't be coming to the Crazy M.

I called the husband to tell him.  He asked if I wanted him to "give them a call."  He wanted to tell them what he thought.  I figured it best that he not.  Wouldn't help anyways.  They have their ways.  Just like when he went to volunteer.  They wouldn't allow his guys to walk the dogs because they hadn't went thru "their" dog walking class.  Wouldn't even let them move them from one pen area to the other cause they weren't trained.  

I told the husband the only reason I tried was for Chance.  There was no other reason I would have dealt with these people.  Especially signing over that they can come to my house, check my vet records and everything else intrusive they wanted to do AFTER we adopted him.  But I was willing to do it if it meant giving the dog a good home.  Fingers crossed that he eventually does find one.

The husband said if I wanted another dog, he would make sure I got one.  Isn't he the sweetest.  That's when I told him I already found a sweet girl at the Humane Society.  ;o)  He just laughed and said how did I not know that was coming!  

So I actually went to the local Humane Society after work today (yep, I managed to walk the isles without opening all the gates).  I saw a cute girl on their website.  Thought I'd go by and check her out.  Got there and guess what, she's not there.  She's helping the local college with their vet tech classes until NOVEMBER!  So we'll wait and see.  Maybe she'll be my birthday present!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A Bunch of Bull


That's what I feel like I've been dealing with today.  I sent in the adoption paperwork this morning for Chance.  Shocking, I know!  But the shelter is questioning us on numerous things.  I'm doubtful they will allow us to adopt him.  They contacted me this morning with some questions.  I responded back right before lunch.  Never heard anything else from them.

I have always been reluctant to try adopting from this specific shelter.  The application is 4 pages long.  They are very picky and I always figured they would turn us down.  I hate that they are so rigid because it doesn't help the animals needing homes.

I wanted to try for Chance's sake this one time.  So I'm waiting to hear what they decide.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Fate? You Be the Judge

The husband's company is doing a United Way campaign.  The corporate office said if the husband's location completes 50 hours of community service then they will donate $1000 to the United Way.  The husband asked his crew to help complete some hours so this morning they went to do some volunteer work.  Guess where they arranged the volunteer work?  The local no-kill animal shelter.  I was pretty excited for the husband to go there.  Mainly because I would love to do volunteer work there but I can't handle it.  Seeing all the dogs makes me so sad.  I just want to take them all home.  Then I start crying and from there it's an ugly mess!

I waited to hear from the husband while I worked today.  During my lunch hour, I hopped on the shelter's webpage to look at the doggies for adoption.  I scanned thru 60+ listings.  One jumped out at me.  There was just something about his picture.

His name is Chance.  He's a coon hound mix.  Just over a year old.  Neighbor shot him prior to him being brought to the shelter.  You know I'm a sucker for a mistreated dog!  I sent the husband an email about the dog and asked if he happened to see him while he was working.

Shortly thereafter, the husband sent this response:

"You are not going to believe this.  I had to work in that dog's pen today.  Everyone else was scared of him but not me.  He acted mean but he was real sweet, he really liked playing.  Heck, I even got him to help me pull weeds.  That is just too wild that you sent me a picture of that dog."

Can you believe that??  Of all the dogs for adoption, I picked the one that the husband worked with today.  He said everyone was telling him he needed to adopt him cause the dog seemed to really like him.  Of course, the husband said he already had four dogs.  Whatever!

I told the husband that every dog deserves a home.  And this one reminded me of Lucky.  I bet he just wanted to be loved.  The husband responded, yea, he did just want loved on.  Awwwwww.  That tugs at my heart.

No, we don't need another dog.  But it kills me to think this guy is sittin' there waiting for someone to love him.  He is at a no kill shelter, however, I have been told that the no kill shelter eventually takes the pets they can't find homes for to the humane society, where if they aren't adopted there, they are euthanized.  Again, reasons I can't go to shelters.  I'd run the isles opening gates, yelling at them to load up!  Could you see me, the crazy dog lady, making a run for it with dogs hanging out my truck?!

I don't know what the future holds for Chance.  But I think it was fate the husband and I both found him today.  What you think?

Monday, September 20, 2010

Who's Your Daddy or Mommy?


The husband and I have been wondering if Diesel is mixed with another breed.  There are just some characteristics that don't quite fit a mastiff.  For example, he never stops running, he LOVES the water, he's not as big as expected, and so on.  So we've had our questions.

I decided to do a DNA test of him.  Just for fun of course cause it really doesn't matter what it says.  It won't change anything.  Just give us a better understanding about him.  I ordered the Canine Heritage Breed Test and it arrived Saturday.

Yesterday, we decided to get the cheek swab.  The husband let Diesel in the house.  First thing he did was run and grab Harley's toys.  I'm thinking GREAT, he's gonna have Harley's DNA in his mouth now.  He'll come back as a Yorkie cross!  It took the husband and I both trying to wrestle with him to get the swab in his mouth.  I just knew he was going to eat it like he does everything.  I managed to get a few twists on the swab.  Fingers crossed there is enough DNA on it for testing.

Mailed it back to the company this morning and now we wait.  Any thoughts on what it may come back as?  My luck, it'll say chihuhua/poodle mix.  Oh well, it was worth a shot.  I'll let you know when we get the results.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

In the Spirit of Giving

Guess what, a winner has been selected for the CSN giveaway!!!!  First let me say, I loved gettin' all y'all's favorites about Fall.  It really put me in the spirit.  Even though it's 90+ degrees here, I'm fantasizing of cool breezes, open windows, pumpkins, autumn colors and comfort food.

So without further adieu, the winner is....

Janet Phillips!!!!!

She's such an awesome farming wife.  If you haven't had a chance to visit her blog, please make a point.  You'll love it!

But wait, I couldn't let just one person have all the fun.  I wanted to draw for one more.  This person will receive a Bath and Body Works Wallflower Diffuser and Leave scented oil set.  I went there yesterday and bought me one.  It is the most heavenly Fall smell.  I have to share since this giveaway was all about Fall!  So the winner of this little goody is.....


Again, super awesome lady.  You must go check her out if you haven't as well.

Thanks for everyone who participated.  I love giving stuff away!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Just Cause....

y'all haven't had a good goofy Diesel picture in awhile.

Didn't want you to think he grew out of it.  No chance of that!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Every Woman...

Should have a man that says this about them...

Love this song!  And I'm lucky to have a man that tells me I'm beautiful every day.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Is It Fall Yet?

You know what I do when I haven't had a good day?  I decide to do a giveaway!  Why not make other people happy, right?

The peeps at CSN online stores contacted me again.  Asked if I would like to host another giveaway for my readers.  I, of course, said you betcha.  I'll give my followers whatever I can, they deserve it!  So they said, how about a $75 gift certificate? Can't pass that up, now can we?

For those of you that know about this online store, they sell everything from school supplies to modern bedding. Which reminds me, I could really use a new comforter.  Anyhoo, I'm sure you can find something to spend that free money on.  Plus, it's gettin' close to Christmas, maybe you need to do some shoppin' for presents?

So you want to know how to enter?  Well, I'm really feelin' the Fall season.  I LOVE Fall.  I love the weather changing, the calves being weaned, the holidays, the pumpkins, the decorations, just EVERYTHING!  So tell me, what's your favorite part of Fall?

Leave me a comment and you'll be entered.  Deadline for entries is Noon (Central time), Saturday, September 18th.  If you are picked by the random generator, you will receive a $75 gift certificate (does not include shipping costs) to CSN Stores.  Also, let me know if y'all like these giveaways with CSN.  Would you like for me to continue with them if I'm contacted again.  Good luck!

Oh, check out my blogger buddy, Goodwife, and her giveaway.  It is too much fun!  Click here!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Dang It!!

Have you seen this kitty?


Cactus Jack is MISSING!  Can you believe it.  I name him, now he's gone!

I didn't see him when I left for work this morning.  It was strange cause he's usually around.  But I just figured he was in the barn.  After work, I called the husband.  He asked, "Did you see Cactus Jack this morning?"  Why no, I didn't.  He said he wasn't around when he left for work either.  He looked all over for him, called for him, couldn't find him.

So I got home this evening and searched again.  No sign of him.  Looked around the barn, outside the barn, under the hood of our vehicles, in the yard, nothing.  Called the husband back and told him he still wasn't here.  Of course he said "I knew we shouldn't have named him!"  Then, "He was sure a cool cat."  Can't believe the husband actually thought he was a cool cat.  But he really was.

Husband saw him when he came in from work last night around midnight.  Don't know if a hawk got him during the night or if he wandered off, or if he'll just show up?  I told the husband I just need to stick with puppies.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Kitty Gets a Name

Yep, decided I might as well name the kitty.  He used another life up yesterday.  Pepper ran out of the yard while we were trying to get a new washing machine in the house.  I had put kitty in the back of my truck just in case.  Kitty decided he didn't like the back of my truck and jumped out.  Pepper chased him down.  Kitty put a good fight though.  By the time I got to them, Kitty was hissin' and swingin' paws at her.  Pepper was keepin' her distance.  After he put up such a good fight, I decided he deserved a name.  So kitty will be called....

Cactus Jack


He loves to play in the cactus outside the barn so it seemed appropriate.  May you live a long life Cactus Jack!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Eight Lives Left

Much to our surprise, the remaining kitten is still alive.  He is much smarter than his sister. But we did have a close call on Monday.  We were in the yard feeding the dogs.  The Husband had cooked bacon earlier that morning and was putting the bacon grease on the dry dog food.  He went back inside to put the tray up and I was standing on the porch trying to keep everyone at their own bowl.  Suddenly I hear the Husband yell, "No! No!"  I'm wondering what in the heck he's talking about inside the door.  He opens the door and says LOOK!  I turn just in time to see the kitten at the bottom of the porch steps.  I jump down to grab him and he went under the porch.  I managed to reach in and snatch him up.  Scurried out of the yard with him snug against my chest.  You know what, dogs never even knew it was in the yard.  They were too interested in the bacon coated food!

Now when I'm home, he spends his time on my truck tire.  I think he likes taunting the dogs.  Nah, really I think he just wants to be close to us but the Husband would NOT allow the cat in the house.  He's allergic so it's not an option.

So here he sits...

Sits there as long as my truck does.

And these two sit there as long as he does.

Well Diesel watches him all the time.  Hardly ever moves away from the fence.  Pepper has lost some of her fascination with him.  But I know if either had a chance, they'd get him.

I make sure to locate him every morning before I leave for work.  He usually meets me on the side of the truck and I shoosh him over towards the barn.  I'm hoping we don't run thru the rest of his lives anytime soon.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Lil Bullriders & Mini-Bulls

During each day's performance, they had a round of mini-buckers.  Young kids riding mini-bulls.  They were so cute!  I'm still trying to get the Husband talked into a mini-bull.  He's not budging right now though.

As you'll see, it's mandatory that the kids wear helmets and all the protective gear.


Some of these kids really stuck it on 'em!


And there were a few good buck offs too!



Even a bullfighter got smoked by one of the minis!  This lil bull was really mean!


If you would like to see a few more pics, click HERE.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

More Bullridin'

Now that I've shown you Stubby, I'll share some of my pictures.  Of course, I was up in the stands trying to take pictures.  I had to get on the top row in order to see over the arena panels.  Then they had these stupid poles right in my way!  Geez, don't they know I need good photography space!  So between the panels and the poles and the guy in the cowboy hat in front of me, I managed to get a few good ones.  I'm always up for a challenge.

A lot of the high ranking bullriders were there this weekend.  If you watch the PBR, you will recognize their names: Valdiron de Oliviera, Renato Nunes, McKennon Wimberly, Ryan McConnell, Pistol Robinson, Caleb Sanderson, Pete Farley and so on.

Here are a few of the pics...







Now some of the wrecks, which I like better (bad, I know!)...

How 'bout a bull hug...


Look at his leg over his arm...


But this is my favorite.  This guy had perfect form yet the bull is two feet away!


I have a few more if you want to look at them.  You can see them HERE.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Stubby and the PBR

We managed to get Stubby in a PBR Touring Pro this past weekend.  The husband and I were both nervous because many of the top bullriders were going to be there.  We prayed Stubby could hold his own!

On Friday, I hauled Stubby to Rent-a-Husband.  He was going to get him checked in for us since the Husband had to work.  Stubby was NOT happy to see RAH.  But Stubby is never happy to see anyone but us.  RAH got him all checked in early Saturday.

We got there just in time for the bullriding at 2pm.  Husband had to work Saturday morning so we were running behind.  I even got pulled over on my way to pick him up!  Trooper was very nice and just gave me a warning. ;o)  But we made it.

Stubby didn't have to work very hard on Saturday.  Bucked his guy right off.  Then proceeded to chase people in the arena and hook the horse that was attempting to push him out!  Now everyone thinks he is SOO mean!

Sunday he got turned out from what we were told but they made him a re-ride bull.  Luckily, there was a re-ride and he got bucked again.  Here is the video from that out.  Don't laugh at my yelling...

The husband and I were proud of him.  He did all we could ask.  Now he's out bein' lazy in the pasture.

Pictures of the bullriding to come!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

It's Been a Year!

Can you guess what happened one year ago today?  It truly feels like it's been longer than that.  So what came into our life this date?

My big boy made his way from Pennsylvania to Texas!  This pic was after we picked Diesel up from the stock contractor that transported him for me.


Can you believe how small he was?  He actually fit on my lap!


Ever since he arrived, he and Pepper have been partners in crime.

IMG_5215 E

They still are.  He's just a little larger now!


Pepper has always showed him the ropes around here.


Diesel has been an awesome addition to our family.  He's just as goofy and silly as ever.  I don't think he will ever grow out of that.  But he is also so sweet and loving.


Love you Diesel!  So glad you found your way to Crazy M.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Weekends are a Must

I learned that lesson this week.  I need my weekends away from work.  I've discussed on here before that I have the "work" me and the "real" me.  I really try to mute my real me for work.  Cause the real me is a blunt, sarcastic, cussin', burpin' country girl and that doesn't fare very well in my professional job (what's up with that, huh!).  Even my muted self is more uncensored than the majority of my co-workers.  I usually get a few jaw dropped looks at some of my remarks.

So my weekends are important.  It's a time for the true me to shine, uninhibited, streaking across the field, thus allowing the censored me to be more accessible during the work week.  But this last weekend, the muted self had to work overtime.  Overtime work self equals real self coming out prior to Friday evening!  Yea, not good.

Take for example, this incident.  Someone at work was really irritating me with his incoherent babbling.  I finally had enough and told him if he didn't stop, I was going to shove something up his "you know what!"  But, I didn't use the phrase "you know what."

Today I went to my satellite office and kept myself busy.  It's best that way!  But I thought it better to take a day off before I hurt someone or my mouth got me in real trouble.  So I am off work until Tuesday!  My mouth is free!!!!  It feels so good to be true to myself.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Down a Kitty

Yep, I thought this might happen.  That's why I didn't name them.  I figured it was just a matter of time until one or both met their maker.

When we returned from Corpus, we found girl kitty in the yard.  You read that right, in the YARD!  I don't think she was the brightest bulb.  Why would you walk into a yard of barking dogs just wanting to attack ya?

In my mind, I see Pepper leaning against the fence, whispering in a low voice, "Hey kitty, come here. Yea, yea, right thru here.  Got something to show ya."

Male kitty was safe and sound in the barn.  He knows better than to go near the yard or at least I think he does.  Fingers crossed he learned from sister's mistake.