Thursday, April 17, 2014

Whoa Nelly!

Where did the time go? I haven't posted since the beginning of April! I guess that's a good thing if I have nothing to report. We've just been doing the normal routine around here. The husband got the pens completed. It's so nice to have swinging gates that actually work!! We also were able to watch Long Shot perform close to home a few weekends ago. A PBR Touring Pro came to town and he was entered in the bull classic. And guess what, he won! So we enjoyed seeing that. It's nice to watch a bull you raised do so well. The husband, his dad and friend went fishing yesterday. I was told he's now the "Catfish King". I don't know about all that but he did send me this picture.
The husband has tests all next week. Blood work, new scan, all that jazz. Then we'll head back on 4/30 to see how his cancer reacted to the treatment. It seems like it has taken FOREVER to get here. That's it for now. Sorry the post all runs together. I couldn't get it to work right for me. Peace out!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014


Not much new with the husband.  He had an appointment this past Monday with a pulmonary specialist because a teeny tiny nodule was found on his lung during one of the scans. Dr DeLaCasas is very thorough and sent the husband to get it looked at. So we met with Dr Henderson. First let me tell you she is a hoot! Not often does the husband say, man, I really like that doctor. She told us there was nothing to worry about regarding the nodule. Husband said he was sorry he didn't get to go back to her.  Yea, can't believe he said that either! I don't think he has anything else scheduled until his testing at the end of April.

Since the husband has been on leave from work, he's been a busy bee.  Despite all my efforts to make him rest, he would not comply. He has a monster to do list. And he sold some cows and calves which funded projects. That was like the perfect storm. The husband with time and money!  I think what we are most excited about are our new pens. We have actual swinging gates!!! It's still a work in progress but it's looking so good.

The load of panels/gates.

Removing old fence and pipe.

Spunky helping the guys. ;)


The alley

He also had the county install a longer culvert in our driveway. Will really help pulling in and out with a long trailer.  Tomorrow he has some gravel being delivered for the drive and mud holes.  See, he's been busy!  He over did it this past weekend though. Argh!

What else has been going on? OH! Ran another 5K this past Saturday. I won 1st in my age group and was the second overall female finisher! I was super excited. The husband was so proud of me. It was pretty awesome.

We've had more babies born. Will have to get good pictures to post soon.

Spunky Brewster is growing like a wild weed. :) She is a stinker.

I took this picture on our walk around the pasture. She turned a month old! 

I think that's about it. But I'm sure I'm forgetting something.

One last thing, I had a bunch of messages today after the Fort Hood shooting. I do still work on post but I actually left post early today. So I wasn't anywhere close when it occurred. Thankfully I didn't have to go thru another shooting on base. One was enough for me. Thanks to everyone that contacted me. I felt so loved. ;)

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Weekend Getaway

Friday afternoon, we met with Dr DeLaCasas for a follow up.  He looked at the blood work and urine tests the husband did earlier in the week.  Everything looked good.  There was a small amount of protein in his urine that we will continue to monitor.  Dr D said sometimes the protein is so small it filters quickly from the blood (thus not picked up on the blood test) and into the urine.  So in a month, he'll have another blood and urine test to see if there are any changes.

Dr D just reiterated that we just have to stay on top of all the husband's appointments.  Don't get lazy and put anything off.  If he fills different, has any new pains or even feels sick, he is to call and come in to get looked at.  The husband understands and plans to stay on top of it.

Dr D also informed us of his departure at the end of the month.  The husband will either be seen by the other medical oncologist at the clinic or the new one taking Dr D's position.  He said if we are ever in San Antonio to call him.  He would love to go to a rodeo or just out to eat.  We are considered his friends now and he would love to socialize with us outside of the doctor/patient realm.  Isn't he the sweetest?!

So we got all of the husband's follow up appointments scheduled.  At the end of April, he will have a MRI to check the tumor.  The next week, we will meet with the radiation oncologist, Dr Nguyen to go over the findings.  Fingers crossed it was zapped to nothing.  He will also do his urine/blood work and we'll get those results.  Keep praying for great news!

We discussed a spot on his shoulder that was seen years ago when he had the joint replaced.  All three of his doctors believe it is not another plasmocytoma.  After comparing the original image from several years ago and the recent image, they decided the spot had actually gotten smaller.

After the doctor visit, we headed to Stephenville for a little getaway.  The FIL was at the house to take care of all the animals so off we went.  I had booked a bed and breakfast cabin for us to stay in.  The husband was pretty surprised that there was such a place in Stephenville!

We visited some of our favorite places and checked out how things had grown/changed since we lived there.  Even though we go to Stephenville quite a bit, we never actually go into town.  So it was nice to cruise around.  The gazebo where we got married still looked just as pretty.

The husband encouraged me to enter a 5K race Saturday morning.  We ran in to some old friends there. Got to catch up and exchange numbers. AND I actually won 2nd place in my age division!!  I was way fast!  I attribute it to eating at Pastafina's the night before the race. ;)

We enjoyed our stay and got back home around lunch today.  It was nice to get away for a few days.  Now back to the grind. ;)

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Cynthia, will you marry me?

We met with Dr McHottie, I mean Dr Ward, this morning. He looked over the husband's X-ray of his hip. He was very pleased. The joint looked good. He was afraid the ball might fall off into the socket where the tumor was but nope. So no hip replacement anytime soon. He is optimistic that the bone will actually regenerate where the tumor was and no surgery will be needed. Of course, the radiation of the joint may induce arthritis but we'll cross that bridge later.

Plus all the husband's blood work was normal. No protein!! So happy to hear that. Protein in the blood is indicative of multiple myeloma so yay! Continued blessings that it really is a singular plasmocytoma.

Then we headed to radiation. The husband took me back to see how it all works.  Another reason I love the cancer center, they let me go and watch everything. So open to show you whatever you want to see. I watched them get him all lined up on the table and ready. Then they took me into their area and let me watch the entire process. It was very cool. And they told us that Dr Nguyen reduced his treatment and the husband will be done next Wednesday!!

We celebrated all the good news with Chinese food for lunch.  Our fortune cookies were pretty funny. The husband's said "Thank you, it was really cramped in there." Mine read "Cynthia, will you marry me?" LOL I guess when you're as fortunate as us, you don't need fortunes in your cookies!

Then the husband advised me that he really wanted me to drive a truck. He just thinks I'm safer in a truck then my little SUV. So we ended up at a dealership, trading my car in for a new truck. Hadn't planned on that! But whatever makes the husband feel better. :) 

We wrapped the day up with ice cream cones. Seriously, a day can't get much better than this.  

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Who's Your Daddy

Well Spunky Brewster's not the only little one around here. We've had quite a few babies born recently. Luckily, all were born without problems and momma's are good.  Fingers crossed the remaining cows will continue on this streak. One bottle baby is enough.  But Spunky is fun and doing well.

This is my favorite. Our only bull thus far so he better buck!

Here's the husband's favorite.  She's a cutie.

And our niece's heifer has a lil bull.

It's always fun to watch the babies play in the pasture. One of my favorite things.

In other news, the husband has an appointment with Dr Ward Thursday morning. It will be the first time we've seen him since he gave us the husband's diagnosis. And that feels like FOREVER ago. He'll get X-rays of his hip and we'll see how the bones are doing. 

Then next Monday the husband does his lab work for Dr DeLa Casa, his medical oncologist. Our appointment with him is a week from this Friday. The husband was told that Dr D is leaving so the meeting may be with the other oncologist at the clinic. Hate that Dr D is leaving. He is awesome and so thorough. We'll miss him.  But they said he was commuting from San Antonio daily.  That's crazy!   Just crappy that they leave.  The new radiation oncologist is cool though. So I'm sure the new medical oncologist will be fine. Or we'll just have to go see Dr D in San Antonio. ;)  We'll keep ya updated with what we learn at the upcoming appointments. 

One last thing, March is Myeloma Awareness Month! So I'll leave you with this fact.  Multiple Myeloma is the second most common blood cancer, after non-Hodgkin's lymphoma, and represents approximately 1 percent of all cancers.

And don't forget about my MMRF Endurance event in November. Raising money and awareness for myeloma research! You can donate and support us here:

Thanks for all your continued support and prayers! We're blessed beyond measure.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Whoa! Someone Turned 40!

And it wasn't me!! Got a few years before that. But not the husband! He's headed down the other side of the hill now. ;) 

So besides the milestone birthday, what has happened lately? Well, we've made it to week 4 of radiation. Husband is doing well. Fatigued but that's normal. I slip him a Tylenol PM ever so often to give him a good night's sleep. Hehe

And we have some new babies. It started last Wednesday. George called me as I was leaving work. Heifer was having trouble calving. He called the neighbor to come help him out.  Luckily, we are blessed with awesome neighbors. He came right over with another guy and got the calf pulled. I got home just in time to get the new baby. First time momma didn't want anything to do with it so we got her up in the barn. Husband had to run to town to get powdered colostrum because mom didn't have a bag either. Oh, and she was crashing the truck too. Not a happy camper. So I got the hair dryer out and warmed her up. Poor lil girl. We didn't want to leave her in the barn the first night so she came in the house.

We had to tube her for a few days to get food in her. But now she's doing really well!

She's pretty spunky. Today she ran around the barn bucking and kicking when we let her out of the stall to stretch her legs.  Pretty darn cute!

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Week Two in the Books

Hey hey! We've made it thru week 2 of radiation.  On Tuesday, the Husband met with his new Dr. Nguyen.  He called to tell me that after radiation they took him back because the doctor wanted to chat with him.  I said "what?! Don't they know I'm suppose to be there for 'talks'!"  He verified with Nurse Kim that it was only a weekly check, nothing for me to worry about.  So the husband did discuss some side effects he was experiencing from the radiation.  They gave him suggestions and offered to prescribe him medication, which he declined.  He's so hard headed!

On Wednesday, the husband's dad flew in.  He's gonna hang out with us until the end of April.  I really need to get my "list" together of all the things I need done around here.  He's pretty handy. ;)

On Friday, Dr. Nguyen met again with the husband after his treatment.  Nurse Kim was waiting outside his changing room to snag him up. ;)  Have I said I REALLY like the doctors and nurses at the Cancer Center? I love that they stay on top of him.  They checked on his side effects.  He's been having some tummy issues. Plus his hip has been hurting. And the fatigue is starting to set in.  All kinds of fun stuff!  He again declined pain medicine for his hip.  I have since discussed this with him.  I think he may take them up on their offer at the next check in.  At least to take at night so he can get some good sleep.  

Saturday, the husband helped me with some engagement pictures.  I don't know how I would manage without him.  I know it was exhausting for him to walk up and down a hike trail with the couple's dog in tow but he was such a trooper.  I get so much strength from him.

This morning I was out running.  I started whining to myself that I was tired.  I could just walk.  Then I thought of the husband and how I just need to suck it up.  So I pushed myself and finished my 6 miles faster than ever!  Amazing what you can do when you put your mind to it!

For the most part, it's been pretty quiet this past week.  Stubby has even remained in his pen! 

Monday, February 17, 2014

Week One - Check

Well the husband has completed a full week of radiation. He's experiencing some stiffness in his hip and achiness.  And I think he may have over did it this weekend so he hasn't felt real well the past two days but for the most part, he's doing alright.  He has been following the "rules" about lifting too.

Other news this week, Stubby is back home. After spending time with the neighbor's cattle, not by the neighbor's choice, they brought him home a few days ago. We had tried getting him several times but Stubby just loved those F1 girls. :) Now that his jail was complete, we just needed to get him back. 

Well, we got home late one evening and I went out to feed the young bulls. I walked into their pen and noticed the walk thru gate to Stubby's jail bent in half. I  went back out and asked the husband if he saw where the young bulls were. Yea, they were where they're suppose to be.  I told the husband to come with me. I showed him the gate and he immediately said Stubby! The neighbor had brought him home without us knowing earlier that afternoon.  Of course, he escaped out of the only small gap there was in the 7' tall pen. We had planned on fixing that before he was put in it. So I went around the barn and looked, there he was.  I got him to follow me back into his pen. We moved some panels to cover his escape route.

The husband was not happy with "MY" bull. He said he was going to give me a bill for everything he's torn up. Whatever!  He's been contained for several days now. We'll see if it lasts or if he decides to try his hoof at climbing. 

The husband took some young bulls to Stephenville on Saturday evening. They bucked them for us early Sunday. I had to stay home for a photoshoot. I think it may have been a little too much for the husband though. He felt puny after getting really cold that morning. So he'll have to learn to pace himself during his treatment. 

So besides Stubby's eventful homecoming, the past week has been pretty quiet.  We shall see what this week holds for us!

Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Heart Day!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Newest Member of the Medical Team

Dr. Butch would like to review all of the husband's labs, scans and treatment plans. ;)