Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Returning back to work this morning after a long holiday weekend....

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Time Flies

My niece graduated on Friday!  The husband and I couldn't believe it.  I guess cause that means we are OLD!

Doesn't she look excited to head to the ceremony!

I'm proud of her.

Here's the family.  Back row: my mom and the husband.
Front row: my dad, other niece, the graduate, me and my grandmother.

Monday, May 23, 2011


Went over to the lease yesterday to check the cattle.  Of course, I got to check on Stubby too since he's been moved over there.  Hadn't seen him in about two weeks.

I got out of the truck and he came straight to me.  I think he missed me too.

He just wanted me to hand feed him.  He's not spoiled or anything. ;)

I think he and Blackie wanted to load into the back of the truck and go home with us!

But he has to stay with the girls a little longer so a goodbye smooch.

And I think I may have found my next best friend!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Guess Who's Two?

Yep, Diesel!  He's such a handsome boy.

I still remember him as a pup.  This was back in Sept. 2009 after he made his trip from Pennsylvania to Texas.  He always loved the water!

He'll go out to the tank today for a birthday swim.  We'll need to remember to take some chairs cause he swims forever!

Happy Birthday Diesel!!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

Monday, May 16, 2011

Calf Chew Toy?

Who knew an ear tag would taste so good?

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Paws in the Park Recap

Paws in the Park was Saturday and we were ready to show our 4 Paw support!

Diesel had his shirt on and I had mine.  Can you believe I had a jacket on?  It was 50 degrees that morning!  There were several dogs and people dressed up for the occasion.  This lady out did them all from the ones I saw.  She was in her flight suit and the dog had his wings on!

Diesel and I participated in the one mile Woof Walk.  There were quite a few there.  It was hard to maneuver thru everyone.  Here we were lined up down the sidewalk gettin' ready for the start.

We ran the last half.  I'm somewhat competitive and wanted to "win" the walk.  I know, silly.  But we passed everyone and walked in with the lady leading the walk.

Then Diesel decided he needed to cool off.  This is what happens when you take a country dog to town.

Diesel thought the fountain was his swimmin' hole!  And ya know what, I let him.  I know, bad animal owner!

But we had a good time and he did very well.  I think it was sensory overload for him.  He's not used to all those people and all those dogs.  But momma was proud.

AND guess what?!  We raised more money than any other team!! Again, my competitive nature.  4 Paws Project brought in $600!!  Thank you for all those who supported us.  Of course, I placed all my blogger peeps that donated in a hat to draw for the Crazy M Photography swag as promised.  And the winner is....


Congrats Gail!  Send me an email with your info and I will have goodies on their way to you!

Thanks again to everyone that made this a wonderful fundraiser for the shelter!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

When UPS Leaves Packages in My Yard...

In preparation of Paws In the Park, I ordered Diesel a shirt to wear.  He's gonna go with me to town and do the "woof" walk.  So I designed a doggie shirt that says, "Team 4 Paws Project".  And I was going to make me one.  I know, goofy matching shirts!  But we are a team so I thought we should have something with our name on it!

Anyhow, the shirt was suppose to arrive by UPS today.  The UPS guy usually shows up around 6ish so I didn't think much of it.  I think we're one of the last stops of the day for him.  However, today, he must have been running early.  As I drove up the drive, I saw extra lawn decorations.

Yep, the remnants of the package!  So where might the contents of the package be?  Well, watcha know, Diesel has it in his mouth!

Guess he knew it was his!  He seemed so proud.  Running around the yard with his shirt.  Now I would have been astonished if he had been wearing it!  He finally gave it to me after I bribed him with a treat.

Only one hole in it.  I guess our team will go for the grunge look!

Wordless Wednesday

Monday, May 9, 2011

Always Something...

Yep, always something around here.  Started off Friday night.  The husband was on his way home from work.  I was in bed when he came in.  Heard him on the phone asking for a local town's police department phone number.  Well, that peaked my interest!  Of course, not enough for me to get out of bed.  But he eventually came in the bedroom and I asked what was going on.  He said a neighbor about 2 miles away had a huge fire burning.  Okay, it's very windy and we are in a drought.  Not to mention the burn ban.  The husband said he initially thought it was their home.  The fire was so large and the flames were 20 ft high.  He didn't see any lights on at the house and didn't see anyone by the fire so he thought he better call it in.

Problem with that, we live in the corner of three counties.  He called one county.  They old him to call the other.  So he did.  Got the sheriff dispatcher.  He was explaining the situation with her when she decided she needed to take a personal call.  He sat there listening to her on another phone, then say, "hold on, I need to get back to this 911 call."  SERIOUSLY!  So he tried to tell her where the fire was.  She couldn't figure it out.

We tried calling the local PD for the town that's only about 5 miles down the dirt road.  Well, no after hours phone!  Yea, you can only speak to the cops between 8-5!  Ugh!  Finally, about 40 minutes after the initial call, a fireman called the husband.  He was trying to find it.  He was not at the right place.  The husband gave him directions.  There were two fire trucks coming from towns over 20 miles away.  There are two volunteer fire departments within 5 to 10 miles of the fire but I guess since they were in the wrong county?  Who knows.

I tell the husband I want to go see the fire.  So we get back in the truck and head over.  Fire is still burning.  It's not flaming like it was but again, the idiots should not have been burning AT ALL!!  No law enforcement there.  It had been over an hour since the husband called it in.  We came back home.  As we went to bed, the husband said, "well, now we know.  If we have a fire, get what you can cause it's gonna burn to the ground before anyone will get here."

Then we woke up early Saturday.  The husband and I were having his warehouse crew to our lease for a fishing/pizza party.  They had done really well at work and this was their "reward".  About 20 people were expected when he took a head count on Friday.  I went to town and picked up the pizzas.  He brought drinks, bought horseshoes and washers.  Guess how many showed up?  TWO!!!!  I couldn't believe it!

But the two that did show up enjoyed themselves.  They had never fished before!  That's just so crazy to me.  Twenty-something year old guys that have never fished.  The husband showed them how to use a fishin' pole.  They wouldn't take the fish off the hook.  The husband was running around taking care of them.  He said it was like fishing with little kids.  At least the fish were biting.

This was my catch...

The stick and moss were an added bonus!

Then came Sunday.  We were having a nice relaxing day.  The husband let me sleep in.  Then he cooked me breakfast.  I asked if we could go to town for lunch.  We got ready and headed out.  Made it about 10 miles down the road when the neighbor called to say we had cattle out in the wheat field next to us.  Geez louise!  So I turned the truck around and raced home.  The neighbor had pushed them into our drive and closed our front gate.  They were contained when we got there.  We got them and all the others penned up in the small pasture.  We're gonna have to do a good examination of the fences before we let them back out.  UGH!

So how was your weekend?

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

Whether you're a mother to humans or animals, you're abundant love is the same.  
Happy Mother's Day to all!  
My kids got me flowers, how sweet is that!

Thursday, May 5, 2011


A secret love affair

between two unlikely souls

was discovered 

thru the office window.

Who would have thought

this duo 

would find love

thru the fence.

Yes, I caught Diesel saying

sweet nothin's in Itty Bitty's ear.

And after all the whispering, a simple kiss on the forehead.

I've raised a gentleman.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

S#!& Happens!!

The mask

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Hello, I'm Workin' Here!

I swear, I'm just trying to get a good picture.  But the cows have another idea.  Blackie kept sniffin' my camera.  Seriously!  How am I suppose to concentrate when I have a cow's nose breathing on me!

She was very interested in the whole picture taking process.

Then I had a feelin' something was coming up on me.  I peer thru my lens to see this!

Yep, Stubby was intrigued with what I was doing on the ground too.  "Mom, why are you on the ground among all the cows?"

I love photographing animals.

Monday, May 2, 2011

A Little Less Bull

We're doing some reorganization around Crazy M.  First, we got rid of our new breed bull.  He kept getting out here at the house.  We couldn't trust that he would stay in at the lease, where we need him, so he had to go.  Plus he was mean.  We don't want the responsibility of having a loose mean bull out and about.  That left us with a predicament.  What are we gonna breed to now?

Then after our other bull, Eyebrows, got into Mojo's pasture last week, we've had issues with him.  He's been penned up with Stubby.  I walk by his pen and he comes at me.  He should be out of here this week.  The husband said he really doesn't want any big bulls at the house.  He'd rather sell them young so we don't have to deal with all their "issues" once they are about 3 years old.  I have no problem with that.

That left us with Stubby.  We've tried selling him.  For some reason, it never goes through.  Truth be told, I don't want to see him leave.  Y'all know how attached I am to him.  After we brought him home Saturday from the bullriding, I sat on his feed trough as he ate, thinking I would really miss him if he left.  He really is "my" bull.  There is a connection between us as strange as that seems.  So I talked the husband into putting Stubby out on the cows.  And boy was he happy! (Stubby that is!)


Sunday, May 1, 2011

Busy Saturday

My Saturday began with a 5K.  First one I've ran since my injury last March.  It was the Komen Race for the Cure so it was extremely crowded.  Not a good race if you want a fast time.  The first mile you're fighting with the mass of people.  But I ran the entire way and finished without any pain in my Achilles!  As soon as I finished, I ran to my nearby office and changed my clothes.  I had to get to a bullriding!

We had a couple of bulls in a bullriding in a nearby town.  I managed to get there just as the girls rode in with the flags.  Great timing!  Of course, I spent my time taking pictures from the stands and drooling of the event photographer's camera and lens.  I think I need to make that my new tagline "Pictures from the Stands".  Here are a few.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!