Sunday, May 1, 2011

Busy Saturday

My Saturday began with a 5K.  First one I've ran since my injury last March.  It was the Komen Race for the Cure so it was extremely crowded.  Not a good race if you want a fast time.  The first mile you're fighting with the mass of people.  But I ran the entire way and finished without any pain in my Achilles!  As soon as I finished, I ran to my nearby office and changed my clothes.  I had to get to a bullriding!

We had a couple of bulls in a bullriding in a nearby town.  I managed to get there just as the girls rode in with the flags.  Great timing!  Of course, I spent my time taking pictures from the stands and drooling of the event photographer's camera and lens.  I think I need to make that my new tagline "Pictures from the Stands".  Here are a few.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!


Dawson Cattle Company said...

those are awesome! love the one with the white bull and it looks like the rider is standing on his rump with one foot.

Mikey said...

You are such the busy woman! Love the pics, those are fantastic!

Gail said...

First, thanks for running for such a wonderful cause.

Second, fantastic photos!!

fernvalley01 said...

Congrats on the pain freee run. Great shots! amazing!

Anonymous said...

henry h

says hi from wichita looks like the bulls are enjoying there self everbody are flying high

Nicole said...

I drool over your photos... man I wish I could get shots like that!