Thursday, May 8, 2014

Another Chapter Closed

After several reschedules, we finally met up with Dr Nguyen to review the latest hip MRI post radiation. He advised it looked good. Of course, it still shows a lesion on his bone. Now it is just an empty space, sans the plasmocytoma. We hope new bone growth fills it in. It's a wait and see game. One new thing did show on this MRI, a acetabular labral tear, which basically is the cartilage and connective tissue around the hip socket. We think this may explain the hip pain the husband has been experiencing. His pain seemed more mechanical than cancer related. So we will be headed to see Dr Ward in a few weeks to have him look at the hip socket and tear. Figure out where we go from here.  Plus, being a bone cancer specialist and working with patients with plasmocytoma, we hope he can really explain what is to be expected.

The medical oncologist also personally called the husband yesterday to advise there was no need to see her for 3 months. She would schedule him down the road and let us know. Yay!

So we said goodbye to Dr Nguyen yesterday. It was our last visit!

Now the next chapter begins and we're more than ready!