Monday, August 20, 2012

Big Happenings

For those that are not on Facebook, you have missed out on our big news!  


I'm pregnant!  


Are y'all freakin' crazy!?

The real news is we have raised a couple bulls that are doing great in competition.  In fact, at the last competition in Tulsa, we won 1st and 4th place out of 90 entries!  One minor issue, we no longer own the bulls.  BUT we did raise them!  Our brand is on them.  So we are so stinkin' excited!

Here are a few pictures of the winning bull.  His new owner has named him Long Shot 2.  This first picture is from the previous competition.  I think he was in the top 5 there.

The next picture is from Tulsa where he won.

I don't have a picture of the other bull.  But here were the end results.

The next competition is on Sept 1st in Thackerville, OK.  We are making plans to be there to root them on.  IF they continue to do good, we will be booking our flight to the finals in Vegas!  So keep your fingers crossed for us!