Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day

The husband actually surprised me today! I don't think he ever truly has in our 18 years together. I came home to find him there. He drove in from Austin, brought me flowers, chocolate covered strawberries and did ALL my chores! Best gift ever!

We enjoyed a quiet night with the kids. Butch was my cuddle bug. Ellie was enjoying popcorn with the husband. Hasn't she grown!!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The Article about Us

Well the article came out this evening on PBR's website.  Here is the link:

We are also going to be in the ABBI Magazine in March!  Pretty exciting!  I had to send in some pictures for it today.  I think it will be pretty much the same as the article above, just a little longer.  Or at least, that 's what I've been told.

Other craziness today, got a call this afternoon that our yard gate was open and ALL the dogs were out.  Chasing our cattle and running amuck!  Neighbor could only get Diesel, Butch and Lucky caught.  Ellie Mae and Penelope wouldn't go back in the yard.  Took me a little over 2 hours to get home from Fort Hood to check on everything.  Luckily all the cattle were where they were suppose to be.  BUT Ellie and Penelope were not at the house.  I finally spotted Ellie at the very back of the place.  So glad she is bright white!!  I put my mud boots on because it's rained for 2 days and headed that way.  When they could finally hear me calling, they ran right to me.  Penelope was whining up a storm.  She was so relieved to see me.  They went straight to the yard.  Now there is a chain and clip around the gate!

Monday, February 11, 2013

Fielding Calls and Messages

The Husband and I always have the hardest time selling our bulls. Mainly because no one outside the immediate area really know who we are. We're just a small operation compared to the big time breeders. So we get frustrated when we have a great calf or young bull but can't get a buyer.

Well, about a week ago, i asked the husband if I should make a Facebook page for our bulls. At least that way, we would have a specific spot to showcase videos and pictures. He said why not so I set it up. Late yesterday, I uploaded some videos of our bull calves. HOLY SMOKES! We had about 100 new people like our page in a few hours! Then our phone and email started blowing up. People calling to inquire on their prices. The husband would be on one call and he'd have three messages waiting. I was answering emails and messages on Facebook. We finally had to stop and go to bed.

This morning I continued to answer emails. I text the husband at work and asked if he was still getting calls. He had been in meetings and he said his phone had been blowing up. With all that said, we haven't officially sold anything yet. But at least people are interested. I have to think that all of this will lead to some buying. Fingers crossed.

We were also interviewed yesterday for an article. I'll be sure to post it if it's any good.

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