Thursday, July 30, 2009

Meet Bubba

Nope, Bubba is not a new puppy. Have to get that yard fence built before the Husband will let me get the puppy. Several have asked what kind of puppy I will get? I don't have any particular breed in mind. I just want another big lovable dog. I can't wait. Gonna have to get out there with the husband this weekend to set the pipe posts.

Anyway, back to Bubba. I found him on my desk when I returned to my office late yesterday afternoon.

I had just been talking to my co-worker about getting another beta. My last one, Willie, died around the end of last year. He suffered some blunt force trauma when I dropped him on the floor while cleaning his bowl. He was dead the next day. I had him for over 2 1/2 years.

So my co-worker was nice enough to have Bubba all set up and waiting in my office upon my return yesterday. Isn't he pretty?! Willie was the same color.

We started bonding today. People may wonder who I'm talking to when they walk by my office but I don't mind. Bubba's cool. Hopefully he'll last for several years. I'll be much more careful when cleaning his bowl.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

How Long Can I Hold My Breath?

I met the husband at the end of our drive this evening. He was taking the tractor back to the neighbor as I was pulling in. He wanted to put the dogs in the back of the truck. I rolled down my window to talk to him and noticed a smell.

You remember the neighbor across the road...the one with the mountainous piles of chicken poo? How could you forget that right? Well, he was scattering the poo over his field, right across from our house. About the time I saw him, the husband yells "Roll up your window! Fast!!"

I bring the girls home and make my way out of the truck. I tightly squeeze my lips together and hold my breath as I run to the door. Just our luck the wind is blowing from the South. Guess which direction the field is?! Yep, to the south of us. Do you know what it's like to be bombarded by chicken poo dust? It's not pleasant.

So just for you, I went out on my front porch and took pictures of the chicken poo spreader and dust.

I think I'll go take a shower now...

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I Got Me Some Holes!

This is the sight I came home to this evening. Harley supervising the Husband on the tractor. Everyone knows the Husband needs supervision! And what were these two up to with the tractor? Well, it involves me getting a new puppy!!

The Husband told me I couldn't have a new puppy until we got a yard fence. So I made him move that to the top of his honey do list. He's started drilling the holes. But it is so dry, the ground is like cement! He had to get the water hose out and soak the ground just to get the auger to work!

He's had some issues though. Why do you suppose these instruments are in this hole?

Well, he hit the underground electric line that runs to the barn. Uh oh!

But he got it fixed up. Then I looked out the dining room window to see him standing there next to the tractor, auger in hole detached from it. He broke the pin. I told him to just come in and deal with it tomorrow but he insisted on fixing it. Well, an hour later, he came in the house. He didn't get it fixed. He broke his hammer and hacksaw trying to get the broke pin out. Not a happy camper! Good thing I stopped on the way home and got him some ice cream. I had a feeling he might need some dairy delight to lift his spirits.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

When the Husband's Away....

the Wife cuts her hair shorter!

If the summer heat doesn't let up, I may be bald come September!

On a side note, Amy, of the DVM's Wife's Life, was on vacation with her sister, when she received a call that her husband was rushed to the hospital. She was able to make it back to him yesterday. The doctors aren't quite sure what is wrong. I ask that y'all keep them in your prayers.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Husband Gets a Hookin' (giggle, giggle, snort)

I'm smarter than your average bear. There is a reason I don't feed the yearling bulls anymore. I don't go in the pen with them much either. Why? Because one bull, Hank, has a tendency to come at ya. He's hit me a couple times. Now he's bigger and more contankerous.

The husband, on the other hand, thinks it's fun when Hank runs at him. Well, he did until today!

I couldn't stop laughing! He spilled the feed after he tripped and hit the ground. He just knew Hank was on top of him. Not until he saw the video, did he believe Hank was standing 5 ft away!

Ahhh, I haven't laughed that hard in awhile!

Wordless Wednesday

Monday, July 20, 2009

Lil Bullrider Dude

The husband has been asked to help a young bullrider. His parents said if he was going to ride bulls, then he needs to know what he is doing. What smart parents! So the husband was called. I have said in the past that I think he does a great job teaching plus he really enjoys it. The husband went over to their house last week to meet the parents and the lil bullrider. Turns out he is only 10 years old! The husband wasn't expecting that. He's never worked with someone that young.

The husband called around to some local contractors to see if anyone had any steers or small bulls. One guy said he had a few small bulls he thought would be okay for the lil bullrider. So Sunday afternoon, the husband got to see the lil bullrider dude in action.

The husband pullin' lil bullrider dude's rope. Tellin' him the ins and outs of being in the chute. Then he knodded his head, out he came!

He actually rode and tried much harder than the older guys that had gotten on that day. He sure doesn't give up. The husband would yell at him to LET GO both times he rode! I'll keep ya updated on his progress.

Update on Dually

Here's an update on Wendy and Dually's case. There hasn't been any arrests but hopefully with the state's attorney taking his time, when they do make an arrest, they will get convictions.

News : State's Attorney: Horse-theft investigation will take time to get right - Capital Journal Pierre, SD newspaper since 1881

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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Sunday Stills- Aww Nuts!

Well, you probably thought I would post boy bits on here. I seriously thought about it since all we have on our place at the house are bulls. But I couldn't find a pretty picture of nuts! And I'm all for pretty nuts!

However, I did manage to find a picture of the nuts at Crazy M Ranch. Here you go...

Yep, that would be us, the nuts of Crazy M.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Who Let the Bulls Out? Who? Who? Who? Who?

Guess who got out today? Give you 8 guesses...Tadpole, Mud, Eyebrows, Hank, Hammerhead, Smoke, Mojo and X-Man.

I took this pic late yesterday. I think Tadpole was the ring leader. Look at that picture a little closer.

Yep, I think he already had the plan in his head. I just wasn't paying any attention. And he knew it, look at that blantant disrespect for authority!

Seems our little precious darlings walked right out the open gate. Yep, that's right, open gate. Someone forgot to close a gate behind HIM. I'm not naming any names or anything. But HE seemed to forget to close it a FEW days ago.

Luckily, the husband caught them before they made it all the way down the drive. Managed to herd them back into the pasture without too much trouble. Never a dull moment here at the Crazy M Ranch!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Appalling Behavior

The husband and I belong to a breeders forum for rodeo stock. The last week or so, this story has started an uproar on the board. It is such a horrible story and makes me furious.

Here is what the original post said....

"Hi everyone, need your prayers for Wendy and her horse.
She was rodeoing this 4th was at Ft. Pierre, done with the rodeo and fireworks were going off.
Put Dully in her trailer, got up about midnight, put him in the arena as all yards were taken, saw young people partying but didn't think anything of it, got up at 6am he was gone. Terrified went looking for him along with many others, seems the partiers had rode him down the main street so hard ripping his shoes off. Tied him to a tree roped his legs, beat him took his front and back legs with ropes an stretched him out he fell to the ground, tied his legs as you would a calf and roped and beat him, he is cut all over burned his legs, the dad of the one kid hid him at his place another kid found him told her to get the sheriff to go there not to go alone, i am sure they were going to destroy him. They brought him to her his head fell into her arms. She rushed him to vet his legs were swelling an after washing him off found it to be even worse. Today his legs broke open and can see the tendons, if the tendon stays on the bone and if they can keep infection out. He may heal but I don't think he will be the same from something so terrible.She is beside herself. There is more but this is enough for you to know the jest of it all. We need your prayers Can not believe anyone would do such a thing, and the Dad had guts enough to tell the sheriff he wanted Wendys phone no. he had deep pockets, he makes rough stock saddles at Ft. Pierre.seems to think he is above the law of any kind. Don't they hang horse thief's in SD???"

I didn't know if anyone else had heard about this story. Here is a newspaper article on it as well...

Worst thing about it is they still haven't arrested anyone yet! On an update posted today, according to a local newspaper, the "States Attorney Tom P. Maher says the case is still being investigated and he is reviewing the information that law enforcement has provided. He says once he is satisfied that he has checked out all reports, statements, recordings and photos linked to the allegations, he will determine whether or not to charge anyone and says he could also send the case to a grand jury as well."

How could you NOT charge someone! Please, explain that to me!

All I know is the book better get thrown at these low lifes. I feel so badly for Wendy and her horse. I can't imagine the emotional damage done to Dually. Hopefully, the physical wounds will heal but that horse will never be the same.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Hamilton Futurity

Well, Stubby had a bad day. We tried him out of the right hand delivery and he seemed lost. We'll go back to the left and hope for the best.

Anyhow, since we were first out, I spent the rest of the time practicing my rodeo photography. I really need a flash and a different lens. I put some of the better pictures on the slide show below. Some are blurry but it's the best I could do with the equipment I had. I really look low tech compared to the professional rodeo photographer there. But I always do. One day I hope to get the proper equipment. Then they better watch out, I'll be takin' their jobs!!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Stubby At Play

Not only does Stubby buck, he has another talent. I'm just saying, can your bull do this.......

Pretty amazing huh! He loves to hook the empty tubs around his pens.

Stubby is first gunner at the Hamilton Futurity on Saturday. Send good vibes our way! We're hoping for a repeat of the trend from last time, we were 13th in the draw and ended up 13th place. 1st out this time = 1st place!

As long as he does his best and doesn't get hurt, I'll be tickled pink.

PETA Can Suck It!

Maybe the title is a little strong. But I'm not fond of PETA or any other animal rights activists that say rodeo animals are abused. They are so cared for and loved. With that out of the way, I wanted to share a few pics I took.

My rent-a-husband asked that I take some pictures of his very old cows. He was having them put down because he knew they would decline in the harsh summer temps. He wanted to keep them from suffering. I believe they were some of his first rodeo cows. The ones he started his herd with so they held a special place in his heart. In fact, he couldn't even take them to be put down. He had to get someone else to come and get them. Nor was he at home when they loaded them.

I hate that the only time I could get over there to take the pictures was mid-day so the lightening was not favorable. And of course, the old girls wanted to stay in the shade. I had to apologize for the shadows.

But the old gals worked with me pretty well.

I ordered the prints for him and they are having them framed in a collage barnwood frame. I was glad that I could be a part of perserving his memories. And that he thought enough of me to ask. Granny and Memaw will live on.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Some Words Wednesday

This was the view as I left the house this morning. Thought it was pretty.

Just knew the day was going to be a good one. And it is but about 8 miles from the house, I got mad. Some idiot had ran thru a man's pasture fence during the night and left a big hole. The man's cattle were out in the bar ditch and on the road. I called the husband and ask if he would take care of it. He was headin' down there with a bag of cubes and wire. I had to go on to work but he was gonna try and get the cattle back in and patch the fence. We don't even know who's place it is. But I would want someone to do the same for us if we were in that situation.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

One of Those Days

You ever have one of those days. Just don't feel all bright and cheery. I think my mood is due to not being able to fit into any of my clothes. I walked in front of the mirror this morning and thought "Oh my word! Where did all that come from!" Then tried to squeeze all "that" into clothes that should be at least one size bigger.

Why do women judge their worth by the size of their clothes? I know better but it always seems to get to me. I'm lucky to have a husband that says he loves me no matter what. Yet why can't I love myself?

I think it's the lack of self control that pisses me off the most. I lost a lot of weight many years ago. I know exactly what I need to do, yet I am too lazy to do it. That is what really gets me riled up at myself.

So I started P90X last night. Let's hope in 90 days, I have regained my self control.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Sunday Stills-Wildflowers

I finally had a chance to do Sunday Stills. Feels like it's been FOREVER!

This week's assignment was Wildflowers. Well, our wildflower season ended in May. Everything is dried up now. But I did get this pic a month or so ago. The husband and I were driving back from a bull futurity and saw this sunflower field. He was nice enough to stop and allow me to grab some photos.

If you would like the picture bigger, click HERE.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Fowl Smell (Recipe Added)

My evening started out like any other. Went outside to feed the girls. Took my camera to take pictures.

Pepper was enjoying her photo shoot when I got a whiff of something...something foul. I figured Pepper had killed a critter and I hadn't found it. But the smell was intense and widespread. No matter where I walked around the place, it was there. What on earth?! Then it hit me....the neighbor! I haven't blogged much about our neighbors. They are very nice people but special none the less. The one and only time I blogged about them was here.

Anyhow, back to the smell. I remembered the husband saying something about the neighbor waiting for his chicken POOP to be delivered. The neighbor fertilizes people's fields with it. Usually though, he has it delivered to the farm where he's spreadin' it.

So I decided to go do some investigating. The dogs and I headed down the road in search for chicken poop. It didn't take long to find this...

Mounds of chicken poop! (Downwind from our house!)

The dogs thought they hit the mother load of all stinky piles. It was a poop palooza. They couldn't decide where to roll, there were too many good spots. The smell was horrible. But I had to get pics for my blogger peeps! Nothing less for y'all!

I finally managed to wrangle the dogs away from the chicken poop to head back home. I was just glad the neighbor wasn't home to witness me taking pictures of his poop piles. Imagine explaining that one!

As I walked back up my drive, I realized I was forgetting something...I had pies baking in the oven!! I ran to the house hoping they weren't burnt. Luckily, my poop escapade stopped just short of burning my pies.


It's called the Knock Your Socks Off Buttermilk Pie! Found it in the Texas Co-op magazine and thought I would try it. Let me know if you want the recipe and I'll post it. It's very good but oh so very bad!

Who knew this post would go from chicken crap to buttermilk pie?!
Okay ladies, here is the recipe:
2 3/4 cups sugar
4 eggs
2 tsp vanilla
3 tbsp flour
3/4 cup margarine, melted
1 1/2 cups buttermilk
1/2 cup crushed graham crackers
3/4 cup chopped pecans
2 9-inch pie crusts, unbaked
Preheat oven to 325 degrees. In a large bowl, mix together sugar and eggs; add vanilla and flour. Stir in margarine and buttermilk. Do not beat. Fold in crushed graham crackers and pecans. Pour into pie crusts, dividing mixture evenly between the two. Bake 45 minutes or until center of each pie is firm when tested with a knife.
1 slice: 745 calories!! We won't worry about that though!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Whole Lotta Birthin' Goin' On

So all but one of our cows have calved. And Ruby should be having her precious little one any day now. Since I have all this cuteness goin' on round here, I thought I would share. Cause really, who doesn't like baby pics?!

Here's Oreo's baby boy runnin' like the wind.

This is Snickerdoodle's little boy. He's so cute.

This little girl belongs to Mince Meat. Seems she might have a little attitude.

These two little ones were born on the same day. The cool thing about that is the cow on the left, Red, is the cow on the right, Pecan's, mother. And the babies look almost identical. Red's baby is a heifer calf. Pecan's is a bull calf!

And of course, I couldn't show off calves without a picture of Itty Bitty!

She has grown some. She can no longer walk under her mom's belly. But the newborn babies are still as big or just a bit taller than her. In fact, she was born 2 months ago. If you look at the picture from yesterday, that was her on the left and a small week old calf on the right!