Monday, July 14, 2008

Not Your Ordinary Mary Kay Party

I was telling my co-worker about my experience this weekend at the neighbor's Mary Kay party. She said I had to put it on my blog. So here ya go.....

First, let me tell ya about our neighbors. They are lovely people. Will do anything for ya. And have done a lot for the husband and I. However, they are pretty redneck. I believe I was told they didn't have running water until a few years ago. Now the water is pumped in from the "tank". The house hasn't seen a coat of paint since probably the late 1920s. Grandma lives behind the house in a trailer and the son lives behind grandma's house in a trailer. So when the wife invited me to the Mary Kay party I was pretty skeptical. But I had to go.

I arrived promptly to find only the neighbor and the Mary Kay lady, who was missing her bottom teeth. The neighbor was mixin' margaritas for the party. I kindly declined the beverage and made my way into the party room. Shortly thereafter, more party-goers arrived. It was quite the crowd. Several wore confederate flag necklaces, one changed her shirt in front of us and almost all chain smoked. What more could you ask for at Mary Kay!

It was a very interesting 3 hours. I heard about the niece "tonguing" the boyfriend's picture on the camera. Actually witnessed the niece put makeup on the boyfriend. Met the aunt who was once a cattle truck driver and bought a tube of mascara. I believe my day was complete.

With all that said, they were all extremely nice and I enjoyed sitting and talking with 'em. I arrived home right before the husband. He was peering ever so hard at me thru his car window as he drove in. He just knew I was going to have blue eyeshadow with rosy red cheeks and big red lips. To his relief, I looked as normal as I can look!


Mikey said...

That made me smile somethin fierce :) Oh boy. You HAVE to go to those and soak up the gossip. That's like, the perfect opportunity to find out the history on every single person in your town, in 3 short hours!

I always tell the hubby, if you want to know anything about a new town you're in, find the 6 o'clock coffee club. In some hometown diner, the old boys get together and do their morning coffee thing EVERY DAY. (I know, my dad was a member) I've never found a town without one, and I've never found it not to be a fountain of information.

Mary Kay parties are the female version.

Neas Nuttiness said...

OMGOsh - A Mary Kay lady with no bottom teeth - just goes to show that truth is stranger than fiction!!!
Laughing so hard right now - my sides ache:-D

City girl turned Country Girl said...

BAHAHA LOL that's too funny!!!!!!!!!! Such class on your part in handling it :)