Monday, July 14, 2008

The Running of the Cows

On Sunday morning we prepared to move our cattle from the neighbor's pasture to our's. The husband had an ingenious idea when we were getting the new fence put in to have the fence builders put a gate in our fence and the neighbor's fence so we could run the cows straight across the road. He does use that noggin every once in awhile!

So back to Sunday morning, we set panels up in the bar ditch and across the county road. It's not like anyone lives out here anyways. Don't matter if we close the road down for a few hours. No one will really notice. And during the entire move, only one person drove up and he said he didn't mind turning around and taking another road. Ahhh, nice country folk.

Our lovely crossing for the cattle. Looks so inviting, doesn't it.

Look at the cows run. They are so excited to get across to our pasture. You wonder what made them so excited?

The husband had feed! Cows are like men, show 'em some food and they will follow you anywhere.

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