Sunday, July 13, 2008

Little Chirpers

The plight of the sparrow....The husband and I have had our fight with the sparrow for a year or so now. They made a nest on the front porch. The husband knocked it down. So they went to the back porch. He knocked that one down too. Then back to the front porch. We finally gave up. Plus everytime we would knock the nest down, they would dive bomb us for awhile. Nothing like comin' out of your house and havin' a bird swoop at your head!

Well, a couple nights ago we were on the front porch around dusk. I heard something from the nest. The babies hatched. Now, I always thought babies of anything were cute. It's just a known fact, a colt, calf, puppy, kitten, etc. are just so cute you want to squeeze them and hold them and you know what I mean. But now I have proof that not all babies are cute.

They seemed to be very hungry!

This one was making all kinds of noise! Poor ugly thing. It a face only a mother could love.

He finally wore himself out and decided to rest.


Kellys said...

Dearest "the wife",
Those are not sparrows, they are swallows.....and I think "our" new baby is cute, and I just dare anyone to say otherwise..... :) of course, mimi could be a little bias....
later, p

The Wife said...

sparrows, swallows, whatever, they are ugly!