Friday, July 11, 2008

Dead Tree

Last night, the husband advised me that he didn't like the stories that have been posted this week. He wanted to know what was up with that and why I hadn't posted any pictures. Sorry, I said. So today I am posting a picture.

A few evenings ago, the husband and I were out picking up old wire along the new fence line. We were gettin' the pastures ready for the cows on Sunday. So while we were walkin' the fence, I noticed this dead tree. And for some reason, I had to get the camera out of the truck and take pictures. It's a compulsion really. Last night, I added some burned edges with my photoshop program and Viola! This is what I got. I really wish I had more time to learn my photoshop program and a computer that didn't take forever and a day to run it. But we make due with what we got. So maybe this post will get the hubby off my back! Should have some cow pics after Sunday. I know we had another baby yesterday so I will post it. Plus we are moving cows this weekend so I should have pics from that too. I know y'all will be checking back feverishly to see those! Until then, adios!

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