Sunday, May 15, 2011

Paws in the Park Recap

Paws in the Park was Saturday and we were ready to show our 4 Paw support!

Diesel had his shirt on and I had mine.  Can you believe I had a jacket on?  It was 50 degrees that morning!  There were several dogs and people dressed up for the occasion.  This lady out did them all from the ones I saw.  She was in her flight suit and the dog had his wings on!

Diesel and I participated in the one mile Woof Walk.  There were quite a few there.  It was hard to maneuver thru everyone.  Here we were lined up down the sidewalk gettin' ready for the start.

We ran the last half.  I'm somewhat competitive and wanted to "win" the walk.  I know, silly.  But we passed everyone and walked in with the lady leading the walk.

Then Diesel decided he needed to cool off.  This is what happens when you take a country dog to town.

Diesel thought the fountain was his swimmin' hole!  And ya know what, I let him.  I know, bad animal owner!

But we had a good time and he did very well.  I think it was sensory overload for him.  He's not used to all those people and all those dogs.  But momma was proud.

AND guess what?!  We raised more money than any other team!! Again, my competitive nature.  4 Paws Project brought in $600!!  Thank you for all those who supported us.  Of course, I placed all my blogger peeps that donated in a hat to draw for the Crazy M Photography swag as promised.  And the winner is....


Congrats Gail!  Send me an email with your info and I will have goodies on their way to you!

Thanks again to everyone that made this a wonderful fundraiser for the shelter!


lisa said...

Looks like you two made a great team!

NeighGirl said...

Good job, what breed is Diesel? he is really cute.
That is awesome that you raised that much :)

Nicole said...

That's awesome! And Diesel, gotta love him!! I'm so glad it was so successful!

The Wife said...

Neighgirl-He is a boxer/lab mix. Or that's what the DNA test said!

Gail said...

Hey, I know you told me but if you haven't thrown the prize away...I'm game.

How did I miss this?