Sunday, July 13, 2014

The Happenings

Life seems pretty quiet right now at Crazy M.  Our bull CMR 201 won second last week in a competition in Colorado.  That was awesome!  We hope to continue to move up in the overall standings.  We were 6th, don't know how much that finish will move us up.

We scheduled a vacation!! We'll be headed out on our anniversary to Wyoming.  I am SUPER excited.  The husband let me pick the destination and I have longed to explore the Grand Teton National Park.  Can't wait to photograph the wildlife and scenery!  The husband is ready to fish.  We're kinda flying by the seat of our pants but that makes it more exciting!

Looks like when we return from our vacation, the husband will be returning to Waco to work.  He has decided he prefers a laid back less stressful work environment.  So he'll be leaving the management world and taking a much less stressful position with Dr. Pepper.  I support whatever he thinks is best for him.  Only seems fair as he's always supported my life choices.

My training has officially begun for the November half marathon that I'm running to raise money for multiple myeloma research.  The doc cleared me to run this past Monday.  I started another blog to keep all my training over there.  If you'd like to follow along, here is the link.

Medical Update: The husband's three month check up is scheduled for the end of the month.


Sherry Sikstrom said...

Great news! A well deserved vacation! And good for George to take it easier going back, I think you guys have had enough stress for a while

small farm girl said...

Enjoy your vacation!

lisa said...

I hope your vacation is fantastic! You lucky girl, I have been wanting to go out west for quite sometime. Hopefully I will make it. Hope the hubby's check up goes well!

Mama Mess said...

Hey girlie! So glad the two of you are going on vacation! Still praying for you both, and am going to read about your marathon training!

Gail said...

Sorry I'm going in reverse.

Your husband could not pick a better company, Dr Pepper is my favorite.

Congratulations with your bull's success.