Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Busy Picture Takin' Bee!

No matter how much I say I'm gonna try to keep up with the blog, it never fails, I fall behind.  Things have been busy around these parts but nothing new about that.

Butch is fitting in well with the family.  However, we did have a scare.  A week after adopting him, I came home from work to find him acting very strange.  I finally decided a visit to the emergency vet clinic was warranted.  So after about 3 hours and a very large vet bill, he was diagnosed with retrobulbar abscess.  That's a fancy way of saying he had an infection in the cavity behind his left eye.  It was extremely painful.  After TWO weeks of antibiotics and pain medicine, he's good as new!  We don't know what caused the infection.  I do know if he had still been at the shelter, he would most likely been put down.  So he came into our lives at the right moment!

Needless to say, he's doing a lot of modeling to pay off his vet bill!  Here is his latest shot.  I have had several requests to buy the print.  So I'm selling it with part of the proceeds going to my cattle dog spay/neuter fund.  The other portion going to his vet bill!!

Diesel and Butch have become my running partners in the evenings too.  They do great.  Plus I figure if I fall out, Diesel can drag my body back to the house.  ;)

I've been busy at the studio.  Last Saturday, I took photos of a senior poodle that was rescued from a shelter in the metroplex.  She was on the list to be put down.  Rescued in the nick of time.  I was asked to do pictures to help find her a home.  She was a total sweetheart.

Within 24 hours of her picture being posted online, she was adopted!  I think that's a record!

Other good news, I got my cattle dog fundraiser calendar completely sponsored!!  So I'm working on scheduling the model sessions and putting the calendar together.  I hope to have it printed and ready for sale in October!  I'm very excited about this.  It's the largest fundraiser I have done with a potential of raising $5000 for my spay/neuter fund.  Okay, I'm super excited!!

Cattle are still hanging out in the pastures.  Babies are growing.  Can't wait till we wean.  Love having the babies at the house.  I promise to have a bunch of baby pictures then for ya!

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Off to bed I go!  Hope everyone is doing well!