Saturday, February 26, 2011

Are Y'all Ready for a Winner??

The selection process wore the guys out!

I really don't know why since I used the random number generator online!  Geez!

So the winner of the $70 CSN gift certificate is.....


Congrats to you!  Just shoot me an email at and I will forward you all the information to redeem your certificate!

Also, my CSN contact said if anyone else wants to try their product reviews or giveaways, to contact him.  If you're interested, email me and I will forward you his contact information!  Why not spread the love around, huh!

Monday, February 21, 2011

President Day Giveaway!

How did you spend your President's Day?  Well, I had jury duty!!  Way fun.  Not really, it wasn't.  Luckily I wasn't picked.  So how do I make this Prez Day better?  A giveaway of course!!

CSN Stores have been graciously giving me gift certificates for awhile now.  I haven't heard anything but good things from all my previous winners so I continue to use them.  And fortunately, they keep asking me to do more!  If you've never been to their site, they have everything.  You can get flip flops or adjustable bar stools.  So I know the winner will find something to spend that free money on!

You want to know how much you're playing for?  $70!!  Yep, the gift certificate is worth $70, however, it does not include shipping costs (truthfully, there are bunches of free shipping items).  You can use the certificate on any product at any CSN site.

How about some entry details....well, it's pretty dang simple.  Leave me a comment.  It can be about your day, a question for me, a question for the Husband, a request for a post, or just a nice how do you do!  Anything, just leave me a comment.  But you have to enter by 7pm Central, Thursday, February 24, 2011.  The winner will be selected by random draw.

Good Luck!!

Oh, I couldn't leave you without a picture of one of our me some cowboy Ronald Reagan.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

I'm Back!

Phew, and worn out!  The husband had his surgery on Monday.  It took about 4 hours but all went well.  Finally got him in a room around 6:30p that evening.  We had many issues with the hospital.  Imagine that.  Nothing ever goes smoothly for us!  I went back and forth, taking care of him and the animals.

He was discharged late Wednesday afternoon and so ready to go home.  He was a plaid fashion nightmare though!

He did NOT enjoy the 3 miles of dirt road to the house.  No matter how fast or slow I drove, the bumps were killing him.  But I got him home and settled in as well as possible.

Thursday his dad flew in.  Glad to have some back up cause I was really worn out.  So tired I began doing really stupid things like cutting my finger with the aluminum foil box, sticking my finger in a cow's mouth only to get it back bloody!  I mean really, I'm running out of fingers to bandaid!

So today, the Husband decided he was feeling good enough to go to the PBR in Dallas with his dad.  We had tickets for an owner's suite again this year.  Plus the friend they are going with has a parking pass for under the stadium.  They can go under, valet park, then go straight from the elevator to the suite.  I was worried about him getting bumped in the crowd but with that, he won't have to worry about the crowds.  We'll see how well he does.  I still think he'll be hurting a good bit just from the drive and being up and around.  But of course, what do I know!!  So I stayed home to rest and not deal with it! ;)

Hope y'all are doing well.  I have a giveaway coming within the next couple days so check back with me!

Friday, February 11, 2011

New Baby

We finally had a baby!!

One of the heifers we have at the house finally calved.  I love having babies around here.  We also had a baby at the lease.  Too bad I don't get to see them every day. :(

Sorry I haven't been around this week.  I've been sick with a stinkin' cold.  I think this crazy weather did me in.  Gonna be hit and miss next week too.  The husband is having his surgery on Monday.  I'll be going from the hospital to the house for a few days.  Hopefully, he'll be out of the hospital after a couple days but they could keep him until Thursday.  Hope everyone has a perfect Valentine's Day!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Mud, Water and Naked-ness

So our pipes thawed on Saturday and all the snow melted away.  And on Sunday we noticed this...

That's right, water!!!!  So the Husband went under the house to check it out.  Diesel was wondering what the heck he was doing.

After investigating on the drier side, he knew he would have to go in here.  Where all the water was...

The leak is right under the porch on this side.  Easily accessible.  He wasn't a happy camper.

Diesel still doesn't know what is going on here!  Turns out the leak is in the middle of a "t" in a galvanized pipe.  So the repair job isn't as easy as we expected.  So out he came and it was time to hose him off.  He had me do it at first.  Heeheehee!  But soon he took the hose from me.  Dang it!

It was a good thing the temps were in the 60s.  Amazing, Texas weather.  Go from the teens to the 60s in less than 12 hours.  Gotta love it.  He stripped in the yard. (Good thing we live out in the middle of nowhere!)

He kept thinking I was taking his picture after he put his clothes on the fence.  I assured him I did not.  But I did get his lil white leg...

I know, it's too much!  Please try to contain yourselves!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Yep, It Happened...

We got snow!

We've been below freezing since Tuesday.  So we are miserable around here.  Temps this cold don't happen much and if they do, it's only for a day or so.  

Plus our hot water pipes are frozen.  Not good.  But luckily, it's suppose to be around 50 degrees tomorrow.  We'll find out what kind of damage is done then.  :(

Stay warm!! 

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Freezing Weather...

My thoughts EXACTLY! Bleck!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Harley the Cow Dog

Harley loves to go with us to check cattle.  When he was younger, we had to hold him back cause he always wanted in the arena to chase the bulls.  He also used to go with the Husband to feed.  But a couple years ago, a cow got after him.  Luckily it was very muddy and when she squished him into the ground with her head, he just mushed down in the mud.  Now he's not as brave out in the pen.  He tends to freeze instead of run so we keep him out unless we're carrying him around.

He's still spunky though.

Vicious, huh?!  He didn't want Blackie close to him or the Husband.  He was pretty proud of himself.


Isn't he just too cute!!  Well, besides the hack job I did cutting his hair.  But his cuteness still shines thru the bad haircut!