Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Bikini Challenge-A New Chapter

So no more running (well, until my next race on 4/24) but really, no more running.  That put a kink in my current exercise game plan.  I ♥ to run.  I feel like I get the best workout running.  I sweat like a mad woman when I run.  I feel accomplished when I run.  I can rate my progress with time and distance when I run.  It's just my thing.  So the change of pace is hard.

Starting last week, I began using the elliptical.  It's okay but not the same.  And I used the bike a few times.  Boring.  So I pulled out my old faithful book.

It helped me get super fit way back in my workout fanatic days.  I set me up a strength training program.  Might as well get me some guns during my running prohibition.   Now I just have to wait to start it.  I leave for South Carolina early Sunday morning for two weeks.  I didn't want to start it this week, wait two weeks and restart.  But I'm excited to get it going.

As far as my eating, I'm doing really well.  I've been off refined sugar for a couple weeks now.  Sticking with portion control and making good decisions.  I've only been drinking water and diet Snapple green tea.  Even cut out my Sprite Zeros.  Well, I ran out and after a week without them, I decided I didn't miss them.  So all is good on that front.

My weight is back to where it was before my slip ups.  Well, actually about 0.5 lb lighter so I'm back on track there as well.  Just have 20 lbs to lose by July 4th.  Yikes!!

I've had a few people ask about my leg since the race.  Umm, when you don't listen to doctor's orders, you tend to pay the price.  I'm really sore and stiff.  But it's still attached so I guess we're all good!  Thanks for all the encouragement!

Monday, March 29, 2010

I Promised Baby Pictures

But I've had issues with gettin' them.  The mommas just aren't workin' with me.  Most of the time when I want to take pictures, they are off in the back pasture.  When I don't have my camera, they are up by the house.

Today, I noticed they were in the pasture behind the barn.  I thought great!  I can go thru the barn and sit on top of the pens.  Get some good pictures.  So I grab my gear and head out there.  As soon as I perch myself on top of the panels, I see this...


Mommas runnin' off with their children.  Come on!  I just want to take their picture!


They don't listen to me.  I told them y'all wanted pictures.  Again, nothing.  And then there's this gal.  You see her?


She keeps her baby hid in the back pasture.  No tellin' how long it'll be before I get it's picture.  I guess I need to explain the blog concept to these girls.  And that I'm not a great story teller so I NEED pictures!

Saturday, March 27, 2010


Yep, I finished.  Didn't do as well as I wanted but what do you expect with

1.  Bum leg

2.  Head cold

3.  Wind Advisory

4.  Reduced training due to bum leg

I have all kinds of excuses, huh!

But guess what....

Limestone Medical Race

I still managed to get me some new bling!!  Placed third in my age group.  I was really surprised.  My main goal was just to finish.

Thanks for all the well wishes!  Think I'll go take a shower now!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Hey Lucky Dog!

So Lucky Dog, whatcha think of momma running in the race tomorrow?


Dad had that same look on his face.  But you know what, it's sponsored by the local hospital!  So surely there will be lots of medical personnel available.  That's good news.


What?  No faith?  You better watch it mister, I'll make daddy your master instead of me!


Thursday, March 25, 2010

Doin' Some Landscapin'

With all the rain and warm temps, the grass has been growing.  Gettin' a little high around the place.  The husband and I decided it was time to do some mowin'.  So we put on our work clothes, slapped on some leather gloves and opened the pasture gate.  hehe

What better way to mow the grass.


The girls liked it.  They did an excellent job down the driveway and by the barn.


What's this!  Laying down on the job!  Just can't find good help anymore these days!


Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Bikini Challenge-Are You Freakin' Kiddin' Me?!

I'm a little peeved.  My plans have been derailed and I tend to be a very task oriented person.  I schedule things.  That's what I do.  Everything's suppose to fall into place.  I'm a control freak.  But a huge monkey wrench has been thrown into the equation.  I don't like it!

I tried running on Monday.  Only made it about 1 1/2 miles before my leg was hurting.  I moved to the bicycle and finished out my workout.  Talked to the husband about the situation and we decided I should go to a sports medicine doctor.  Had my appointment on Tuesday.  The doctor told me I messed up my lower calf muscle.  "Messed up", that's my official medical term.  He told me that I am NOT to run.  Gave me a band and stretching exercises.  Scheduled me to come back after I return from the training late April.

Then he says....IF I'm doing okay with my stretching, then he'll start strength training.  THEN after I build up the strength, he will gradually get me back into running.  GRADUALLY!  Really!

So here's my issue, I entered a 5K for this Saturday.  It's paid for.  I'm signed up.  I want to go!  Husband tells me to "turn out." (Rodeo slang)  I tell him I can do it.  I'll take all of this week off so on Saturday I should be able to do fine.  Then I won't run anymore.  He keeps reading the paperwork the doctor gave me, talking about making things worse, yada yada yada.  Keep in mind, this is the guy that NEVER, repeat, NEVER listened to me when he rode bulls.  I would advise him not to go because of injuries.  Did he pay any attention to me?  No Siree Bob!

I finally told him I am going but if it hurt, I would stop and walk.  He may let me slide with that.  The only other issue is I have another race at the end of April!  Gotta run there too.  But I will have a whole month off between this one and that one.  The doctor told me I could do the elliptical so I plan to keep my cardio up with it.

I'm really not a nut.  And I know y'all are all going to tell me to follow the doctor's orders (it's common sense, I know).  And I plan on it, after Saturday.

I'll make ya a promise.  I promise not to whine if I hurt myself more.  That's what I always told the husband when he didn't listen to me.  I don't want to hear it if you get hurt.  Cause I'm all sweet and lovin' like that.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

More Naughty Boys

We seem to have plenty of naughty boys around here.  This time it's not Diesel.  Now that's just amazing!  But I noticed the other day (while chasing Itty Bitty) that a stretch of fence on the bull pen was pushed way down.  I attempted to pull it back up and fix it best I could.  Then of course, forgot about it.

Then a few days later I spotted Stubby doing this...


He acts like a pro, huh?


Just slip your head right in here, push down.  I'll get to that grass down there.


Tadpole decided to cash in on Stubby's handy work.


Look how low that fence is!  I'm surprised we didn't have bulls out.


I worked on it again that evening.  Told the husband about it that night when he got home.  He repaired it better the next morning.  Bulls are so destructive.  I guess the grass is always greener on the other side.


I'm sure fond of my boys.  I gave them treats even though they were being naughty.  Just couldn't resist 'em.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Fastest Paws In the West

Why was I checking insurance cards late yesterday evening?  Well, let me tell ya...

It all started while the husband was bringing in the groceries.  I was waiting at the door, watching him head back out to the truck for the next load.  He bent over to pet Diesel.  Then all of a sudden the husband reached up to his face and got a shocked look.  It reminded me of Ralphie on the Christmas Story.  Here use this for reference....

Now, you see it...the oh, no, where are my glasses look.

Well, I'll tell ya where they were, in Diesel's mouth!  The legs were stickin' out of each side of his mouth, lenses in the mouth.  I ran out the door trying to stop him.  The husband busted out laughing.  He couldn't believe what had just happened.  He was shocked.  The only reason he knew his glasses where gone was Diesel barely nicked his cheek.  He reached up to feel his cheek and realized his glasses were GONE!

Then I started laughing.  Imagine a couple laughing hysterically trying to grab an oversized puppy.  I got a hold of him but he wouldn't give up the glasses.  The husband had to go in the house and get a milkbone to trade.

Finally got the slobber soaked glasses out of the beast's mouth.  That's when I realized he had bit thru one of the lenses!  Luckily the husband found an old pair in his desk to get him thru last night and this morning.  I found some optometrists that take his insurance and this morning he was at their office bright and early.  He ended up gettin' contacts!  Maybe Diesel won't try gettin' those.

**Giveaway winner**
I used the Random Generator at Random.org.  Put in the number of entrants and it gave me number 35.  So carrielt, you won!!!  Drop me an email with your contact info and your spring in a box will head your way.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Spring in a Box Anyone?

Being today is the first day of Spring (yea! hallelujah! woohoo!), I thought let's spread some Spring joy.  I know people are still dealing with snow, cold temps and dreary days.  So I want to send you some Spring in a box.

I did this giveaway last year and really enjoyed it.  I select different items I think are "spring-like" and ship them to ya.  Last year it went all the way to Michigan to DVM's Wife.  Man, her family's lives have changed so much since this time last year.  If you don't know Amy and the struggles her family are going thru right now, go visit.  They are amazing people and could always use an extra prayer.

So are ya interested?  To enter, just leave me a comment on why you love Spring.  Deadline will be Monday, March 22 at 6pm Central.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Bikini Challenge-Preparing for the Race


Does this shadow make me look fat?

I didn't weigh this week.  I'm revolting against the scale right now.  Just tired of focusing so much on a number.  Plus I don't think it would have been good so I'll wait and hopefully get a pleasant surprise later.

My leg is still bothering me.  But I have managed to run more this week.  I ran on Tuesday and Wednesday.  Was sore today so took it off.  Will run tomorrow.  Been doctoring myself.  Went out to the barn and got the Bigeloil.  Hey, if it works on horse tendons, it should help mine, huh?

I think my shoes were an issue with the injury.  I really noticed my feet rolling to the inside.  I'm guessin' I'd broke them down.  So they were retired and started my new pair yesterday.  I felt such a difference in the stability.  So hopefully that will help.

The first 5K race of this year is a week from this Saturday.  I'm pretty excited.  I'm getting my times down.  Now my easy run is at a 10 minute pace.  I'm not even breathing hard after 3 miles.  This race is in a pretty small town.  So I don't know if there will be many runners.  It'll be a good one to start with because I have another race a month later.  It's one of my favorites.  I ran it for several years back in the day.  I looked up my previous times and back in 2006, I won 2nd place in my age group with a 26:08.  I don't think I'm that fast yet but hopefully I'm within a minute or so.

There will be a wrench thrown in my running between now and then however.  I have to go out of town for two weeks the first of April for work.  The training will be very physical and I'm worried I won't have energy to run in the evenings.  I'll have to figure something out.

"Endurance is one of the most difficult disciplines, but it is to the one who endures that the final victory comes."  (Hindu Prince Gautama Siddharta, the founder of Buddhism, 563-483 B.C.)

On a side note, Dee from Say Anything, interviewed me for her blog.  She promotes different blogs throughout the week.  I felt very honored that someone actually thought enough of this lil site to showcase it.  My interview will be posted Friday morning if anyone is interested.  But y'all already know all about me so go over and check out some of the other blogs she's chosen.  

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Dangers of Photography

I was so excited to see some signs of Spring this evening.  Even though it may be weeds blooming, it's still blooms.  And I wanted to share them with you cause I know many of y'all are still in the doldrums of winter.  I found these in the yard.


And while I'm sittin' in the grass, trying to take pictures of this lil patch of bloomin' weeds, I have to contend with this....


And his Jolly Ball....


Where did the tail come from?


Guess he decided to lay in the weeds.  That'll get my attention.


Not working, so he tries takin' them out with the back legs.


Really, I have no idea what's goin' on here...


Diesel was wearing me out.  I was knocked over countless times.  Pushed against even more.  Numerous appendages were chewed on.  AND I received a blood blister on my A$$ where he nipped me!  Not to mention the destruction of my shirt...


I can't wait till he turns about 5....4 years and 2 months to go.  He'll be settled down by then, huh?

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Pepper got into the spirit of St. Patrick's Day.  She tried turning herself green.

Green Pepper

Let's not discuss the how.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Girl, You In Trouble

Came home from work today, grabbed the mail, started up the drive.  Noticed the cows with babies were standing up by the road.  They all looked good but wait....there's an extra baby out there!  I put the truck in reverse and backed out to the road.  Headed over to check it out.  Cute lil booger.  I got out of the truck and went up to the fence.  Tried taking a picture with my crappy cell phone.  Didn't work very well.  Looked like they were 10 miles away.

So I'm standing there lookin' at the babies and notice something near me in the ditch.  Guess who, Itty Bitty!  Lil stinker was out again.  I was quite surprised because the husband patched the fence where he thought she was gettin' out.  Guess she found another hole.  But really, it doesn't take much of a space for her to get thru.

Then I had to get her back in the pasture.  So I pushed her down the road, honkin' the horn.  She trotted down the ditch and turned right up the drive.  Lil smarty pants.  She went down the drive and into a corner where the other heifers and bulls were standing.  Of course, it's on the wrong side of our place from the gate to the pasture she needs to be in.

I was asking her why she chooses the rainy, muddy day to get out when I have to put her in.  I decided to put my mudders on today instead of muckin' up another pair of shoes.  Then I got the feed bucket filled with some cubes.  She did eat a cube out of my hand but she wouldn't leave the corner.  I finally resorted to chasin' her around.  I felt like Austin Powers stuck in the hall.  We'd run back and forth from the yard fence to the pens.  Finally, I was able to cut her off and get her headed in the right direction.  Then she ran into the pasture. Yeah!

I don't know what we are going to do with her!  I'll try to get new baby pics soon.  We've had a few new ones that I haven't posted yet.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Decorating for St. Patrick's Day

Yep, that's right, Crazy M is all about St. Paddy's Day.  See, we've rolled out the green...


Isn't it so pretty!  I think green is my favorite color.  The cattle love it too.  They make sure to only walk in a line.

cow path

Don't want to disturb the vegetation.  Yep, our cattle are very "green" earth lovin' animals.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

We're Gettin' Bigger

Well my photography booth at the craft gallery is anyhow.  While my FIL was in town, I was gonna have him and the husband work on my teeny tiny booth (2x3).  I need more space for my pictures.  (We are allowed to go up as far as we want as long as it is safe.)

So last Friday, I took off work and we headed to the gallery.  We had tools in hand ready to build.  But first, we wanted to look at some other booths for ideas.  As we were walking around, I found the booth that I have pined for was empty!  We talked to the ladies up front, who weren't able to give me a definite answer as to whether it was available, but left my number.  The next day they called and said I could have it!  Yippee!

So yesterday, we moved in.  This is what it looks like right now.  I plan on adding a few more things, like a sign hanging off the front overhang, something on the chicken wire, some more pics I'm framing today and a boot with wildflowers (just for looks).

CG Booth

CG Booth 2

I somehow manage to sell stuff every month from my booth.  I hope with this larger one, I'll be able to sell more.  And get this, as I was working on it yesterday, stuff scattered everywhere, a lady walked by.  The husband started talking to her and sold her a $50 print!  He is such a good salesman.  Me, not so much.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

You Know It's Gonna Be A Bad Day...

when you wake up like this...

Poop pic

Talk about being at the wrong place at the wrong time!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Bikini Challenge-Still on the Horse

Yep, I'm still ridin' that pony.  It bucked me off in February over and over but I think I got my seat planted in the saddle right now.

March was a new beginning.

Step one: I removed all the devil chocolate out of the house.  I still have my splurges every now and then, don't get me wrong.  But I do lots better keepin' it "every now and then", when it's not sittin' on my table.

Step two: Get back in the workout routine.  I was lettin' myself put other stuff ahead of working out.  Can't imagine someone doing that!  But I'm trying harder to stick with at least 4 workouts a week.  Even when we've been out of town the last few weekends, I took my runnin' shoes and went for a quick jog.

Step three:  Don't get so down on myself if I screw up.  And believe me, I SCREW up!  But every once in awhile I want fried chicken or a chocolate chip cookie dough blizzard or my favorite pasta place.  It's not going to kill me.  But moderation is key and working out is essential.  And you know what else, the husband loves me even when I don't love myself.  So maybe I should realize there is more to me than my weight?  Of course there is.  Just have to be reminded sometimes.

Step four:  Don't over-do it.  Somehow I managed to hurt myself running last Thursday.  Shouldn't be surprising. The husband doesn't call me Grace for nothing.  I ran 2 miles in 17:39, which was warp speed for me.  But for that accomplishment, I think I hurt my Achilles tendon.  Of course, that's my professional non-doctor opinion.  Had to take off a few days.  Finally was able to jog again today but it's still bothering me.  It really sucks!

So weigh-in news.  This week I was down.....drumroll....2.4 lbs!  I'm back in the red!  Yea me!

Keep up the good work ladies.  It's hard but your health is worth it!

Just A Quickie

Haven't been able to get on the computer in the evenings.  I want to be a good host and not sit in the office while my FIL is here.  Plus in the evenings, it's just me and him.  How rude would that be!  So here's just a quick picture of Diesel I took on Saturday.  He's gettin' so big!

Diesel 030610

We've been havin' fits at night with coyotes.  They are taunting Diesel to no end.  He's trying to keep them away best he can.  I think he may get laryngitis before it's all said and done!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Sunday Stills-Numbers

I haven't done Sunday Stills in so long.  They probably won't remember who I am!  But this week was numbers and that's an easy one for us here at Crazy M.

Who could resist the look on Bambi's face after gettin' her eartag.  Doesn't she look so impressed with us?!

Sunday Stills 2

And all the calves sportin' their new number brands.

Sunday Stills Numbers

They weren't so happy either.  I hope I get a chance to participate more in the challenges.

Saturday Afternoon Fishin'

We've had some really pretty weather lately.  Sunny and mid-60s.  Plus my father-in-law is down from Washington State so what better reason to go fishin' on a Saturday afternoon.  (Well, that's what the husband says!)  We headed out to the tank.


The guys got all set up ready to catch the big one!


I let the dogs come.  And Diesel was intrigued with the bobbers.


Most of his toys are balls so why wouldn't he want the bobbers, right!?  Well, he managed to get the husband's and get all tangled in the line.


Before the husband went ballistic, I took Diesel back to the house.  He had had loads of fun running around the tank full blast, splashin' in the water and tormenting the fisherman.

When I got back, the husband had caught the big one!


And Harley took his position in front of FIL waiting for the next fish.  Harley LOVES to fish.


Pepper, on the other hand, could care less.  She just wanted me to throw her ball.

Pepper and Squeeker

I think we all had a good time.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

She's ALIVE!

Did I mention we thought Diesel killed the cat about a month ago?


Yep, the husband called me at work one morning and said he gotta ahold of Miss Kitty.  Didn't look good.  She might be dead when I got home.  That's always something to look forward to.  I got home that night, no Miss Kitty.  Next day, no Miss Kitty.  Two weeks, no Miss Kitty.  We figured she had went off to die.

Miss Kitty came with the place.  The day we moved in, she came out of the barn to greet us.  Tough cat that put up with all the dogs.  But always managed to stay one step ahead.

Then, two weeks ago Saturday, Miss Kitty appeared in the barn.  We were so happy to see she was alive and well.  Don't know where she'd been.  And after Saturday, she disappeared again.  Guess she figured our barn wasn't the safest place around anymore.

miss kitty1

Then, out of nowhere, she showed up again yesterday evening.  Ready to be fed and pet.  The husband had let the dogs out and walked out to the barn.  Noticed Miss Kitty and managed to wrangle the dogs back in the yard.  She seemed happy, rubbing against my legs and purrin'.  She went out in the pasture with us as we messed with the heifers and babies.  (She's our cowcat.  Really, she goes out with us when we work the cattle near the barn.  Never seen anything like it.)

miss kitty 2

Don't know if she'll be out there today.  Once Diesel saw her yesterday, he started jumping and whinin', wantin' out of the yard.  He always runs straight to the barn lookin' for her.  He doesn't realize that his rough mastiff puppy play is a little too much for a kitty.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

My Weekend Boys

We spent our weekend in Stephenville buckin' bulls.  Eyebrows was entered in a futurity Saturday morning.  Stubby was buckin' in a bullridin' later that evening.  And the 2 year olds were bucked on Sunday.  The boys did well but we came home a little discouraged.  There were 96 bulls entered into the futurity.  Lots of good solid bulls.  There were two outstanding bulls which split first place.  The luck of the draw, one bucked right before Eyebrows, the other, right after.  We ended up 37th.  Eyebrows tripped which knocked him down in the standings but he still wouldn't have won any money.

Stubby did okay as well.  Not his best trip but it was only the second time he bucked with a rider.  The guy rode him and placed 2nd or 3rd in the long round.  Then on Sunday, we bucked Tadpole, Smoke and Hammerhead.  Of course, Tadpole is my favorite so I'll show you his video.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Escape Artist

Itty Bitty has decided she doesn't want to stay in the pasture.  The husband found her in the neighbor's field this morning.  Then watched her walk down the fence line, down the dirt road in front of our house and up the drive!

He was able to get her back in the gate without too much trouble.  But then she was UPSET cause all the other cows were on the other side of the place and there is a cross fence in the way.  The husband had to use an empty feed bucket and open the cross fence up to get her across.  He said she took off like a rocket to the other cows.

This evening when I got home, guess who was standing by the yard fence!  Itty Bitty!  I had a harder time gettin' her back in the pasture gate.  After about 15 minutes, openin' a bag of feed, muddin' up a pair of dress shoes and a nice chase, I managed to get her contained.  I'm just glad she doesn't run fast!

I took this picture of her on Sunday evening.  That is the newest baby she's standing next to.  I don't think she's grown an inch!


Monday, March 1, 2010

Dude with an Attitude

Where have I been? Y'all probably didn't even notice I've been gone, huh!  Well, the husband and I were out all weekend buckin' bulls.  I'll have to post on that later.

We got home late yesterday evening.  Went to unload the bulls and Bully was not happy.  He didn't wanna share his area with all the guys.  Guess he enjoyed the weekend alone.
(Sorry for my annoying voice.  You never realize what you sound like until you hear it back.  Eek!) 

He's really not mean.  Just acts like it!