Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Eye of the Tiger

Wow, I haven't posted in FOREVER! But I needed to get on here and update everyone that has supported us on our journey.  When I first learned of the husband's diagnosis, I felt useless.  Really, there was nothing I could do to help.  That's when I turned to running.  I mentioned on a previous post a quote I read in a book about coping with cancer.  It stated "See yourself becoming a Cancerville athlete and going the distance for your loved one."  Being the literal gal I am, I really wanted to go the distance.  So I became a Multiple Myeloma Endurance Athlete for MMRF, pledged to make at least $1500 and entered the Fort Worth Marathon.  This past Sunday was the race.

On Saturday, we headed to Fort Worth to meet our friends, Gary and Shirley.  They came to cheer me on, how sweet was that!  We went out for some carb loading that evening then turned in early.

I laid out all my race gear that night so I would be ready first thing in the morning.

It seems the older I get, the more "gear" I need.  There is a lot of taping, compression and extras going in to preparing for the race.  Hmmmm.

After a restful night, it was race day!!  I was actually really ready for it.  Most of my race days are filled with a little anxiety but this time I was really calm.  No nervousness or anxiety like normal.  I just knew I was going to have a great run.

We made our way to LaGrave Field, the sight of the race.  It was a crisp morning but I couldn't have asked for better weather.  It was like all the stars aligned for this race to be perfect.

The husband, Gary and Shirley managed to make their way to various spots along the race.  I was so grateful our friends had came to be with the husband while I was racing.  They managed to get him up and down the course (they were very familiar with the area).  I loved hearing them cheer me on.  It was like having your own paparazzi.  I would come around a bend and there the husband would stand yelling my name.  

I had fun throughout the race.  The guys in front of me in this picture remarked how awesome the husband was to be there.  One said his wife was still in bed, 3 hours away.  They didn't have anyone but themselves at the race.  Yes, I am truly blessed.

Around the 10 mile mark, I noticed a guy having some difficulty.  I had spoken with him earlier in the race and he mentioned some injury issues he was trying to overcome.  He was disappointed he couldn't compete at the level he once did.  I assured him he was still doing great and was actually rocking the race.  Later I when I came upon him, he was struggling.  He stated he would like to use my intervals to get him to the finish.  So I stuck with him till the end.  We crossed the finish line together.  Despite my aversion to hugging, the guy hugged me after we finished, thanking me for helping him complete the race.

An even bigger bonus was the hug the hubby gave me.  He was so incredibly proud of me.  Just as proud as I have been of him throughout this year's journey.  My partner in life has been so strong and I only hoped to reflect that strength in my race.  He is my inspiration.

Our, after I got off the ground, post race picture.  ;)

He was wearing his MMRF supporter shirt under his denim shirt.  He was the best supporter a girl could ask for!

My medal, which is also a belt buckle.  How cool is that!

We ended up raising $2165 for multiple myeloma research!!  Yes, we have the most awesome family and friends!

So what's next?  Well, I will be running the Miracle Match Half Marathon at the end of January.  It benefits the bone marrow registry which is a life saver to many that have blood cancer.  My training continues!!