Monday, May 31, 2010

Up In Smoke

I hope everyone had a wonderful long weekend.  The husband had to work today.  However, he promised his warehouse crew at Dr P a cookout.  Well, I knew this involved me doesn't grill.  So I gathered all my meat and headed to town around lunch time.  I grilled them Boss Hog T-bones and elk steak.


Also had some potato salad, baked bean and peach cobbler.  I think I did okay.  Some had never had elk before.  They were nice enough to try it and most said it was surprisingly good!

Then I loaded up and headed back to the house.  As I was driving in, I noticed this...


And this...


See, fire is one of my fears.  It made my heart skip a beat but I realized it was the neighbor next to me burning.  But it is scary to see smoke coming from what appears to be your place.  Plus, it's so freakin' hot here, I'm not real happy to think about the neighbor burning.  Our winter grass in the pasture is burning off so it would spark right up.  Again, my fear of fire.

Oh, one more thing....I think there was a giveaway that just ended!  I entered the number of entrants into and it spit out #17.  Then I used my fingers and toes to count out the comments to:


Steph please forward me your email address.  I will provide it to my CSN contact who will in turn, get with you regarding the $80 gift certificate!!

Thanks to everyone who participated.  Wish I could give each of you one just for putting up with me!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Don't Forget...

If you haven't had a chance to sign up for the giveaway, do it!  The contest closes on Monday!

And if you want to keep up with my running progress, check me out here.  

Hope everyone has an awesome holiday weekend!!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Update on Itty Bitty

Ummmm, she's still itty bitty...


The calves she's standing with are 2 and 3 months old!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Check Out My Talent

Hey, wuzzzz up!  Diesel here.  So maw said she didn't have nothing to blog today.  So I was like, "Dude, let me show off my ball skillz!"  Then maw was like, "Really?  Balls skills?  What you talkin' 'bout Big D?"  I told her go get her lil black box she always carries around, stand back and be amazed.

Get close so you can see!


Look Maw No Paws!


OMG!  Ball 'N Da Paw!


Then I was like, "Maw, you gotta get this.  Cause I know your peeps will totally love Big D!"

Oh yea, I'm rockin' the ball!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Who's Your Daddy?

Our neighbor has five pretty solid black cows.  A few months back, they started calving.  But the calves don't quite look like they're suppose to.  Kinda stick out like a sore thumb in the pasture.


They don't look like rodeo stock, huh?  Nah!


I mean, really, what irresponsible rancher would let his bull get on the neighbor's pretty solid black cows?  I have absolutely no idea what happened here.  None, nope, not a clue.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Awesome-ness For You!

Do I have a deal for you guys!  I was contacted by a promo guy for an online store.  Asked me if I would like to giveaway an $80 gift certificate to use on any of their websites!!  How freakin' cool is that?!  These websites sell everything from sectional sofas to dog collars.  So I'm sure y'all can find something to spend that $80 on!

I mean really, they have over 200 stores to choose from.  You can get something like this..

Or this...

Or even this...

The choices are endless!  So I guess y'all want to know how to enter this fabulous giveaway.  Well, here's the deal.  I want to you go to the CSN store website and browse around.  Find something to spend that $80 gift certificate on.  Then come back here and tell me what ya found!  Simple as that!  Deadline for the contest will be 6pm CST on May 31st.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Birthday Celebration

Yesterday was Diesel's day.  We took him out to the tank to play in the water.

I think he was pretty happy to head out there!


He and Pepper played.


And he swam and swam and swam.  I've never had a dog that likes to swim that much!


I told the Husband we should have brought chairs to sit in.  Diesel would swim all day if we let him.  But he finally got out of the water and we headed back to the house.  Time for a snack.


Then it was play time with his favorite toy.


Doesn't he look ferocious!  I think that's the first time I've ever seen his teeth!  And look, he can jump real high too...



He finally wore the Husband out.


Now the Wife's turn to play!


And some sweet time was spent.


It took a lot to wear this puppy down!  The Husband walked thru the kitchen late in the evening and said he saw Diesel laid out in the yard.  I think he was finally tired.

**on a side note, my running blog is up.  Click on the Reeboks & Spurs pic on the right side over there, if you're interested.**

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Guess Who's a Year Old!!


Happy Birthday Diesel!!!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Proper Driving Technique???

As I was headed home this afternoon, I came upon this...

Driving Foot

Okay, first off I was upset because the speed limit is 70 mph and they were cruisin' at about 60 mph.  And they were cruisin' in the fast lane.  Then I noticed the big honkin' foot hanging out the window!  Maybe 60 is the fastest you can go with a foot out the window?

But the passenger couldn't let the driver have all the fun...


By the time I got around them on the right side, the passenger had taken off his shoe so the breeze could blow between his toes too!  Why should the driver be the only one to enjoy the sweet breeze?

As I passed, I was surprised to see that it was two guys!  What in the world?!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Bikini Challenge-A Change in Focus


Spring has brought about change 'round here.  Just look at this pasture.  Went from nothing to a flower wonderland.  I can't say I've turned into a beautiful flower, that's for sure.  But I have made a change.  I've redirected my focus.

I've really been thinking about this bikini challenge.  Mostly because over the last week, I haven't been to the gym.  I started pondering why it was so hard for me to stick with the program.  Then it hit me.  I'm tired of worrying about my outward appearance.  This whole challenge revolved around what my body was going to look like.  Don't get me wrong, I don't want to turn into a slug but my health/fitness is more important than how I look in a bikini.

So my focus has shifted.  I need a new tangible goal that has nothing to do with how I look.  I don't want my worth to revolve around that.  Does that make sense?  Therefore, I decided on a new challenge, something I have never done before and will require complete dedication.  Any ideas?

I called the husband today and told him.  Well, really asked him what he thought.  His first response was "WHAT!"  Then he said he would support me 100%.  It's pretty crazy but when I set my mind on something, I usually accomplish it.  So here goes, I'm gonna.....


What do ya think?  I'm I just a crazy loon biting off more than I can chew?  I know I can do a half-marathon. I ran one about three years ago.  After it, I said I would never do another one.  But I need something to work towards.  I know this about myself.  And I will be so proud once I accomplish it.

I'm gonna start out slow and increase my mileage slowly.  Hopefully my legs will hold out.  I don't plan on entering a race until the end of the year.  The husband and I agreed that I will enter one in a fun location so we can make a trip out of it.  I'm thinkin' maybe the Walt Disney World Marathon in January or Rock n Roll Marathon in Las Vegas this December.  But if finances don't allow for travel, there is a marathon here in January too.  Not as much fun but no matter what, I'll get it done.

I also decided to document my journey on another blog.  That way I don't bore y'all with my running stuff.  Don't feel like you have to visit it either.  It'll just be there if you're interested.    That is, once I start it!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Husband Won't Shut Up Part Two!

I think we created a monster!  But let's finish what we started.  Here are the rest of the answers...

Tatersmama asked...
"Does it embarrass you that your cute behind features in so many of your wife's photos?"
Not at all.  I don't mind showing off my best "asset"!  If I were taller and had more muscles, I'd be a Chippendale dancer.

Wife here, Oh Lord.  He would too!

Cowgirl Goods asked...
"Is it true Dr Pepper's secret ingredient is prune juice?"
Don't know, they don't tell me top secret information like that.

"What and where was the meanest bull you ever encountered? And were you scared?"
It was in Lubbock, Texas.  The bull's name was Gotcha.  Hell yes, I was scared.  They told me I could win the bullriding but he was mean.  They weren't lying.  He hooked everyone, even while I was riding him!

Wife here, that was a total wreck.  Meanest bull I'd ever seen.  Gotcha was the perfect name. I had to help him out of the bathtub the next day he was so beat up.

Gail asked...
"I just want to know how you ever corralled such an amazing woman?"
100% pure luck.

Wife here, I agree.

Vaquerogirl asked...
"What made you decide to make all your "buckers" horns so crazy looking?"
The first bull we ever bought had crooked horns and I thought it looked cool.  So I try to put horn weights on my cows and bulls.  It adds character.

Janet Phillips asked...
"What is your favorite color?"
Dark Blue is my favorite color.  However, my favorite color for cattle is grey and white.

"What is your favorite thing to eat?"
The wife's pecan pie and her steak.  She's an awesome cook.

Wife here, heck yeah, my 1st place pecan pie!!  Who doesn't like one!

Sklnurse asked...
"Do you miss bullriding?"
Heck yea, I miss it.  If there were anyway possible, I would still be riding.

Wife here, I finally made him put his gear bag in the barn.  And I think he gave his last rope away.  He had been known to pull the bag out of the closet without me knowing and head to the arena.

Nicole J asked...
"How do you like being put on the spot like this?"
I ain't skeered.  Doesn't bother me.  I was mayor of a town before so I can handle public relations.

Wife here, please don't get him started!  Oh, now he's making me call him Honorable Mayor.  Thanks Nicole!

Growing Up a Country Girl asked...
"On a road trip, who does the most talking?"
Me of course.  She's goofy and hilariously funny but she doesn't talk much unless I get her hopped up on sugar.

Wife here, yep, give me sugar and I won't shut up for MILES.

Carrielt asked...
"Who is your favorite PBR rider and why?"
I really don't have a current one but my all time favorite is Jim Sharp.  He's the greatest of all time.

Wife here, Jim is awesome and very nice.  Even came to our wedding.  BUT I ♥ Mike White!!  Too bad he's retired.

"Who is your favorite PBR bull?"
Bushwacker.  He's a young classic bull.

CTG Ponies asked...
"What's the one thing you haven't done that you wished you did?"
Make the Finals.

Shirley asked...
"What is the thing about your wife that you are most proud of?"
This one is hard.  She's so awesome.  She got her Bachelor's and Master's degree in less time than it took me to get my Associate's.  And for being so damn tough.  Her mental and physical toughness is incomparable.  If I had her toughness, I would have been a world champion.  Also, the fact that she can do tough physical work like building fence, feeding cows, working cattle, and sorting cattle (including bulls) even a foot.

Wife here...okay, don't let him fool ya.  I did finish both my degrees but the Husband was in college for like 7 years!  And I had a little motivation to finish my bachelor's degree.  He said we could get married when I graduated.  Well, he didn't expect me to graduate in 3 1/2 years.  He figured I was on the same slooooowwww track he was taking.  NOT!

Andrea asked...
"Who did you ride with in high school and college?"
In high school, no one that y'all would know.  In college, I rode with Dean Wilson, Yancy James, Cavin James, Randall Thornton, Blu Bryant, Ronnie Kitchens, Cory McFadden, and tons of other great guys.

Wife here, I got to meet so many guys over the years while the husband rode.  One morning I walked thru the living room on my way to work and found Cody Custer.  Met Troy Dunn.  Dealt with crazy Aussies like Nuce Cook, Ben Jones and Scott Doyles.  Cooked for Joe Wimberly and he wanted to take me home with him.  So many great guys.  And now I feel really old because nearly every single one of them have retired!

"When are you going to buy the wife one of those super cute mini-bulls?"
Hopefully, NEVER!  We don't need anymore pets.

Wife here, whatever!

Goodwife asked...
"How did you and the wife meet? Your side of the story."
After a hard day of school and work (haha), some friends and I went to the bar for some cold ones and to check out the new crop of college girls.  It was the first week of the new school year.  I noticed this sexy gal sittin' by herself.  I was a little shy back then so one of my friends asked the waitress to tell the gal to come over.  She came over and we talked.  The rest is history.

Wife here, I can't believe that was 15 years ago!

So, there you have it.  The Husband has spoken.  Now, don't y'all go on about how sweet he is and such.  I'll never hear the end of it!  LOL  He was quite the lil pisser when we met.  But I have to say, I couldn't have done any better.  He's my bestfriend and I love him more each day.  Years of tedious training paid off!  ;o)

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

And the Husband Speaks! Part 1

I've had the whip out, making the husband answer those questions.  I'd email him new ones as they came in.  I just told him I needed to add a few more.  He asked if they were ever gonna stop.  At first, he was saying no one would ask anything.  Now he can't believe how many came in!  I told him "HELLO, my blogger peeps are awesome!"  So here we go....

Lisa asked... 
"How is the wife's longhorn doing?"
The wife's longhorns (yes, more than one) are doing good.  They are at the lease place.

Prairie Mother asked...
"What kind of snake was it?  And has it returned for revenge?  Have you began to work on your defensive tactics?"
It was a black one, not sure what kind.  The only good kind is a dead one.  I did see it again.  It was headed from the yard to the pasture.  I grabbed a shovel and tried to catch it but it got away.  I'm hoping Pepper, my JRT, will corner it again and this time I'll kill it!

Wife here, maybe the third time will be the charm...hahaha!

"About how many cattle do you have?  How much land does your cattle run on?"  
We have about 50 head, not counting calves on about 550 acres.

Never Say Never Greyhounds asked...
"Why is Husband afraid of snakes?"
Don't know why but do know that I am and always have been deathly afraid of them.

"What does he like in Mojo?"
He is the coolest looking bull I've ever raised plus he has the right attitude (sometimes too much).  He's the complete package.  When he bucked, he kicked and leaped in the air and spun.  He's an athlete.  He just stands out when we take him to buck.  He seems to be doing better but it will take a long time to heal.  I'm hoping next year I can put him on some hiefers.

Dee asked...
"What is the wife's most annoying quality?"
She has none, she is perfect, well almost.  I guess it annoys me when she does laundry (which is normally my job) and doesn't empty the lint trap from the dryer.  Oh wait, thought of another one, her lack of confidence in herself.  She's freakin' awesome and I tell her but she doesn't listen.

"Has she ever done or said something to embarrass you?
I can't remember her embarrassing me.

Wife here, see he's been hit in the head one too many times so he can't remember real well.  That's good for me.  :o)

"What is y'all's song?"
I claim it to be "When he rattles his glass, she jumps up fast" but everyone knows that's not true.  I guess it would be Travis Tritts' "More Than You'll Ever Know."

Wife here,  he didn't have a clue.  I had to tell him our song!  Geez louise!

Paige asked...
"What made you pick the wife to be the wife?"
Of course, her good looks (yeah, she's always been hot and sexy).  Also, she was very mature, smart and a very hard worker (always had a job).  She didn't want to just get married and have kids.  She had goals and achieved them.  She accepted my bullriding and wild and crazy way of life.  She never tried to change me (even when I needed it).  She wasn't a girlie girl, she liked hanging out with my friends and they liked her (she was just one of the guys).  And did I mention very good looking.

Wife here, let me reiterate, I always had a job.  Very important for a bullrider's girlfriend!!

City Girl Turned Country Girl asked...
"Do you ever get nervous that your wrangler behind might become the topic/picture showcase of your wife's blog?"
I'm not one bit shy.  It don't bother me at all.

Nikker asked...
"How did you get into raising rough stock?"
Got too crippled to ride so raising them is the next best thing.  

"What if any blood lines do you concentrate on?"

"How is the Dr Pepper job going?"
It's a job.  I really miss owning my own company (wish I never sold it).  I didn't have to worry about politics or dumba$$ bosses.

Prairierunner asked...
"What was your favorite rodeo to enter....back in the old days?"
I mainly went to bullridings.  Not sure I have a favorite.  Georgetown, Texas was always good to me.  In fact, it's the only place that I've never bucked off at.  I won a bullriding there, rode my bull at a PRCA rodeo there and rode at all the open bullridings held there.

Wife here, stay tuned.  We have more to come.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Sunday Chores

We headed out to the lease yesterday.  Wanted to see if we had anymore babies and put up a fly rub.  This was the first time we used a rub.  Most years, we use protein tubs that have stuff in them to kill the flies.  And we spray the cattle.  But we waited too late for the tubs and it's not convenient to spray cattle that are out to pasture.  So we got the rub put up.  Mixed the solution and poured it on.  Now, wonder if the cattle will use it?

We had a good crowd watching us put the rub up.  The kids didn't know what we were up to.

And Bully was just wishing I had treats in my pocket.  Sorry, I didn't.

And the girls wanted their pictures taken.  They haven't been on the blog in awhile.  My black ops commando donkeys....Pearl

And Minnie

Aren't they the cutest killer donkeys you've ever seen? I think so.  Then we followed Ruby off into the brush.  We know she had a calf.  But she had it hid.

The husband and her at a standoff.

We just knew the calf was in the brush right beside her.  I stayed back.  What does Ruby do?  She walks around husband and towards me!  Lil ol me!  I wasn't doin' nothing but respecting her space.  But nooooo, let's pick on the wife!  I'm good at circling trees though.

We never did find the baby.  I think it moved on her.  She acted like is was suppose to be there.  We looked but it wasn't.  I'm sure she found it after we left.

**Ask the Husband has been awesome!  I gave him a list of all the questions and told him to get with it!  He was really surprised by all the response.  I will have several posts with his answers ASAP.  And since y'all were so great, I will have a random drawing for everyone that participated.  I'll let the husband draw a name and I'll send ya something.  Yeah y'all!**    

New Photography Site

I have been trying to get a new site up and running since my domain name was bought out from under me.  I think I have it somewhat done.  I'm happy to have a "real" site where people can actually buy from it.  So if you'd like to check it out, click on the picture below.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

It's Done!

I posted a weird picture of the husband last week.  You saw his boots and a paint bucket.  Well, I'll explain that pic now.  We were putting a new floor in the stock trailer.  This has been an on going project for us.  Seemed to take FOREVER since we both work and the only time we have is the weekends.  Husband did get out there early in the mornings during the weekdays and get some coats of primer on the metal.

So we got it primed and ready to go.  Yesterday we tackled cuttin' the boards and finishing it out.


Miss Kitty oversaw the entire job.


Husband in his thinkin' position.  He seems to be ponderin' over stuff all the time.  Most times I have no idea about what.  But he's a thinker.


Finally got all the base boards in.  Yeah!  Isn't it pretty.


Then the husband said "get a shot for all the girls!"  So for those who asked about how he feels having his behind on the blog, there's your answer!


Then the husband had to screw all the boards to the metal.  It looked like tough work so...


I stared at my feet while it was going on.  All that work he was doing was wearing me out!


And TA DA, the floor is DONE!!!


Now the cattle don't have to "Flintstone it" if we need to take them somewhere!

**Don't forget to Ask The Husband!  I think he's really going to enjoy this.**

Friday, May 14, 2010

Ask The Husband

Thinking Man

I call this picture "Thinkin' Man".  He had to have been thinkin' of something, huh?

Well, I got to thinkin' today.  Thinkin' maybe y'all would like to hear from the husband.  That would be fun, huh?!  I'm sure you get tired of my ramblings.  So, I'm gonna open it up for questions.  Is there anything you'd like to ask the husband?

I haven't told him about this yet but I'm sure he'll be more than happy to participate.  And if not, he'll still do it cause I'll make him! hehe  Seriously though, he reads the blog every night when he gets home and always looks at y'all's comments.  He's very interested in what ya have to say.  So here's your chance to pick his brain!  Won't that be fun.

Bring on the inquiries!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Newest Addition

Look what I found this afternoon.  Well, the husband actually found it this morning.  But I got the first pictures.  So since he has no proof, I'm claiming the discovery as mine.

I took my life in my own hands and walked out into the pasture.  Just for you blogger peeps cause I know you want pictures.


Momma (Turnin' Trix AKA Crazy Heifer) wasn't real keen on me being out in the pasture.  Notice I have the hay ring between me and momma.  Since there was nothing else out there, I figured that would be the best thing to save my life.


Ruh roh!  Momma gettin' up!  Can you see the baby?  It's laying right in front of her.  Sneaky lil devil!  I kept reassuring miss thing that I came in peace, I just want to see the baby.  Make it get up.  Please!!!


Finally success!!  Isn't it cute.


I just love when they work with me.  I had my point and shoot camera zoomed to the max.  I was keeping my fingers crossed that the pictures turned out.  They're grainy but good enough.  And I made a safe retreat!  My day is complete.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Terror in the Backyard

So last night, I was laying in bed watching Castle.  (I just love that show.) And yes, I go to bed at 9p.  I hear Husband come up the drive, home from work.  Then this....

Back door slams open...

Husband runs thru the house...

He's yelling "I need a gun!"

Harley is barking and running off the bed.  I lay there, yellin' "a gun? whatcha need a gun for?"

Husband doesn't answer and runs back outside.

Wife hears gunshot near house.

Husband runs back in hollerin' he needs more bullets and a better flashlight.  (Blankity, Bleep, Expletive inserted here)

Wife decides she might get out of bed at this point.

Husband is trying to get another flashlight out of the laundry room.  The one he had is in pieces on the dryer.  Don't quite understand that one?

Wife finally gets out of husband as he's running back out the door that there was a SNAKE in the yard.  Okay, let me give you some background here...Husband is deathly afraid of snakes.  So he's pretty much wigged out during all this.  

I stand at the back door with Diesel and Pepper.  With crazy Husband in yard wielding a gun, dogs decide they would rather be in the house.  We have a mini dog party while Husband is trying to find the snake that he thought he shot but must have missed, how we don't know but it's gone.

All the excitement makes Diesel shove every toy he can find in his mouth.

Diesel 001

He and Pepper really enjoyed the mini house party.  Lucky Dog was hiding outside somewhere.  Harley was pissed Pepper and Diesel invaded his territory.  And tainted his toys!

Husband comes back in the house in a tizzy cause he can't find the snake.  Can't believe he missed it.  Now he just KNOWS the snake will be after him for revenge.  Cause you know, reptiles are vengeful creatures.

This morning he left the house with gun in hand.  Not taking any chances you know, that snake could be plottin' it's attack.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Pictures That Make You Go "Huh?"

The husband

The wife

You just never know where you'll find us 
or what the heck we're doin'!