Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Celebrating a Birthday

I can not believe my Diesel is 3 years old!!  He's been a Texan for over 2 years now.  Amazing how time flies.

He was such a cute puppy.

Now he's a handsome boy.

He got that new soccer ball for his birthday.  It was deflated in no time!  I also baked him some peanut butter oatmeal cookies.  Who knew you could find refrigerated dog cookie dough at the store?  Yes, I'm a lazy momma!

Penelope even gave her big brother a hug on his birthday!

Love ya Diesel Man!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Bless My Husband

Yesterday, I ran up to the shelter to find a model.  I wanted a cattle dog for my calendar.  I have had several people sponsor a month with no dog so to fill those in, I am using dogs from the shelter.  Anyhow, I had one in mind.  However, when I got there, she had been put down.  Ugh, that always puts a lump in my throat.  As long as I've done this though, I know I can't dwell and have to look at who else I can help.  

So my shelter staff friend and I walked the kennels until I found two heelers.  One a red, the other a blue.  I chose the red.  His eyes were begging me to take him.  He didn't even have a name.  My staff friend asked if I would name him while I had him with me.  I said sure.

So I loaded the heeler up and headed East to the studio.  It's about a 35 minute drive.  He sat scared in the front seat, never peeping a word.  I always sing to them when we drive thinking that may calm them down.  Usually I just get weird stares like "seriously, you think that horrendous noise helps?!"

We made it to the studio and met up with the husband.  He was able to help me out which I LOVE!  He's so good.  Anyhow, I let the heeler hang out for a little bit.  He was very timid especially around the Husband.  Men seem to intimidate and scare him.  He stuck to me like glue.  I sat in the floor with him to reassure it would be okay.  He just laid his head in my lap and slept.

We did eventually get pictures taken.  Here are a few...

I named him Butch.  After the photos, we hung out in the studio.  He still stuck to me like glue. 

It was getting close to the time I usually return the dogs to the shelter.  But I just hated to send him back.  I usually hate returning the little ones too but in the back of my mind, I know they will more than likely find a home.  It's just easier for the small ones.  And the other two heelers I had seen there previously had already been put down.  I didn't want that to happen to Butch.  He seemed to have already had a rough go in life.  Only 7 months old and from his behavior, appeared to have been mistreated.  

The Husband saw it coming.  He told me several times we did NOT need another dog.  Which I replied, what is ONE more?  I asked if I could at least bring him to the house and see how the other dogs would react to him.  He agreed.  I would return him to the shelter if they did not get along.  

So home I went with Butch in tow.  I introduced him to the pack and guess what, they didn't really seem to mind him.  Not much drama at all.  Frankly, I was pretty surprised.  So I let him hang for a few hours.  

Finally, a decision had to be made.  The shelter would be closing in an hour and it is a 45 minute drive from the house.  I loaded him up and went to town.  When I arrived, I asked them if they could do some tests to check him out.  Make sure he was heartworm negative.  I was pushing the envelope with another dog as is, I certainly would not be allowed a sick dog.  

The shelter staff were SHOCKED when I told them I was adopting him if the test came back negative.  They happily did the test for me and we waited for the results.  Ten minutes later, it returned NEGATIVE.  Butch was officially coming back home to live with us.

He was never so happy as he was leaving the shelter with me the second time!  And he lit up when he came back to the house.  The Husband went outside after we came home.  He said you must have told him he gets to stay because he seems so happy.

Today, the Husband took a picture of me, the crazy dog lady, and all her kids.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Had to Share

Yesterday, I ran up to the shelter to snatch a dog.  Brought her back to the studio for some pictures.  When I got there, they already had one picked out for me.  Her name is Maria.  Here are some of her pictures.

Isn't she precious!  She rode in my lap to and from the shelter.  Just a love bug.  When I took her back, I made a promise that I would do everything I could to find her a home.  That's the worst part of the gig.  Taking them back to their cage. But I know someone is going to snatch her up soon.  How could you not?!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Can't Keep Up

Despite my efforts to stay on top of all my internet duties, I have failed considerably!  My days are filled with my "real" job, then my photography job in the evenings and weekends.  Husband still works nights.  See him only on the weekends.  He's been an awesome assistant for my photography!  Here, I'll show you...

That was a two dog session.  While I was photographing one dog and the owner, the Husband was entertaining the other. ;)

Not only has he been helping me at sessions, he has been working on my studio.  He's painted, patched, put up a wall, built a counter and sink area for washing dogs and continually adds this and that for me.  Got to thank my father-in-law for helping with the majority of that too!

My current project involves raising funds for my cattle dog spay/neuter fund at the local low cost animal clinic.  I'm begging people to sponsor months of a calendar.  Their donation will pay for printing.  Then all sales will go directly into the fund.  Only have 6 months left!

Speaking of cattle dogs, this cutie was brought to the studio by her foster mom last weekend.

We're hoping to find her a permanent home!  Fingers crossed!

The kids are doing well.  I caught Penelope and Harley in a moment of harmony which is pretty rare with those two!

And the cattle are doing well too.  We have the yearling bulls at the house.  The rest are at our lease place.  We've gotten lots of rain this spring so grass was abundant!  Great change from last year!