Friday, April 29, 2011

Just a Reminder

Paws in the Park is quickly approaching.  I have about 2 weeks to raise the remaining money to reach my $300 goal.  I'm over half way there!!!  For additional information on the event, you can read the post HERE.

I will place all my blogger peeps that donate in a drawing for over $50 worth of Crazy M Photography swag!  Right now, there are only 4 in the drawing (thank you guys!).  I'm sure they would like to keep it that way but I would love to have a bunch more to add.  The donation amount is not a factor either.  It can be $5.  Every little bit counts to these dogs and cats.

All donations go directly to the shelter.  Click on the shelter's link to go straight to the 4 Paws Project fundraising page.

Thanks for your support!!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Take Cover!

Well we had a pretty exciting night yesterday.  Severe weather was running rampant around these parts.  I managed to make it home before it got to the house.  Did my chores and got into the house.  Weatherman said we were in a tornado warning.  I wasn't real worried at that time.  I was watching the cattle.  They were grazing. Since they didn't seem to upset, I figured we were going to miss it.

A little bit later, the weatherman said the storm looked to be producing a tornado not far away from us.  He actually circled an area that included where we live.  So, of course, I go outside with my camera to watch the clouds.  The husband called me to see what was going on.  There was a reported tornado near his work too.  They were taking cover in a vault.  I told him nothing was going on here, not even rain.

The swirling clouds passed over us.  I went back in the house and the power went out.  Great!  But I didn't think much of it.  I had Mike, my awesome IPhone.  I noticed there was another storm building up and headed this way.  This one seemed to be a little worse.  The news on my Facebook was saying tornado sirens were going off.  Everyone needed to take shelter in nearby towns.  And yes, it was coming this way!  Okay, I'll keep a close eye on the posts.  Well, Mike decided to take a nap.  A long, I'm dead, kinda nap!

Fortunately, I had my work phone charged (which I tend not to do!).  I got back on Facebook.  The husband called me again.  He was back in the vault.  I was waiting for the storm to hit.  Sure enough, it HIT!  First it was the lightning.  I was most worried about that.  It is so dry around here.  I did not want a fire.  Then the rain and hail.  Penelope and Diesel came in the house.  Lucky was hiding and I couldn't get him in for the life of me.  We hung out in the floor of the living room waiting for the storm to pass.  Of course, it's pitch black but I did manage to find our good flashlight.  Within about 30 minutes, the storm passed and the house was still standing.  Yea us!

I was prepared though.  I made a conscious decision to keep my bra on until after the storms passed.  I didn't want everything to get blown away and be bra-less on TV when they came to interview me.  Priorities people!

Monday, April 25, 2011


You ever have one of those days?  We have lately at the Crazy M.  I swear the animals are in a conspiracy against us.  I told y'all about the new breed bull being two miles from the house the other evening.  Well, Saturday we spent the day in our most favorite town watching a bull futurity and seeing friends.  We got home about 6:30 tired and ready for an early bedtime.  Right around dusk, Diesel started raising cane.  I looked out the front and saw Eyebrows in Mojo's pasture.  Mojo is the cripple, broke leg bull.  He did not need to be in a fight.  They were pawing the ground and head buttin' each other.  The fight was fixin' to be on.  So the husband and I threw on our boots and ran outside.  We managed to get Eyebrows out of the pasture and in the arena.  BUT he needed to move him from the arena into his pen. (He had busted the chain and clip on the gate between his pen and the arena!)

By this time, he is one angry bull.  He chased me up a fence.  The husband was yelling at me to "climb!"  Believe me, I was.  He wasn't bluffing.  Then that left the husband in the middle of the arena with nothing to hide behind or climb up.  I yelled at him asking where he was going to go.  He said he didn't know!  Luckily, Eyebrows ran back to the fence near Mojo.  I ran to the barn, got my whip and the husband the hotshot.    Then I let Stubby out in the arena to get Eyebrows.  Eyebrows won't mess with Stubby.  I was finally able to sook Stubby back into the pen and Eyebrows followed.

Just when I thought we were good, Stubby decided he didn't want to stay in his pen anymore.  He started making laps, heading straight for the gate every time.  He wanted to jump the gate so bad.  We were on the other side of the gate, yelling at him to "STOP!"  Of course it was dark by this time.  We couldn't leave them in their regular pen now.  They were all wound up.  So we needed to move them behind the barn in a small pen.  Fortunately, they didn't give us any grief gettin' them in there.

Then I was worried about my dad's horse being in the pen next to them.  I didn't want them to try jumping out and getting in there with her.  So I had to move her in the barn into a stall.  We finally managed to get everyone situated.  Needless to say, we didn't get to bed early!  Diesel got treats though!

The next morning, I let Harley out.  He started barking at the back.  I looked out the door and didn't see anything but Miss Kitty.  Harley never barks at the cat?  Then I saw her, brindle heifer walking down the drive towards the barn.  Seriously!  What is going on around here!  I slipped my shoes on and went out to put her back in the pasture.

I came back in the house and decided I needed to bake some cookies.  That would make me feel better.  I whipped up a batch of dough, went to throw them in the oven and what's this?  Why is the oven cold?  Ummm, yea, no propane!!  So much for baking cookies or cookin' Easter lunch!  I started eating the cookie dough to drown my sorrows until the husband took it away from me.

The husband decided we needed to attempt to catch the cows and breed bull at the house.  Really?  Have you noticed the issues we've been having?  Do you really want to temp fate at this moment?  Yes, he did.  So we caught a few heifers that needed to be moved over to Mojo's pasture.  Also loaded up Roscoe to take to the sale barn.  We managed to stop for a chimichanga at the gas station for our lunch on the way to the sale barn.

After we dropped Roscoe off, we headed to the lease to check the cows there.  We had a few more babies.  Woohoo!  No major issues, thank goodness!  Stay tuned for the baby pictures.  And guess what, Itty Bitty has a brother and he looks just like her!!

I Heart Faces-Pets Contest

I've always wanted to enter an I Heart Faces contest.  I never think I have anything good enough to throw in the ring though.  But I saw this week was Pets!  This was the one for me to finally try.  So I pondered about what picture I recently took to enter.  I just love this picture of Penelope.  So here I go, my official first entry!!


Wish me luck!!

Friday, April 22, 2011


Can't believe it's been almost a week since I last posted.  Let's see, what's happened 'round these parts.

Husband went out of town.  I had to do my own laundry and dishes!  THE HORROR!  Yes, I am spoiled.  Even one armed, he does the laundry and dishes.  Well, I did give him a few months off.  But he's in physical therapy now so it's good for him.  ;)

Husband back in town.  Happy dance.  Not just because I no longer have to do the laundry and dishes.  Cause I missed him.  Entertaining myself is far less fun then entertaining him.  So glad he's home.  So was Penelope.  She peed all over when he walked in the gate and pet her.  She was excited.  I wasn't THAT happy.  I managed to control my bladder.

Neighbor called me yesterday to tell me his wife found our bull about two miles from the house!  Excuse me.  He's suppose to be right out here in the pasture!  She "pushed" him down the road with her car.  Thankfully, the bull cooperated and came straight home.  I ran out and opened the gate.  He ran right in.  She said her husband told her not to get out of her car, "That is that crazy fighting bull."  She said she had no intention of getting out of her car.  I giggled.  Yes, he's not the nicest bull but I walk out in his pasture every day to feed.  Anyhow, she got him home for me.  Thank you great neighbors!

This morning I went to the spay/neuter clinic to take the staff pictures.  They weren't as excited as I was about the picture taking.  Guess it wasn't their idea!  But they humored me.  Here are a couple of my favorites.

I have decided I need to find human subjects to practice on.  Think that will boost my confidence when it comes to taking people pictures.  Animals, I'm good.  Add a person, YIKES!  So I'm going to look for victims, I mean models.

Hope everyone has a beautiful Easter.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

How Cool Is This...

As I was leaving the shelter this morning, the director stopped me and asked if I had seen the Collin Street Bakery marque along the interstate.  No, I said.  I hadn't been out that way this week.  She said, well, I think your pictures are flashing on it.  Really!  That's pretty awesome!

So I drove up the interstate to see for myself.  Sure enough... there's Balto...

And that is Banjo...

And sweet Suess...

Miss Catalina...

The shelter was having an adoption event there today so the Bakery had been advertising.  Someone mentioned they saw them on Thursday.  How did I miss this?

I could have sat there longer just watching the pictures but I thought I might be making the gas station attendant nervous by just sitting cockeyed at the pump taking pictures out my truck window!

Friday, April 15, 2011

So Excited

I'm so excited but I'm a little scared too!  Why you ask?  Cause people are starting to act like I'm a professional photographer or something close to it!

For example:

1.  A childhood friend is getting married.  She's a doctor in Dallas.  She asked ME to take her engagement pictures!  Seriously, she could afford any of the awesome photographers in the metroplex.  She even offered to put me up in a hotel.  Oh my gosh!  I'm so nervous I'll screw them up or she'll be disappointed.

2.  Last night, a high school teacher contacted me.  She wants me to be on a panel of local photographers that will speak to 3 photography classes!  My response, "if you really want a self-taught amateur, I'm in."  She said yes, she wanted me.  She loved the work I do with 4 Paws.  I think I'm going to chew my nails off!

3.  The director of a local non-profit spay/neuter clinic contacted me.  She asked if I would be willing to take new staff pictures for them.  Well, of course I will.  They do so much for our community.  I went in to speak with her today and see what exactly they wanted.  They are so excited to have "professional" portraits taken.  I told her to hold her excitement until after the pictures are done!


Today, the shelter had a full page ad in the local newspaper.  The majority of the pictures were mine.  It's pretty awesome to see your pictures in print, knowing they are seen by thousands of people.  I just hope they help find the dogs forever homes.

Okay, so y'all pray for me!  And send me good vibes to take awesome pictures!!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Can't Help It...

"He is your friend, your partner, your defender, your dog.
You are his life, his love, his leader.  
He will be yours, faithful and true, to the last beat of his heart.
You owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion."

(Sorry, I'm feeling very nostalgic today.  I came across this quote and immediately thought of Zena.)

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A Good Dog...

‎"A good dog never dies, he always stays, 
he walks besides you on crisp autumn days 
when frost is on the fields and winter's drawing near, 
his head within our hand in his old way." 
- Anonymous

(Just a note, this is Lucky and he's alive and well.  Just thought this picture went so well with the quote.)

Monday, April 11, 2011

Me and Miss P

I can't believe how fast Penelope is growing.  She's not my lil puppy anymore.  Just a few weeks ago she looked like this...

Now she looks like this!

My girl is growing up too fast.  She was 10 weeks old last Wednesday.  We took her to the clinic for her second round of puppy shots on Sunday.  She weighed 21 lbs! Last time we were there, she only weighed 9 lbs!

Now if I could get her over the fear of EVERYTHING outside the yard!  I try to take her out to the barn when I feed in the evenings but she refuses to come in.  She is scared of Miss Kitty.  The noises of the bulls and horse right outside the barn frighten her.  I held her in my lap yesterday and let her just sit there.  She did okay.  I took her to the gate where the bulls were congregated.  She refused to look at them.  No matter which way I turned, she would turn her head away.  The husband went into their pen and she finally watched him.  I don't push her very much though.  I try to assure her she's safe while I'm holding her and only put her in those stressful situations for a few minutes.  She is always so happy to return to the yard.

She's won the husband over too.  He doesn't like to admit it but he can't hide it!  He kept taking our pictures on the way to the clinic on Sunday!  I don't blame him.  Who wouldn't want to take pictures of these two babes! LOL!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Spring Favorites

You just have to love this time of year.  The grass is growing.  The birds are chirping.  

So here are a few of my favorite things.

Precious sleeping calves...

Milk mustaches!

Ornery boy fights...

Fields of wildflowers.  Bluebonnets to be exact.

And Harley's yearly bluebonnet picture!

I can't believe some of y'all are still getting snow right now.  We've had 90 degree temps the last few days.  Here's hoping you can enjoy the beauty of Spring in the near future!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Paws in the Park

Okay, I'm going to ask for your support in an endeavor I have going on right now.  My alter ego, 4 Paws Project, is currently raising money for the local humane society.  The annual Paws in the Park event is scheduled for May 14th.  The community event promotes responsible pet ownership, pet health, animal education for children and a fun 1-mile Woof Walk.  All money raised by the event goes directly to my shelter's life saving programs.

I've created a "walk team" and am working towards meeting my $300 goal in donations.  Since becoming involved with the local shelter, my eyes have been opened to the great need in funds.  It amazes me how they handle so many unwanted pets.  The constant flow of people dropping animals off is astounding!  My very small contribution of providing pictures of the dogs barely scratches the surface.  But I have to say, I love when someone comes up to me and asks if I'm 4 Paws.  That just means my pictures are getting seen.  And I have to tell y'all this story.  The other day a long time resident of the shelter was adopted.  When asked why the person picked this particular dog, the lady said, "the picture just spoke to me."  WOW!  That makes it all worth it!

Anyhow, I got off topic!  I am looking for team sponsors!  Supporters of 4 Paws!  But don't think you won't get anything in return.  If you donate (any amount), you will be placed in a drawing for Crazy M Photography swag! Anything from prints to makeup bags to mousepads to cards.  I'd say at least $50 worth of stuff!

And if that doesn't get ya, how about these faces you'll be helping out!

The link to my fundraising page is HERE.  The animals thank you!  And so do I!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Courtesy of the Wife's Mom

Look what I got over the weekend!  My mom read the blog and happened to "find" these pictures for y'all.  They are via a cell phone thus the blur.  But how funny!  See me there on the left in my red shirt and red boots.  I told y'all I remembered having my pants tucked in.

Apparently my dad won two races on this day.

Mom said there were a couple more with those red boots.  Ahhh, those were the days!

Sunday, April 3, 2011


Yep, I did it again.  Another adventure run in the mud.  They did a much better job with the obstacles this go around.  My BFF and I battled the 3.5 mile course.  Our #1 goal-to survive.  Our #2 goal-to finish before dark!!  We accomplished both!

Here are some pics, courtesy of the husband...

Before we began, all nice and clean.

Our first encounter with the mud.

I don't know how they expected someone to walk across this.  The klutz I am, there was no way.  Crawlin' seemed the way to go.

I didn't care for his one.  Mostly because I could see me falling to my death!

Too loose of ropes to keep us upright!

Now this one was crazy.  Had to jump off this platform into 8 ft of water below.

There I go!!! It was pretty high.  You can't even see the water below me!  And yes, I held my nose.  I'm not a water person.  Believe me, it didn't help.  When I hit, I still sucked water up my nose.

Mud was so sticky, it sucked BFF's shoe off her foot.  Took both of us to get it out.

Finally, the last obstacle.  A short swim and crawl under the wire.

And of course, we couldn't resist a little mud fight!

We were too dirty girls by the end.  But it was loads of fun.

Friday, April 1, 2011

A Visitor to the Ranch

We don't have visitors very often round these parts.  Especially this kind!  Can't ya tell by the inquiring bull!

I figured my horsey people would be happy to know that we finally have a horse on the place.  The husband always says this is a horse free zone.  Hate to tell y'all, he's not a fan of the horse.  I know!  Everyone has their faults though.

So are you wondering how this gal came to the ranch?  Well, she belongs to my parents.  My dad called me yesterday.  She was at the racetrack in Grand Prairie.  Apparently she came up lame with a bowed tendon.  He needed someone to pick her up for him.  Parents live a long way from the DFW area.  Fortunately, daughter is not far.  AND the horse trainer was actually coming thru my area today.  So I met him at the truck stop on the interstate and loaded her up.

She'll stay with us until the end of May.  We are traveling to my parent's house for my niece's graduation.  So we'll take her home then.  Much to the husband's dismay, we'll probably bring my horse home then too.  Do y'all even remember Miss Priss?  It's been so long since she's been here.  She's doing great.  Dad is working cattle on her at the feed yard.  Couldn't think of any better training!

Little known fact about the Wife, my dad was a racehorse trainer when I was little.  I spent much of my  young days at the racetrack messin' with the horses.  I wish I lived closer to my parents.  I would get a picture of us in the winner's circle.  I vividly remember one where I'm rockin' a pair of red boots, jeans tucked in.  I was totally cool!