Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Paws in the Park

Okay, I'm going to ask for your support in an endeavor I have going on right now.  My alter ego, 4 Paws Project, is currently raising money for the local humane society.  The annual Paws in the Park event is scheduled for May 14th.  The community event promotes responsible pet ownership, pet health, animal education for children and a fun 1-mile Woof Walk.  All money raised by the event goes directly to my shelter's life saving programs.

I've created a "walk team" and am working towards meeting my $300 goal in donations.  Since becoming involved with the local shelter, my eyes have been opened to the great need in funds.  It amazes me how they handle so many unwanted pets.  The constant flow of people dropping animals off is astounding!  My very small contribution of providing pictures of the dogs barely scratches the surface.  But I have to say, I love when someone comes up to me and asks if I'm 4 Paws.  That just means my pictures are getting seen.  And I have to tell y'all this story.  The other day a long time resident of the shelter was adopted.  When asked why the person picked this particular dog, the lady said, "the picture just spoke to me."  WOW!  That makes it all worth it!

Anyhow, I got off topic!  I am looking for team sponsors!  Supporters of 4 Paws!  But don't think you won't get anything in return.  If you donate (any amount), you will be placed in a drawing for Crazy M Photography swag! Anything from prints to makeup bags to mousepads to cards.  I'd say at least $50 worth of stuff!

And if that doesn't get ya, how about these faces you'll be helping out!

The link to my fundraising page is HERE.  The animals thank you!  And so do I!


Lil Mama said...

How could any body give up such sweet faces.

Foxterriermom said...
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Foxterriermom said...

Kit, I can remember telling you when you first started doing this that your pictures were going to help a lot more dogs get adopted and I am so pleased that I called that right! Keep up the good work - you are an inspiring woman!

KarenTX said...

You are doing a great job with the photos, it's SO important to have good ones. You seem to be able to capture their personalities, too. That helps a lot. Sent a little, good luck!

Anonymous said...

Rock On Kit~I know just where you're comin' from.