Wednesday, May 18, 2016


I can't believe y'all are still out there!  I was so surprised to get comments after my last post.  So happy to hear from ya!

I thought I would share some pictures of our babies.  We reduced our numbers after the Husband got sick.  He wanted it to be more manageable for both of us but especially me if he couldn't get out there.  So we sold some of our best cows, kept some pets and young ones we thought would be good producers. Got rid of mean ones too.  He didn't want me out there with them. He worries too much about me!

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Hello 2016

So it's been forever since I have blogged. Facebook has been the killer of my blog. It's just to easy to post daily on it. Don't even know if anyone will see this but thought I'd throw it out there.

So what's new at Crazy M?

We sold our place last October. The husband wanted to downsize so we had less to worry about. Plus he had "build wife a house" on his bucket list. We found the perfect piece of land and bought it in February. Now we have just started the house. Not the best time of year due to all the rain so it's a slow go. Can't wait for it to be done!

Hubby is doing well. He still has a few health issues but nothing we can't handle. In fact, he ran a 5K for me last week! I have a broke foot so he stepped up for me. We had raised a lot of money for a cancer foundation so we didn't feel right not participating. I was so proud of him but he paid the price for several days afterward.

All the animals are doing well.

Well gotta run for now! Will try to come back soon.