Saturday, September 10, 2011

Nature's Fury

I want to thank those that have contacted me recently inquiring on our safety.  Fires are running rampant in Texas.  They have been all around our area but luckily, none have gotten too close to our place.  It's an uneasy feeling when the wind is blowing and all you smell is smoke at your house.  You certainly keep an eye on the surroundings.  We are fortunate to have plowed farmland on two sides of our place.  That makes me feel a little safer but not a whole lot.

I wanted to share this picture I stole off Facebook.  It's amazing.

From what I heard, the guy in the truck is the brother to the one on the horse.  He shadowed them so his brother could lead the horses 12 miles to safety on the other side of a river.

They are telling people to spray paint their phone numbers on their animals, remove any halters (cause it will burn to them) and turn them loose.  That's their best bet for survival.

Fire is my biggest fear.  In an instant, everything you have is gone.  The husband and I will be going thru our closets this weekend.  Taking all the things we can to donation centers.  It's the least we can do to help the thousands of people in the area that have nothing except the clothes on their back.