Monday, June 23, 2014

Hello Out There

I know I haven't been on here in awhile. Seems like we are getting back to "normal" since the husband finished treatment. Routine is back to work/home/work/home. That pretty much sums up the week. Nothing too exciting which is good!

The husband was experiencing pain in his hip.  We visited Dr McHottie, the bone doc, a few weeks back.  He said it appeared the pain was associated with the torn labrum that we found on his last MRI.  To make sure it was the labrum and not nerve damage, he injected his hip joint with steriods.  If it eased the pain, then it is the labrum.  If not, then it's most likely nerve damage.  Luckily, it did ease a lot of the pain!!  So, the husband will most likely have a scope procedure to fix the labrum in a few months.  Dr. McHottie wants to wait at least 3 months from his radiation so the body can heal.

No other doctor appointments till the end of July when he goes in for his scans and blood work.  We did get a letter the other day stating his newest medical oncologist, Dr. Conde, is leaving.  They sure don't stay long around here!  So we will have to see who he gets next.

I actually went to the doctor a few weeks back. Having issues with my heel, nothing new.  Had some inflammation due to running so I've been in a boot for two weeks.  Have one more week than back to running! My sports medicine doctor's first question when he saw me was "Are you in training?" Then it was "When is your next race?"  Yep, he knows me well.  I told him to get me fixed fast because I have the half marathon in November.  I've been raising money for the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation and I have to run!!  If you'd like to donate, I'm still working on reaching my goal.  Here's the link:

I will walk the half marathon if I have to but regardless, I will be completing 13.1 miles for the husband that day!

Crazy M Ranch news, we have a bull doing pretty awesome in futurities right now.  We went to Guthrie, OK on the 14th.  CMR 201 split 11/12th place out of 180 bulls. We're very proud of how well he's doing with all the competition out there.  He will be bucking in Colorado over the July 4th holiday.  Send good vibes!

Well, that's it for now.  Hope everyone else is doing well!


Shirley said...

Good to hear the husband is doing so good. Hope that cancer is gone for good!
Great news on the bull, I have seen the videos you have been posting on Facebook, that sure can buck! You two can be pretty proud of your breeding program.

Trainwreck said...

Love you both! So thankful you are both doing well!! Love keeping up with your bulls. So proud of the two of you!

fernvalley01 said...

Great news, thanks for the update!

lisa said...

Glad to here the hubby is cancer free, and hope that his hip gets better! Yahoo on the bull. Good luck with the heel and the race come November! You both look great!

Foxterriermom said...

Great update! Thanks!

MOM M said...

thanks for the update. lvoe the picture. love you two Mom M