Friday, February 7, 2014

A Challenge

I'm a control freak. Does that come as a shock to anyone? One thing C-Town has taught me thus far, I have no control over it! How dare it?! I'm a planner, a doer, a everything has a place and it's where I put it not where you want it kinda gal. I don't like it, not one iota. So I had to find something I could control. Put the power back in my hands and out of the creepy gnarly fingers of cancer.

A few days ago, I was reading (yep, on my third book this week) from "How To Cope Better When Someone You Love Has Cancer" by William Penzer, Ph.D.  It's really good BTW.  A sentence really struck a cord with me.

"See yourself becoming a Cancerville athlete and going the distance for your loved one."

I marked it in the book. Read it out loud to the husband later that night. Told him this was me. I am your athlete. It spoke to me. This was what I could control in a completely uncontrollable situation. Of course, I'm sure Dr Penzer was not actually intending for me to take it so literal but that's how I roll.  

That same day I had seen a story come across my Facebook newsfeed about the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation Endurance Team.  Individuals join the team and raise money through various running/cycling/swimming events.  How perfect is that?  I was excited and told the husband I wanted to join the group. I just needed to find a half marathon later in the year to enter for my fundraising event. Of course, the husband replied with "Why would you want to put yourself through another half marathon?" Because this is what I NEED to do.  

I started looking through race calendars for half marathons in Texas. Would run dates past the husband and he'd tell me yes or no (he knows bull event dates in his head, I don't). I finally came across the Fort Worth Marathon on November 9th. I told him this would be my birthday gift, to let me run this race. He was quick to tell me that wasn't my birthday. Yea, but it's in the month so we're counting it.  Oh, then he mentioned it was probably opening day of hunting season too. Whatever! 

So by 10 that night, I was registered as a MMRF Endurance member and a participant for the Fort Worth Half Marathon.  I see it as insurance. MMRF directs 90% of its budget to research and related programs in efforts to find a cure for multiple myeloma. No, the husband does not have multiple myeloma. We were blessed that his plasmocytoma had not progressed to that.  However, I am aware there is a chance we could face the beast down the road at some point, Heaven forbid.  So why not raise money for research that might one day greatly benefit us.  Like most insurance, I'll pay for the policy now in hopes I'll never have to use it in the future.

So between now and November 9th, I will be fundraising. I have pledged to raise at least $1500. We can do that, right?!  Dang right! Please share my fundraising page with everyone you know.

Tell them to check us out on the blog too.  I'll give updates here along the way. 

Also, late yesterday the clinic called and they were able to bump the husband up to start radiation. Instead of Wednesday, he will start Monday morning! Let's get it going! I will post Monday evening about how that goes. Oh, and the husband asked if I would help him this weekend to post. So stay tuned people, the husband speaks this weekend!

Till then, peace out!


Annette said...

I continually to be amazed and inspired by you both! Continued prayers for you kids!

Shirley said...

Nothing like having a plan and a focus! Hope every thing goes well with the treatment.

fernvalley01 said...

Not much holds you down for long girl! Good to have a goal to focus on and why am I not surprised that you chose one that would help and inspire others?

lisa said...

You go girl, that is wonderful. Good luck to the hubby!