Thursday, August 7, 2008

Vignette #6- Penelope House

The husband lived in Penelope for a few years. I spent many a weekend and the summers with him. He and I both would take classes at Hill College. The husband loved his house in Penelope. It was the ultimate bachelor pad. Plus it only cost him $100 in rent. There was a reason it only cost $100 a month too. At any given time, there would be a living room full of bullriders sleeping on the couches, chairs and floor.

For Valentine's Day one year, I asked the husband if I could get a lock on the bedroom door. Because a lot of the times, guys would show up in the middle of the night. I wouldn't know they were there and they didn't know I was there. And the husband would be off rodeoin' somewhere. So the husband, the thoughtful man he is, said he would get me a lock for the door. However, his version of a lock and mine were two different things. The husband hammered a nail in the door jam and bent it over. So when I wanted to "lock" the door, I would turn the nail against the door. Sweet, huh!

**For those of you wondering about the husband in the picture above, he had shoulder surgery and his arm was in a sling under his shirt**

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