Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Vignette #5- Higher Education

I spent five years at Tarleton State. Of those 5 years, two of them were spent living in the dorm. It was pretty hard for me to live in a building full of girls. I have never been good at relating to women so having the husband helped out a lot. I would spend the week going to class and working. On the weekends, he and his best friend would pick me up and take me with them to rodeos. I would get ready and sit on my bed staring out the window, just waiting for them to show up. No one ever seemed to mind me tagging along with them, or no one ever said anything to me. I was sure glad they let me go. On the weekends I couldn't go, I sat in my room or walked around Wal-Mart to pass the time. I was pretty pathetic!

That was my dorm room. The one on the second floor. It was right next to the stairs. The husband never sneaked in, I promise mom! ;o)

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