Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Latest Baby Updates

Here is the newest baby. She belongs to Ruby, my longhorn. Ain't she too cute. And ask the husband, she can run real fast! When we moved the cattle across the road awhile back, everyone came across but her. We tried getting her a foot but she took off and flew like the wind. The husband was chasing after her but was losing ground fast. She was such a pretty runner. Had her tail and head up. I imagined her saying, "Eat my dust old man!" to the husband as she so easily pulled away from him.

And the ugly baby birds have turned into the evil looking birdies. They look like little bird commandos protecting their nest. They have figured out my camera though. I got this picture but now when they see me coming, they duck down in the nest. Little stinkers! What kind of commando is that! Maybe they're chickens?

1 comment:

the husband said...

I really can't take anymore of these stinking ugly bird pictures. Please no more.