Saturday, July 26, 2008

Another New Horse

Yeah, we got another horse. This time, though, the husband was more influential in the decision to buy it. It had no papers, so it's true background is unknown. But we were told it is a mustang that was used for about 7 years on a ranch in South Texas. The people we bought him from have had him around a year. And during the past year, he has not been rode but a few times. So a little tuning will have to be done. The husband liked him cause he's so short and cool. He asked if he got to have him after I broke Miss Priss. I said sure. He said well, maybe I can ride him after you get him settled down some. I said you better get me a round pen built! Miss Priss and Sally were not very excited to see a new horse on the place. Sally was letting him know that she is the boss around here. Miss Priss kept trying to jack with him but Sally would get between them. Sally finally herded Miss Priss off into the opposite pasture. We have him up in a pen for the night. Hopefully, they will all be sound in the morning. We will keep our fingers crossed. You know, we are the home of crippled horses!

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