Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Mud Doggin'

This is our tank out in the pasture. We fed the cattle by it and took the dogs over to enjoy the water. One thing about our dogs, they love the water. Even little Harley. Pops will tell ya he's a fishin' dog. Loves to attack the fish as you reel them in. Well, this day, he was a muddin' dog.

He never makes it out far enough to swim. Just far enough to get really, really dirty.

He stands in the mud, he sits in the mud, he lays down in the mud.

He's so little, he high-centers in the mud. Doesn't stop him though. Keeps trudging thru it. He was so dirty the husband put him on the back of the truck to go to the house. When I stopped to pull thru the gate, the little stinker jumped off the flatbed! The husband couldn't believe it. He said it would be like one of us jumping off the roof. But Harley man was fine. The husband just knew it hurt him, but nope, the old feller didn't even blink an eye. I swear the little guy has nine lives. But living with us, he better!

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