Thursday, March 13, 2014

Cynthia, will you marry me?

We met with Dr McHottie, I mean Dr Ward, this morning. He looked over the husband's X-ray of his hip. He was very pleased. The joint looked good. He was afraid the ball might fall off into the socket where the tumor was but nope. So no hip replacement anytime soon. He is optimistic that the bone will actually regenerate where the tumor was and no surgery will be needed. Of course, the radiation of the joint may induce arthritis but we'll cross that bridge later.

Plus all the husband's blood work was normal. No protein!! So happy to hear that. Protein in the blood is indicative of multiple myeloma so yay! Continued blessings that it really is a singular plasmocytoma.

Then we headed to radiation. The husband took me back to see how it all works.  Another reason I love the cancer center, they let me go and watch everything. So open to show you whatever you want to see. I watched them get him all lined up on the table and ready. Then they took me into their area and let me watch the entire process. It was very cool. And they told us that Dr Nguyen reduced his treatment and the husband will be done next Wednesday!!

We celebrated all the good news with Chinese food for lunch.  Our fortune cookies were pretty funny. The husband's said "Thank you, it was really cramped in there." Mine read "Cynthia, will you marry me?" LOL I guess when you're as fortunate as us, you don't need fortunes in your cookies!

Then the husband advised me that he really wanted me to drive a truck. He just thinks I'm safer in a truck then my little SUV. So we ended up at a dealership, trading my car in for a new truck. Hadn't planned on that! But whatever makes the husband feel better. :) 

We wrapped the day up with ice cream cones. Seriously, a day can't get much better than this.  


Sherry Sikstrom said...

wonderful news!

Shirley said...

Happy dance! (and a new truck to boot- what a day!)

threecollie said...

So glad to read this good news! Good thoughts coming your way

KarenTX said...

Awesome news! Go Team George!!! Where's the photos of your new ride?

Linda said...

Dr happy with progress, no protein in blood work, reduced radiation treatments! YEA!
Chinese lunch and funny fortunes = Fun!
A new truck AND ice cream? Wow! You guys had a really great day :D
Keep doin' what ever you're doin'.

Mom M said...

that is the best news since,, no bone marrow cancer... i know workign together you two and beat anything.. Kit i just want to tell you how proud i am of you for the support and kindness you have in your heart.. as a mother i really appreciate knowing someone loves my son as much or more than i do and will take care of him and make him do what he has to even if he does not want to and ride him to never give up even when it is dare and cloudy.. i love you for who you are and how much my son loves you.
george... i love you more than words can say.. i am so happy..
thoses prayer bacles must have really worked with everything else they were a good combo.. i know we have all had them close or on every day.. thanks again kit.
Ice Cream will fix any thing, celebate any thing and is good for anything.
love you both.. George do what the doctors and the wife say..
hugs mom

small farm girl said...

That's great news!!!!!! You had a good day!

Jen's Farmily said...

Yay!!! So glad to hear that news!! What kind of truck did you get?! I got a CR-V last April and don't think I would've made it through this winter without it!
I'm so glad you guys got good news! And I love that the cancer center was so open to letting you see everything being done!

sara said...

Awesome news!

Anonymous said...

I remember you used to maybe still do, work at Fort Hood. Please post and let us know you are all right!!!

Unknown said...

What a great day for both of you! Your husband’s health is getting in good shape, you're going to have a new truck, and then ice cream after. This is really worth being celebrated, and I hope every day will be like this for the two of you.