Sunday, March 23, 2014

Weekend Getaway

Friday afternoon, we met with Dr DeLaCasas for a follow up.  He looked at the blood work and urine tests the husband did earlier in the week.  Everything looked good.  There was a small amount of protein in his urine that we will continue to monitor.  Dr D said sometimes the protein is so small it filters quickly from the blood (thus not picked up on the blood test) and into the urine.  So in a month, he'll have another blood and urine test to see if there are any changes.

Dr D just reiterated that we just have to stay on top of all the husband's appointments.  Don't get lazy and put anything off.  If he fills different, has any new pains or even feels sick, he is to call and come in to get looked at.  The husband understands and plans to stay on top of it.

Dr D also informed us of his departure at the end of the month.  The husband will either be seen by the other medical oncologist at the clinic or the new one taking Dr D's position.  He said if we are ever in San Antonio to call him.  He would love to go to a rodeo or just out to eat.  We are considered his friends now and he would love to socialize with us outside of the doctor/patient realm.  Isn't he the sweetest?!

So we got all of the husband's follow up appointments scheduled.  At the end of April, he will have a MRI to check the tumor.  The next week, we will meet with the radiation oncologist, Dr Nguyen to go over the findings.  Fingers crossed it was zapped to nothing.  He will also do his urine/blood work and we'll get those results.  Keep praying for great news!

We discussed a spot on his shoulder that was seen years ago when he had the joint replaced.  All three of his doctors believe it is not another plasmocytoma.  After comparing the original image from several years ago and the recent image, they decided the spot had actually gotten smaller.

After the doctor visit, we headed to Stephenville for a little getaway.  The FIL was at the house to take care of all the animals so off we went.  I had booked a bed and breakfast cabin for us to stay in.  The husband was pretty surprised that there was such a place in Stephenville!

We visited some of our favorite places and checked out how things had grown/changed since we lived there.  Even though we go to Stephenville quite a bit, we never actually go into town.  So it was nice to cruise around.  The gazebo where we got married still looked just as pretty.

The husband encouraged me to enter a 5K race Saturday morning.  We ran in to some old friends there. Got to catch up and exchange numbers. AND I actually won 2nd place in my age division!!  I was way fast!  I attribute it to eating at Pastafina's the night before the race. ;)

We enjoyed our stay and got back home around lunch today.  It was nice to get away for a few days.  Now back to the grind. ;)


small farm girl said...

Everything is looking up! Congrats on the 2nd place! Congrats on hubby's appointment! Let's hope it keeps looking up!!!!!

Mom M said...

Kit congratulations on the win.
The trip to Pastanfina’s sure did
not hurt. Did they still have
the best food in miles? Makes
me hungry just thinking about it.

Was nice to hear normal -- that
must feel awesome. You both look
wonderful. Keep up the good work.

Love Mom M

Sherry Sikstrom said...

wonderful news! Glad you have such great doctors!Congrats for winning the race. I am keeping you both in my continued prayers

Jen's Farmily said...

Congrats on the 2nd place AND the good news from the doctor. I hope you guys got to relax a little before you headed back to the 'real world'!