Monday, February 10, 2014

Let the Zappin' Begin!

This morning was the husband's first day of radiation.  He wasn't expecting me to go with him but I surprised him.  Of course I'm going to the first one! I knew he was pretty anxious about it. He was the first patient of the morning and like always, they got him right in. It took maybe 20 minutes and the radiation tech came and got me.  She said Dr. Nguyen was going to speak with us so she took me back. 

We met with Dr. Nguyen and Nurse Kim. He reviewed the husband's treatment course. First 25 radiation sessions will be to a larger area to ensure we get all the boundaries of the tumor and inhibit any further spread.  Then the last 9 sessions would be more direct. He said this should also help with lessening joint stiffness because he knows being active is important to the husband.  This high dosage of radiation tends to really stiffen the joint so he's trying to minimize it best he can.  

Dr. Nguyen told us they did find something suspicious on the husband's shoulder. Right now, we really don't know what it is. He said after we finish with the hip, then we'll check into the shoulder.  He didn't want to order a biopsy or mess with it when the husband has to lay down every day for radiation. No need to make it any more uncomfortable for him.  And since all tests point away from multiple myeloma, they feel we are okay to deal with one thing at a time.  So we'll cross that bridge when we get there. Of course, there is no telling with the husband's shoulders. They have had so much trauma over the years, it's amazing they only saw one oddity!

Before we left, I asked them to please tell the husband he could eat pretty much normal. After he read the radiation manual and all the possible side effects, he had told me all he could do was drink green tea and suck on his spit.  Yes, seriously!! I read everything too and tried to assure him that he could still eat, just to stay away from spicy stuff. And guess what?! I was right. They advised him he could eat just about anything. Dr. Nguyen said he didn't expect the husband to have any major side effects but due to law, he had to explain every single one that MIGHT occur. Thank goodness! 

Dr. Nguyen's last day is Thursday, then his replacement will take over the husband's care. We're gonna miss him. He's such a hoot and very straightforward, which we love. His parting words for the husband. NO LIFTING! ;)


fernvalley01 said...

Sounds like he is in great hands

small farm girl said...

Good luck!!!!!

Shirley said...

Make sure he gets some probiotics, radiation can kill healthy bacteria. Hope this is all he has to do. Prayers continuing!

sara said...

Sending positive thoughts to both of you!

lisa said...

I agree with you, why would you let him go without you! Nothing like having your significant other beside you!

Genie said...

I have been without internet for over an month and just found out what is going on. My prayers will be going non-stop for both of you. First off: Aquaphor! Get it - the radiation oncologist probably has lots of tubes of it. If not, you can pick it up at WalMart. Tell George to slather it on the radiation spots immediately after he gets zapped and several times throughout the day. It will greatly reduce the burns from the radiation, which will probably start in another 3 weeks or so. He will need to wash it off before his daily treatment because it is a grease based product and could intensify the burn if it is not washed off. Since it is so greasy, tell him to wear clothing that it won't hurt to ruin. Secondly: I hope they find no sign of multiple myeloma. However, if they do, please remember that my Dad had it for 14 years and it is possible to have a quality life while fighting it. Daddy said the most important weapons are a sense of humor, faith, love and determination that the cancer will not win.
Although I have never met you in person, I have followed your blog for many, many years and care for both of you very much.