Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Can't Keep Up

Despite my efforts to stay on top of all my internet duties, I have failed considerably!  My days are filled with my "real" job, then my photography job in the evenings and weekends.  Husband still works nights.  See him only on the weekends.  He's been an awesome assistant for my photography!  Here, I'll show you...

That was a two dog session.  While I was photographing one dog and the owner, the Husband was entertaining the other. ;)

Not only has he been helping me at sessions, he has been working on my studio.  He's painted, patched, put up a wall, built a counter and sink area for washing dogs and continually adds this and that for me.  Got to thank my father-in-law for helping with the majority of that too!

My current project involves raising funds for my cattle dog spay/neuter fund at the local low cost animal clinic.  I'm begging people to sponsor months of a calendar.  Their donation will pay for printing.  Then all sales will go directly into the fund.  Only have 6 months left!

Speaking of cattle dogs, this cutie was brought to the studio by her foster mom last weekend.

We're hoping to find her a permanent home!  Fingers crossed!

The kids are doing well.  I caught Penelope and Harley in a moment of harmony which is pretty rare with those two!

And the cattle are doing well too.  We have the yearling bulls at the house.  The rest are at our lease place.  We've gotten lots of rain this spring so grass was abundant!  Great change from last year!


Gail said...

It may be our year to be dry.

Thank you for the work you do.

LindaG said...

Take care of yourself and all you do. :0)
Glad to hear from you though.
Have a wonderful, blessed weekend! ♥

fernvalley01 said...

busy busy! what do the sponsorships for the calenders cost?

Vaquerogirl said...

You have a lot on your plate GF! I love your photos, they always make me smile!

Foxterriermom said...

You two are amazing!! Happy to see your post this morning!!

Nicole said...

I recently made a trip to just south and west of Ft. Worth area and was amazed at the grass out there. Really more luscious than what it is here. Hopefully it stays that way! Especially after last summer!

lisa said...

Sure glad things are going good! You are one busy lady!