Sunday, October 3, 2010

My Saturday Adventure!

My best friend from high school asked if I would do an adventure race with her months ago.  Of course, I said heck ya!  A week ago, my doctor cleared me to do it.  So we were a go and I was so excited!

It's called Mudquest.  The course we ran was 3.5 miles long with 21 obstacles.  Most of the obstacles involved some kind of water and mud.  We went into a creek (which was about 4 ft deep) about 4 times, then had to use a rope to climb the steep embankment to get out.  That wore me out!  It was a total blast though.

As promised, here are some pictures the husband took of us.  He only managed to make it to a few of the obstacles.  But he did a good job.

This is our pre-race, clean picture.


And we're off!


The tire challenge.  They stacked 300 tires and you had to cross them.  It was pretty easy.  The husband thought I would totally crash on this.  Klutz is my middle name!  But I did awesome!


This was called the dragon's tail.  You made your way to the end and jumped off in the tank.


I had the worst time gettin' out of the water obstacles.  I always fell down coming out.


This was the last obstacle of the course.  I thought I'd have some fun.  I ended up with mud up my nose from the dive in!


You had to crawl under the wires to get out.


We finished!!  There was a lady taking pictures at the finish line.  She told me to pose like this.


BFF sharing her mud with my face!


Post-race muddy picture.


After the race, you got the mud washed off by fire truck hose.  They were gettin' me good!


Had to make sure my butt was clean!


As a prize for finishing, each contestant got 2 free beers.  I gave mine to my coworker who came out to cheer me on.


The race was a BLAST!  I will so do it again.  The husband thinks we are crazy.  But really, I'll do anything for a crown!

UPDATE: Found a video on the race website, kinda gives you a little better idea of the race.

MudQuest 3.5 mile practice run. from MudQuest Run on Vimeo.


Shirley said...

That looked like a lot of fun! Love the "pose"- you got some muscle goin' on!

Maria said...

That does look like a lot of fun, I think my husband would love it too. That guy in the 1st picture is so checking ya'll out - ha.

the Goodwife said...

Ohmygosh! That looks like sooo much fun! I'm loving the pose picture, you got guns girl! Glad you had such a great time!

fernvalley01 said...

Looks likw you had a lot of fun. Glad youyr doc cleared you and you were ok to go!

Mikey said...

Looks crazy, but looks like FUN!!! I would totally be into that!

Paige said...

that looks like SO MUCH FUN! I would rock those obstacles for sure--the running in between them would suck, but so much fun!

I however would never give away the beer.

wilsonc said...

You so jump in and live your life to the fullest don't you!!! You look great and you look like your having a blast.

Linda said...

LOL! I was in the middle of writing my comment and looked and it was EXACTLY what Paige said!

LindaG said...

Congratulations to you! :)

Lacey Jo said...

Look at you tough girl! That looks like so much fun! Hope everything is well with you!

Country Whispers said...

That looks like lots of fun!

lisa said...

I bet you got one good work out with that race! Looks like a blast though!

Reddirt Woman said...

That looks like such fun... It may even give me some encouragement to get to where I could make 3.5 miles. The obstacles look like a blast AND a good workout! Thanks to the husband for the photos, too. The only thing that would have made this post any better was if Diesel had made the run with you all!


CCC said...

Wow, that looked a lot more fun than taking a shot to the throat, head, leg. I guess you noticed the guy in the first picture totally checking you out. That was pretty funny. And my cowboy said "nice muscles" just now as he was walking by : )

Anonymous said...

OMG that looks like so much fun. Guess if your husband calls you crazy, I should join the crazy bunch :)

Linda said...

You really are my hero!

Bekah said...

yes! Our warrior dash is next weekend! Im totally going to die.

Tatersmama said...

How cool! It looks like it was a BLAST, and if I ever get invited to one, I'll be sure to put your name down! ;)

And those muscles you've got goin' on? Lookin'GOOD! I'm sooo envious, girl!!

CTG Ponies said...

Looks like a lot of fun!!