Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Where Have I Been?

We didn't float away. We're you beginning to wonder? Did you even notice I've been gone? Okay, don't answer that!

I went on a little work retreat in the Texas Hill Country. The husband had to be a bachelor for a whole three days! More importantly, he was unsupervised for THREE days! However, I arrived to find him intact along with everything and everyone else.

So my work meeting was held in a very nice upscale resort called Horseshoe Bay. The landscaping was the most impressive part of the place. It was beautiful. Like you were in a tropical paradise in the middle of Texas. Very cool.

A face reader was at the training. He says you can tell everything you need to know about a person by their face. I finally got the courage to have him read mine. Here's what he said about me:

I think I'm always right. (pa-shaw)

I don't take criticism well. (whatever)

I'm very hard on myself. (who isn't)

I get bored easily. (what, are you still talking to me?)

I need a creative outlet. (okie dokie)

I exude authority. (that's right mister!)

And I have movie star cheek bones so I'm noticed more than others. (you can't see it but I'm doing my beauty pageant wave.)

It was really amazing. So much so, I bought his book. Gonna try to learn some face reading techniques.

Learned some good stuff but was happy to get home. The husband and kids welcomed me at the gate. I think they missed me a little bit.


Jen said...

Actually, I did wonder this morning in reading my blogs that you had been missing! Great pictures.

Maria said...

that statue on the old tree (?) is awesome, hope you had some fun on your business journey.

missy said...

sounds awesome!!!!!!
i know.....i checked this morning to make sure you had not changed you blog address or something?!!??!

mrscravitz said...

I noticed you were gone, and if you had not checked in today I was going to send a blog search party for ya! :))

What is the name of the face readers book? I would be interested because I am a people watcher, and would love to learn what I am watching!

Neas Nuttiness said...

Of course they missed - we all did!

fernvalley01 said...

I did miss you ,kept checking back to make sure you hadn't started building and ark! Looks like a wonderful place! face reader sounds interesting , but we all knew you were a star!

Sydney said...

I was wondering where you went off too. Face reading is cool.

Tatersmama said...

I was wondering too... especially after the rain you got and all!

So are you gonna share the name of the person who wrote the book?
Or I can let you read it and then send you a picture of myself so that you can tell me my failings and strengths.
Because I may not realize that I'm a crabby bi*** or somethin'
Just sayin'...

City girl turned Country Girl said...

I have missed you horribly!!! There has been nothing to make me giggle, no pictures of Diesel, and no other special pictures LOL!!

Glad you had a good time, but glad your back!!

lisa said...

The hubby usually is the one that hates it when we are gone! Looks like it was paradise! I will make sure to post my face when you get good at reading faces and you can read mine for me! he,he

KD said...

"And I have movie star cheek bones so I'm noticed more than others. (you can't see it but I'm doing my beauty pageant wave.)"

hehehe.... made me giggle :-)

Anonymous said...


Foxterriermom said...

Kit, what's the name of the book and who is the author??

Mrs.C said...

Well, it's about time! LOL

Glad you had fun, it looks like a pretty place.

A face reader? Seriously?

The Wife said...

Okay, my peeps, here is the info on the face reader. His name is Mac Fulfer. He is an attorney out of Fort Worth. His website is

Lil Mama said...

Dude! I don't want to know what my face says. It's probably not good.
It probably says
Evil woman
likes people way less then horses.
is likely to use a whip to get what she wants
enjoys hostess cupcakes

Far Side of Fifty said...

A Face reader, great I will check him out..sounds like you had a fun time away "working" is always great to be missed :)