Friday, January 2, 2009

Starting the New Year Off Right

Well, it started off a little foggy actually. This was the view from my front porch.

But it soon cleared up. And it was off to town to run errands. I bought Zena a toy. She has been upset since Duke died. They were playmates. Always running and fighting with each other. I thought a new duck will make her feel better.

She kept it with her all afternoon. Walking around with it in her mouth. Laying next to it. I think she liked it!

I spent the afternoon cleaning the barn floor. It had accumulated so much hay and dirt, it was ridiculous. I told the husband I would clean it while I was off this week. He is allergic to hay so it's best he's not around when I stir it up. It took me about an hour and a half to get the job done. But it sure looks a lot better.

I dumped it right outside the barn gate. Here's Bambi looking thru the mess. She's my curious little girl. Always around to see what's goin' on.

I have set a few "goals" for 2009. I use the word goals because these are things that I AM going to achieve not like resolutions. So here they are:

1. Get back in shape.

2. Return to running in 5K races.

3. Focus on my photography.

So I haven't been to the gym yet but I figured the barn cleaning was my workout for today. I have the entry form for a 5K race at the end of March and another in April. Just need to send them in. And as for the photography, I'm gonna work on gettin' better. Not to difficult, huh?


The W.O.W. factor said...

Way to go Wifey! Off and running with the new year!
What's with our Cowboys being allergic to hay??? Do ya think it's their "excuse" to get us to do the grunt work?? :) Yep, mine is allergic too!
I'd say that cleaning was a good start at getting ready for the runs you plan. Go Girl! Go!
I know Zena must be missing Duke too. Our first two Border Collies were litter mates...Zig & Zag. In AZ, we lost Zag to Valley Fever and Zig quit working after losing her partner. I hope Zena finds comfort in Duckey.
Have a great evening my good friend!

Muddy Boot Dreams said...

Well it looks like you are on the right track, LOL. Starting to run marathons, pretty amazing.


Mikey said...

Excellent job on the barn! Don't you love it when it's all tidy and clean? Love Bambi, lol. I hear ya too, Wade is allergic to hay also, he will tolerate it, but it's not good for him.
You run 5k? You are all kinds of healthy! I would die. I need to run, but just can't bring myself to do it. People like you who can continually amaze me.

Neas Nuttiness said...

I wish I could remember what it was like to be young and have lots of energy.

Your barn is cleaner that my son's bedroom:)

Running? I have a little plaque that "sums up" why I'm overweight and out of shape. It says "Every time I get the urge to exercise...I lie down until it goes away!"

Pony Girl said...

Good goals girl! You know, I always feel guilty about not working out....then I think of the two to 3 hours I spend with my horse, and the clean-up, and I think, whose not working out??!
Zena seems to like her new toy and I do think animals grieve their lost buddies!

Vaquerogirl said...

I bought Mac a toy duck just like that one- but I don't think he likes it as much as your puppy does!

LadyFi said...

Running a half marathon? Faint! My exercise consists of walking the dog and chasing the kids.

Tatersmama said...

Where DO you find the energy to run? Geez, I envy you, but then you're a heck of a lot younger than me... the only running I do anymore is to the bathroom at 3 in the morning!

Zena looks so precious with her little ducky, and I hope it's a comfort to her. Give that gorgeous girl a bog ol' hug for me...

kdwhorses said...

Great looking barn! I have been mucking the lot since Angel has to stay up and it is a workout! Hubby wonders why i do it, I can't stand all the mess! I even raked the leaves out of it for her!

I agree I set goals too, seems easier to stick to! I have a few already in mind: finish Willis, win a buckle in a rodeo or roping, organize my house, stay in shape! Good luck, we can do it girl!

spanki said...

okay, you are making me motivated... what can i go clean? oh, the closest thing that i have to your barn is my boys room... oh the smell!!! and i will try to work out too, you keep us posted, you will be my motivational blogger coach... off i go to find a warm-up video to get me started...

gtyyup said...

That's a big "Thanks Mom" look on Zena's face! She looks very happy. Hopefully her sadness will taper off.

Nice clean barn...I did that last week too. I have the same problem, the loose hay gets piled up and it just seems to get out of control.'ve got way more energy than me! I always ask why someone would want to run, walk, or ride a bike when you could ride a horse!!! ;~)

Good luck on all of your goals...I'm sure you'll succeed!

prairierunner said...

I'll be joining you on a few of those 5K runs. I'd best get back on the running horse (so to speak) before I can't waddle my way through one.

carrielt said...

Damn girl!You are a stud! We bought Trixie the duck too. Acutally she's on her second one. But everytime she bites it to make it quack just cracks me up. It sounds like a duck!

Train Wreck said...

OMG!!! We aren't sisters our husbands are brothers!! LMAO! What is with all these "Cowboys" allergic to hay? I think Barb is on to something! I have the same goal to get back to the gym. Running? not so much,it makes me too tired haha, I like to work out, with weights and machines. I have a pilates machine in my bedroom, makes a good shelf for blankets! We need to look into this "Cowboy Hayfever!"

Ranch Diva Rachel said...

My Aussie has that duck! Take the "quacker" out now! LOL