Monday, December 8, 2008

Some Housekeepin'

Now, y'all know me better than to think I was being literal about housekeepin'! Come on. I have received two awards and been tagged with a meme. So I thought I would kill three birds with one stone cause I'm cool like that.

First, Mickey over at The Horsehoeing Housewife gave me both these awards over the past couple weeks. I think she's been in the sun too long looking for Sugarfoot or something! She has a heart of gold and I just love keepin' up with her adventures. So for each one, I will pass it on to some new blogger buddies I have found.

I pass this one of to:

1. Reddunappy

2. Carrielt

3. Tatersmama

And this one goes out to:

1. W.O.W. Factor

2. Neas Nuttiness

3. J&J Acres

Now, down to the business of the meme. I was tagged by Lil Mama over at Mommy in Spurs. She's a hoot and I'm glad I found her. Or she found me. However it happened. So I must tell you six things about myself that you most likely do not know. I don't think she knew what she was getting into by givin' me this meme. Alrightie, here we go:

1. I was issued a bulletproof vest and a 40 cal. semiautomatic when I took my current job. Yeah, scary! I'm a klutz with a gun! My last job, involved a gun as well but they didn't bother with the vest. Hmmmm!? Where they trying to tell me something?

2. I was a sex offender therapist at a juvenile boy's prison right after I graduated with my Master's degree. In no way did my education prepare me for that job! But I sure got a new education!

3. I love rap and rock music. Especially dirty lyrics (how horrible is that!). I had one CD that was so bad, the husband took it away from me and gave it to a college boy!

4. I don't drink alcohol. No reason really, just never have. Though at times, I think I should. Please don't hold my nonalcoholic ways against me.

5. I lost about 70 lbs around 5 years ago. I got "fluffy" after we married. Lots of exercise and calorie counting. It was a hard long process but it worked.

6. I've had plastic surgery. Yeah, these teets are fake! It was my, well the husband's, present for me losing all that weight! (Family, if you didn't know, really? I know some of ya haven't seen me in awhile, but come on now! Love you!) On a side note, the father-in-law told me yesterday that according to MythBusters, they will not explode at high altitudes. Phew! Thank goodness for that!

Added bonus #7. And as you can tell, I will talk about anything! Sorry!

Oh, I hope I didn't run anyone off with my secrets! Please come back, I promise to keep more things private next time. Really, I swear! Unless you want to know something, then I'll tell ya.

Big teet hugs to all! Oh Lordie, I can't believe I just said that! I'm out of control. Please no more memes. I will run everyone off!


The W.O.W. factor said...

LOL!! You are too funny you gun-packin' lady! I'll be sure to stay on your 'good side'! As far as the teets go? Hubby just wanted you to look like those gals in the pagent you had! he he!
You didn't scare me off...takes more than your goofiness to do that!
Have a wonderful week, Wifey!
Keep that vest on, never know, a stray bullet may blow up a teet! :)
Thank you for the award! Ya know, I'm s'posed to be busy and not bloggin' but was havin' withdrawals, so I'll get around to the proper acceptance later, -k?

DVM's Wife said...

Nothing wrong with coming out of the closet girl! From one boobie sister to another!;)
Your 6 things about you cracked me up!

spanki said...

nothing wrong with a few perky teets!! love your six... candid meme answers!! thanks for the laughs!!

bekah said...

hahaha i totally read # 2 as 'I was a sex offender' and was rare for a woman. Duh...

you crack me up!

Lil Mama said...

From one gun slinger to another...
I loved all 7 things.

Reddunappy said...

LOL your hilarious, straight from the hip baby!!

Thanks for the award!!!

LadyFi said...

That was just too funny you teet-packing girl!

Candid .. but hilarious!

Far Side of Fifty said...

Well now I know that you are really perky! I enjoyed your seven! :)

J and J Acres said...

Thank you for the award!!

So a farm girl that has fake boobs, likes dirty lyrics, and was a sex therapist at a boys prison. Wow. You impress me more every day! :)

Jamie said...

It's good to know that they won't explode at high altitudes! Have a great rest of the day...It's snowing like crazy here in WI today!

Anonymous said...

I have so many tears in my eyes...I am suppose to making cookies, but, have mercy girl, you take the cake!!!!
Oh, I am gonna be laughin' for days!
Heaven help me, that's SO funny!!
PLEASE WEAR THE VEST AND PRACTICE WITH THE GUN, OKAY?? It's not like you have to worry about hitting the neighbors place, right??!!

Tami said...

Oh my gosh.....I had a breast reduction and was mad as hell at the doctor because he would only reduce these buggers to a D! I used to make Dolly look like a 10 year old in comparisson.

Neas Nuttiness said...

Thanks for much for the award, but I think it should be me, giving it to you!
So, you carry a gun?...
...Just wanted you to know that if the cookies aren't any good...I really live in Alaska! The address that I gave you was just my "clearing house":)
I need to loose more that 70 lbs. but I'm seriously considering the surgery method. Right now, I'm waiting to see if insurance will approve it.
I wish that I knew you needed some "teets" I would have lent you some of mine...I need my puppies lifted up. After nursing a bevy of babies, mine are sagging pretty bad!

OneCowgirl said...

Everyone is a winner in my book! I want to send you a print. BTW - your title "True Bliss" was my favorite. But since I didn't have many entries - I am sending everyone a print. My email address is
west texas cowgirl
and it is a gmail account.
I learned from grey horse matters email addresses don't show up in the comments sections probably a spam thing. No spaces between the words west texas cowgirl. Merry Chrismas!!

Kellys said...

Do you guys see what I have to put up with every day at work? This child will say most anything...she is a hoot!! p

missy said...

oh my gosh you are to funny!!! i don't think you run off any crazy bloggers!!!! we love crazy stuff!!!

kdwhorses said...

ROTFL!!! Great meme girl! Nah, you can't run us off that easy! I have mia because of our interent service here the last week has s*cked! They can't figure out what is wrong! Oh and the NFR!!!

Congrats on the awards!

Foxterriermom said...

Kit, I've known for quite some time that you are really a dirty girl at heart, but it takes huevos to publically admit it! BTW, my arsenal is now up to 3 pistols and a shotgun - yeehaw!! Love ya!

Mikey said...

Just rollin' laughing here. Teets!!! *huge grin*