Sunday, November 2, 2008

Two Teeth Less

Yesterday was the big day. The husband had to go back to the dentist and get two teeth pulled. His original appointment was at 10:30 but they called and said he could come early about 10. So we headed out. As he left the house, he told the dogs he hoped to see them again. Oh my!

We arrived at the dentist at around 9:45 and they were not ready for him. They asked us to wait in the adult waiting room. Yeah, my dentist has a kid's waiting room and an adult only waiting room. If you know me, that is a major plus in my book. Not exactly a kid person. Anyhoo, we went and sat and sat and sat. The husband started getting antsy. He said he was tired of waiting and was going to leave. Kinda hard to do since I had the keys to the truck.

So then he decided to walk into the back of the office to make sure they didn't forget about him. I followed him as he made his way thru. They were still working on some teenagers so the husband said he was going outside. The dentist came out and asked where he was, I told him he was outside making a run for it. He asked if he was coming back. I said, Dunno! So the dentist went outside and talked to him.

I went outside to check on him. He said the dentist was wearing something on his arm. I told him it was an IPod. That way he couldn't hear the screams. The husband didn't appreciate my humor!

Finally around 11, they got the husband in the room and all hooked up. They had heart rate monitors on him, blood pressure monitors, oxygen and the IV.
At one point I heard the heart rate monitor beep differently, I told the husband he was flat lining! He didn't care for my humor again!

Oh look, the implements of pain!

The dentist really doped the husband up. He didn't want him to remember anything so next time maybe the hubby wouldn't be so uptight about going. I sat right outside the door. They would try to get the husband to respond verbally to them but he was so doped up he couldn't. The assistant thought my picture taking was pretty funny. Once he got doped up, she was telling me to come in and take his picture cause he'd never know! But I waited till they finished and got this post-op pic.
After they took the IV out, we had to wait for about 15 minutes for them to monitor the husband. During this time, the assistant was telling me the dos and don'ts. She said he couldn't dip for 48 hours. The husband argued about this with her in his drunk state. He also advised her she wasn't near as mean as his wife! Isn't that sweet!

She came back in and said he was ready to go home. He had passed out. But we roused him and got him to the truck. But didn't he look happy in his drunk passed out state!

I stopped on the way home and got him some ice cream, which he drooled down the front of him. It's really hard to eat when you're entire bottom lip is numb! He's doing better now with un-numb lips. But now I have to listen about the huge craters in his mouth! Oh my, please pray for me!


Muddy Boot Dreams said...

Oh that poor man! LOL. First the indignity of the dentist, and then the torture of being made to wait so long. And then to top it all off, he has his photos taken.

Funny in a very "we are so sorry for you" kind of way. I sympathize with him!!!!


Lacey Jo said...

lol I love your humor. How did your husband feel about you taking the pictures? Why is it that most men get so freaked out about going to the dentist and doctor?! weird...

LadyFi said...

I get totally freaked out by the dentist - it's my worse nightmare, so I totally sympathize!

Laughed out loud anyway...

Linda said...

Oh your poor man, I'll bet he doesn't kiss well in his condition either:)

Vaquerogirl said...

Oh My! At least your hubby went. Mine has to be twitched and drugged before I can even get him into the car! And he would have killed me if I had taken his photo post op! I laughed at that, (and I feel really bad about it!)
Good luck to him!
BTW I had a tooth out(novacain only) a few weeks ago and went to a four day horse show the very next day. He'll be fine!

J and J Acres said...

Good thing you were there to take pictures! I'm the same way about the dentist. My palms get sweaty and I turn into a BIG baby. It's horrible!

kdwhorses said...

Holy cow! The dentist! UGH! Drugs are a good thing!

Love the family photo with the dogs! ROTFL!!

Sorry to hear about your Grandmother.

Loved the leading lines and WW photos!

Glad to be back !

Jamie said...

It could be worse though...I'm not quite sure how yet but it could be.

Anonymous said...

I feel the same way about the dentist and only go when it is the last possible thing to do. I went for a well woman exam today and told the doctor this is easier for me than going to the dectist.

Train Wreck said...

Oh! I would have taken good care of him! And enjoyed your company! I hope they gave good post op instructions! He does not want to get a dry socket! You be sure and keep us posted as to how he is doing!!
My email went to your junk box! I am so sad! Email me again, I saved an addie? I want to make sure it is yours? I hope I didn't send a invitation to a STRANGER!! Stranger danger! YIKES!! Give hubby a frozen bag of peas for me.

spanki said...

i just had my teeth pulled not to long ago, so i feel for your hubby!! i still have the craters! i had pain for-ev-er with mine, so my prayers go out to you... the one who will have to hear him wine and complain for a few weeks...brace yourself!!!!

Anonymous said...

Love your humor but not the greatest blog for me to read since I need to schedule an appt. for a very bad tooth!