Monday, October 6, 2008

Weekend Review

This weekend was spent working cattle (big surprise) and getting my hair done (bigger surprise). We started off by putting hay out for the cattle and calves. I so love riding on the tractor!

The calves acted like they had been starving for days. They attacked that bale like there was no tomorrow.

Saturday morning I put a kink in the husband's cattle working plans. I informed him I had a hair appointment at 9am. He didn't seem to excited about losing his #1 cowhand for the morning but he managed.

Had to get my fall "color" done. I thought about taking another beauty shop picture but when the hair dresser next to me and her client started making fun of how I looked with the foil in my hair, I just couldn't endure any additional embarrassment.

The husband called about an hour or so into the hair process. He couldn't believe I was still there. Lucky for me, I stayed long enough for him to do the dishes and the laundry! Yeah!

Saturday evening, I transformed into the Cow Whisperer, Ultimate Sorter Extraordinaire. I love to sort cattle and we had three bunches to get divided up. After much discussion on who goes where, I wrote the lists on my hand and away we went. With my trusty whip and the husband at the gate, we cut those babies like butter! It might have been the hair. I think they take orders better from a brunette than a blonde. It demands respect. Yeah, must have been the hair.

After sortin' everything off, we hauled some to the neighbor's and the others to the new lease place on Sunday. Our new lease is about 30 minutes from the house. It took two trips to get them all over there. They seemed to like it.

They have a lot more room and more native grass to eat.

And trees, they were so excited to see trees. Our place is an old farm so there are no trees in the pastures. I know what it's like growing up without trees, it's miserable. The cows will be so happy!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!


spanki said...

love your color! but even more... love your hair! wow, i can only dream of such great hair!! good for you to get a little time in for yourself! and now explain to me, how did you get your hubby to do the dishes??? what??? is that what you really said??? how???

Bekah said...

um wow your hair (and you) look fantastic!!!

Got my tiara today! I wore it to walk the dog and cook dinner! haha now its next to my computer and makes me laugh every time I see it! I LOVE IT!

Muddy Boot Dreams said...

I love your hair, I seem to be a naturally curly, with added frizz sort of blonde. BUT there are some grey hairs sneaking in.
Anyways, I would have loved to have your hair. What is it about us women, we always love someone elses hair better than our own.

Train Wreck said...

Princess Cowella!! Hmmm that doesn't really capture your beauty does it! he he he! You look great! I was just telling my husband I need a new fall color! My Highlights are now Low lights!!

I just got a really great compliment, but I think you may have been insulted! I was showing my dad your blog, (cuz he liked your name!) He said I looked like you! aw thanks dad! I told him that's cuz we are sistas!! Of course I don't have a tiara, sniff sniff, yet!
I am glad Bekah is wearing it! Crack me up! I think you should have made a rule that She needs to take a picture and post it!! LOL!! Love your hair! I want one!!
Oh and Good job hubby!! How sweet to help out in the dull household chores!!

Vaquerogirl said...

Great hair! If I looked that good maybe my hubby would do dishes too...

LadyFi said...

Great hair! / Had my done yesterday, but it doesn't look that good ... and will soon have a post about my hairy experience!

And - yeah - I thin Bekah should post a picture of her wearing her tiara!

The Wife said...

Spanki-Hubby is awesome about doing dishes and laundry, which is a good thing considering, I HATE IT! I got really lucky!

Bekah-Love that you are wearing your tiara around! Now, all my blogger peeps want to see a picture of you with it!

Jen-So true, we always love other women's hair. I really dislike mine. Mostly I hate to fix my hair. If I could wear a cap to work, I would!

TW-Your dad is sweet. I do take it as a compliment that we look alike. But of course! I know one day, you too, will have a tiara!

Vaquerogirl-Too funny! I'm just lucky to have a great husband!

Ladyfi-Waiting to hear about your hairy situation!

Paige said...

I like the new color, it looks good.

If only I could beat my hair down into a style, I would not know what to do with it. Until a miracle happens though, I guess I will go on being Bozo the clown

RanchGirl said...

I love your hair! :) Sounds like a fun weekend!

J & J Acres said...

No matter how many times I get my hair done, Mr. C is always AMAZED at how long it takes for me to get my hair done. One of these days I'll have him go with me so that he doesn't have it in his head that we sit around talking for 2 hours. hee hee.

I bet the cows WILL love the trees!

Mikey said...

You look great! Love the hair! The cattle are gorgeous too, they look happy on their new lease.

kdwhorses said...

Love your new color!

Great cattle work! I love it they did it because of the hair color! LMAO!!!

1bitrcountrygirl said...

I love your new fall look! Oh, and if you've tried to visit the blogger blog that I just set up....blogger deleted it for me so I'm blogging at wordpress. Hope to see you there!

Robin said...

Love the color!