Tuesday, October 7, 2008

ISO, Shutter and Aperture Part Deux

Last night's photography class was more of the same from the previous week. We discussed the Basic Daylight Exposure Guide and how to manipulate it for different shooting situations. The guide is handy to keep in your camera bag for a quick reference.

As I've stated before, my point and shoot camera limits me on what settings are available. But if you have an SLR, you should be able to use the guide pretty much to the T.

Thanks for all the feedback on the photo assignment. The brand was submitted and there wasn't one negative comment made. I think I surprised the instructor. He even went into the details of the photo to insure I had used the manual setting. So little faith!

This week the assignment is to shoot 6 pictures. Three are to illustrate different shutter speeds (slow, mid, and fast) and the other three are for aperature depth (large, medium, small). I'm really not looking forward to this assignment. I like more creative and less technical projects. Plus, like I said, my camera limits me. But I will go forth and picture take.


farmnwife said...

Very cool pics of the brand and fire. I have taken some really nice pictures with my point and shoot also. I would really like a slr, but I can't get myself to fork over the money. Besides there are such good editing programs out there. They do so much to fix a photo.

Muddy Boot Dreams said...

I am glad to hear that your instructer liked the brand shot. It was great!

Just bought my first DSLR, my 3rd digital, and I love it. The horizans are wide open, the oportunities unlimited.

The Wife said...

Farmnwife-Yes, lucky for me, there are a lot of editing programs out there. But I have been trying my best to do everything straight out of the camera.

Jen-I sooooo want a SLR! I have one on my wish list. It would just be easier to use the concepts the instructor teaches. Otherwise, I have to do math in my head. Believe me, that's not good!

Paige said...

I just switched to an SLR this year, and for the action shots I do, it is WAY better. I am still limited though

I love playing with aperture, and seemed to shoot almost everything I do in f5.6, or lower on the rare times I can get it.

Good tool to have for when you do want to use it.

Linda said...

I loved the fire pix last post. I'm doing my homework along with you and learned quite a bit practicing in the aperture mode. Thanks again for BDE guide. There could be a book in this!