Friday, October 3, 2008

Foto Friday

Yesterday I was bound and determined to figure out the manual settings on my camera. Each evening this week, I have went out around the house and tried to take pictures only to become more discouraged. For some odd reason, the formula that is suppose to work for everyone, doesn't work for me. Imagine that! So I ventured out for a walk in search of subjects.

I knew the dogs would really want to go so we ventured down the road. At the end of our place is an open field, newly plowed and just waiting for someone to walk thru it. Plus I figured it was much easier to walk all four dogs in an open field than along our country road. Not that there is any traffic but just in case.

So we set out on our 1 1/2 hour walk.

Caught this shot in the bar ditch before going into the field. Thought it was pretty. Of course, it is a weed. But like I mentioned before, that's the only thing bloomin' 'round here. Which is why my allergies are horrible! Anyhoo...

Found a corn cob in the field. Showed the Husband the picture. He said, "Did you eat the corn off?" Seriously, I have been know to do some unusual things but gnawing the corn off the cob in the middle of a plowed field for a picture is not one of them. Come on!

Luckily, we walked so long, I was able to get some pretty sunset pictures. Well, this one isn't exactly a sunset but it was nice.

So today I feel a little better about using the manual settings on my camera. Yesterday really helped me feel more comfortable in what I was doing. But I know me and I will probably have it all screwed up by this afternoon.

Hope everyone has a great Friday!


Train Wreck said...

Beautiful Sunset! "Did you eat the corn off!" LMAO! You should have said yep what are you havin for dinner? he he There is a manual that comes with cameras... Don't worry you will get the instruction part. You already have the "eye" and talent! You have a absorbing information day!
Have a Freakin Fabulous Friday, Friend! ( They just pop in my head!)

Bekah said...

Im still working on manual as well! tough!!!

love the corn pic! and did you eat it off? hahaha too funny

BITRCountryGirl said...

Great pix! The corn one and your husbands response was too funny!

Muddy Boot Dreams said...

Shoot every day, it really is not as hard as you think. The more you shoot, the better you will be. The sunset photo is lovely, and the corn is very well done.


Vaquerogirl said...

I liked the corn shot too! I am inspired to take my camera on my morning walk in about thirty minutes. I'll try the manual setting too and see how good or bad it gets! Yikes!
I also like the pic of the mule on your site!

J & J Acres said...

"Did you eat the corn off?" would be something Mr. C would say! hee hee. The picture of the corn is neat, but I really like the sunset picture. I'm partial to sunset/sunrise pictures, with things in the foreground and the sun in the background. Very neat!

Paige said...

The corn and the sun setting are great

Are you starting with full-on Manual, or are you doing aperture or speed shutter priority?

I started with Manual and the bitch teaching my class made me stop it in favor of the others. Story of my life

It is easier though!

Just keep taking the shots--it will come to you. It is the only thing that works.

I am so glad you are doing this, as I am kind of playing along with you.

My favorite is a wide aperture--I love the blur behind

The Wife said...

TW-I know right! Why do they even put a manual on the camera. It is smarter than me to begin with in automatic.

Bekah-It's just one of those things you have to do over and over again. The teacher says it will click with us pretty soon. I'll keep my fingers crossed.

BITR-Yeah, hubby is a funny guy.

Muddy Boot Dreams-I am just so glad it is digital and not film. I can't imagine taking pictures over and over on film, just to end up throwing them away. I'll keep shooting.

Vaquerogirl- Glad I inspired you. Take that camera and shoot!

J&J Acres-I'm really into the silhuettes too.

Paige-Yes, working on full manual. We can't use any of the settings that "help" you out. And you're exactly right, taking pictures over and over is the only thing that helps ya get it.

Thanks so much for the support guys!

spanki said...

you are doing so good, and take it from me, some get it in a few months and others... like myself have had my camera for 2 yrs and still don't get it!! i was thinking i was finally getting closer, then i looked back at some of my old photos taken in automatic, and they blow my manual ones out of the water! so who really knows!! but i think you are doing awesome! and hey if eating a little corn out of the pasture is what it takes to relieve a little stress, send me a few ears too please!!

kdwhorses said...

Great pics! LOVE them! The corn looked great~I wouldn't blame you for eating it off the cob! LOL! Your'e doing great! Keep it up! Maybe just maybe I may learn more about taking pics!

Linda said...

Great pictures. I'm practicing my manual too and really enjoying the delete button. What kind of camera are you using?