Sunday, October 19, 2008

CSI Crazy M Ranch

It was a beautiful Saturday afternoon. The wife, feeling the spirit of Fall, decorated the entry to Crazy M Ranch. But soon, the decorations would lead to a sinister crime. Who would have known a murder would soon take place! Let's take a look at the crime scene prior to the devastating event.

How warm and inviting the entry seemed. If only it had known the dangers that lived so close.

Early Sunday morning, CSI Crazy M Ranch was called in. A crime had been committed. Not any run of the mill crime, however, a brutal, senseless act of pure terror. This was the scene upon arriving.

A man was missing. He disappeared during the night. Upon searching the area, his lifeless body was recovered. Oh, what kind of world do we live in!

The body had no obvious signs of trauma besides the smudges on the his face and two small holes in his shirt. Swabs were taken and the remains were sent to the regional medical examiner for an autopsy to determine the cause of death. But from the trained investigator, it was deemed the probable cause would be "played to death." Oh, the horror the guy must have gone thru prior to the end. I bet it didn't come none too soon in his mind.

The CSI investigators followed the path of evidence. It lead straight to the culprits.

How appropriate that the trail of evidence ended on the Beware of Dogs mat!

At the initial contact with the "dogs of interest," their behavior seemed pretty shady.

One was overly eager to help. Hmmmm, very suspicious.

Another wouldn't make eye contact with the investigator.

And the last had something weighing on her mind.

Under intense interrogation, the last finally broke down and begged for mercy. She couldn't take the pressure.

While canvassing the area, we came across two individuals claiming to be eye witnesses to the crime. However, their motives seemed tainted when they asked for sweet feed prior to answering any further questions.

All the evidence pointed to three criminals. Then incriminating photos surfaced to seal their fate. The truth could no longer be denied.

CSI Crazy M Ranch solved another one!


Train Wreck said...

LMAO!! hahhahhahaha!! I love it that is a great post!! Girl you remind me of someone...who is it...hmmm, OH ! ME!! LOL! We have the same sharp sense of humor! Boy aren't our Cowboys l.u.c.k.y! So you comin to Vegas for the finals! Say yes, c'mon it will be fun. I am trying to "round up all my sistas." Also Of course your hubby thinks I'm hot!We are sistas! Oh and it helps that I invested in photoshop!!
"Crop n Tuck" LOL That is my show! You have the CSI Ranch!! See I told you we are sistas!

Oh and I picked the Queen of Hearts crown with you in mind!
I am going to wake my Cowboy up to read this (still laughing!)

Bekah said...

hahahahahhaha love it!
eyewitnesses asking for sweet feed...what a bunch of asses (heh heh I make myself giggle)

kdwhorses said...

Oh good Lord, ROTFL!! Great one!
They look so guilty! He he he

Anonymous said...

Hilarious post! Doggone it - those culprits do look guilty!

The Wife said...

TW-I wish we were going to Las Vegas. What a blast we would have!

KDW and Ladyfi- I just live with a bunch of hetherns! I swear.

Paige said...

I am so glad you are following up on this, I was terrified that Boce the Pig was the culprit. Again.

I should have known better, since the pumpkins are intact

The Wife said...

Paige-I don't know how the pumpkins stayed intact. They may be the next victims.

Never Say Never Greyhounds said...

Funny even a year later :-).