Thursday, September 4, 2008

High Water Rescue

Okay, maybe not quite a high water rescue.....more like a low tank recovery! An empty protein tub was out in the tank. I had attempted to get in a week or so back but it was too far out. This time, I was able to wrangle it in. these were re-enactment photos. The husband was putting out minerals when I got the tub out of the tank. He happen to see me as I was calf high in mud reeeeeaaaaaching for the tub. When I brought it back to the truck, he told he to go back to the tank and do it again. So I did but I didn't go nearly as far out the second time. You can see the mud up the side of my leg from the original attempt.

Having a blog has really changed the way we do things. I seem to always have the camera with me just in case. And I am always tellin' the husband to "hold on cause I gotta get this photo!"


Paige said...

Me too with the camera-sometimes I annoy even myself---

and there are a lot more threats in my house than there used to be and he is starting to sound like me--last nite he told me that if I put a picture of his gut on the blog, he was moving out

think he means it?

Bekah said...

um yeah me too...i take pics a lot...I did before too, but now everyone says "you know thats going to be blogged"

psh- they like when they are subject of the blog though..i can tell. Matt says he feels like a celebrity...dear guy. Im like..hun...i think three people read my blog. but oookay.

kdwhorses said...

ROTFL!!! I carry my camera all the time! Even hubby is in on it know! Like yesterday when we were shooting! I looked up from shooting my bow and there he is clicking away! I had no idea! He then said you know you are posting these right!?!?! LOL! It is alot of fun blogging, I know I'm addicted!

Glad you got the bucket back! I use those for everything here!
You were looking good doing it! At least you didn't loose a boot in the process! Look at all the doggie supervision you have going on!

jen @ J&J Acres said...

I'm always sayin' "WAIT! I need to put that on my blog!" hee hee. You're right, it really changes things!

Jen said...

Thanks for the comment of my blog. That is funny I carry my camera with me too. Hubby thought it was weird at first then he started calling me when he left for work in the morning to tell me about a picture I should be out taken.

Train Wreck said...

Hmmm...Carry the camera around..I will have to remember that! LOL! Are you kidding it's like another appendage!! I do the same exact thing.
Love the re-enactment photos! You'd never know!!