Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Effects of a Crippled Horse.....

Everyone knows both my horses are crippled. So I don't ride unless I borrow someone else's fine steed. I'm lucky enough to have a wonderful friend that allows me to use his horse for the ranch rodeos. I rode 'ol Pete at both. We get along okay but it's not like riding your own horse. Plus the effects of a crippled horse are SORE BUTT! I haven't rode in 4 months and the 5+ hours of riding I did on Sunday are being felt in places I would have never imagined! I tried explaining it to the husband last night. It went something like this......

The Wife: "Man, my butt bones sure are sore!"

The Husband: "Butt bones? You only have one butt bone and it's called a tailbone."

The Wife: "Duh, I know what a tailbone is, but this is different. It's where you sit that hurts."

The Husband: "What, cheek bones?"

The Wife: "Here, let me show you!" Bend over and point!

The Husband: "Guess you need to start doing squats."

The Wife: "NO! It's not muscle sore, it's bruise sore. I don't need to do any squats!"

The Husband: "Huh."

So I make my way thru the day gingerly sitting on my chair, thank goodness it is cushioned!
But I wouldn't mind one of those donuts to sit on!


Bekah said...

dont you just love how men say the first thing that comes to their minds? "guess you need to start doing squats"

haha uhhh whoa!

Train Wreck said...

Sista? You know he's just playin dumb so you do the whole bend over and show him thing! Men are wily like that!! Squats! I bet he'd want to watch you to "make sure you were doing them right" wink, wink! I know how you feel! My butt hurts in the same place!
My husband just woke up, I read him your post, he said to shorten your stirrups. Your strrups might be too long? And only "smiled" when I read the part about how you showed your hubby where it hurt, and how I said he was being "wilie!" he he!!
Besides you need a "doughnut cushion to sit on! All princesses sit on a cushion!

The Wife said...

TW-The husband is good at playing dumb in order for me to "show" him things! Tell hubby thanks for the advice. The stirrups may be too long but if I shorten them, my knees really hurt. Oh my, my...the realization that I am aging just hit me! The horror!

ladyfi said...

LOL!! What - the cheekbones, said husband. A classic. Thanks for the laugh.

Paige said...

If you grew a big fat ass like me, you would not get bruises on your butt. i swear, it is true.

Today, my shoulders, upper b ack and abs ache from trotting and loping all weekend-it feels GREAT!

Muddy Boot Dreams said...

My husband uses every painful exclamation as a excuse to tell me to start exercising. So now I just grin and bear it. LOL.

BITR Country Girl said...

"Boys" are weird! I'm sorry your sore though....I hope it was a good weekend for you!

J & J Acres said...

I love that you bent over and pointed. Nothing beats a visual of the butt bones! :)

kdwhorses said...

LAMO!! Sorry you're sore! Give him a point as he got you to bend over and show him! Men! LOL!

So enjoyed seeing you and the other girls! Ya'll were a blast to talk with! Wishing I had more time to talk!