Monday, September 29, 2008

Busy Weekend

Sunday, my ranch rodeo team participated in our second event. We didn't come home with buckles but we did win purses! Yeah, how cool is that! I was proud of the girls and their hardwork. We had a great time and enjoyed ourselves. I want to thank KDW over at Blackjack Land & Cattle Co.. Her church put the rodeo on and they were great hosts. She made us feel very welcomed. Loved meeting a blogger buddy in person. She's so sweet.

Tonight I have photography class. The assignment was to take a picture like you normally do. So this is what I am submitting......

A picture of Sally. The husband keeps asking me why I am fascinated with taking eyeball pictures. He doesn't understand it. I told him I was trying to be artistic. You can imagine the look I got after that statement.

Now that I have to take pictures for class, I never find anything to shoot. It is very frustrating. I was cleaning the saddle Saturday and took this picture. I like the pattern of the seat.

And I have a thing for sepia right now. Just like the effect it has on the photo. But what do I know, really. But hopefully, I will be more knowledgeable after this class. I'll keep my fingers crossed.

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Lacey Jo said...

I think those two pictures are great. I'm a big fan of sepia too, especially because it makes things look a bit more old fashioned or western.

Anne and Leigh said...

Love the saddle pic, that one is great!


Train Wreck said...

I love your new layout! They have the best layouts don't they!!
I love your pictures!! I too take Eye shots! I love the saddle clip too! Keep it up! Princess of the camera!

ladyfi said...

I love the way the pattern on that saddle is really visible... All quilted and soft looking.

Bekah said...

because eyes are the window to the soul!

silly boys!


Kellys said...

I don't need a tiara....I have one and am proud of it even if it has 50 on it....p

kdwhorses said...

I so enjoyed meeting you as well! I'm glad you all had a great time! I wanted to get our picture taken together! I never even got my camera out of the truck! UGH! Your a great girl and I was blessed to meet you! Hoping we will meet again in the future! I'm sure next year at least at the WRR!!

Love the pics! Eye pics~I can't take enough of them! Windows into there souls. Love the saddle pic as well, the detail is awesome! So glad you are sharing your class with us!

Mikey said...

I'm so jealous! You got to meet Kris! AND go to one of their church ranch rodeos!!! *swoon* I've SO wanted to go to one like that. I wish our churches here did something like that. I think that's the best! You girls look like you did pretty darn good!
Love the sepia too. I'm very into that also, especially with western type photos. Looks beautiful!