Friday, August 15, 2008

Crisis at Home

Yesterday evening was not a good day for us. It started out like any other day. I got home from work. Fed and watered all the animals. Took the camera out and tried finding things to take pictures of. I found a spider's web and misc. other things. Decided to go out into the pasture and check out the cattle. Took this picture of the horses. Then went back up to the house.

About 15 minutes later, the husband is pulling in the drive and calls me from his car. He asks why Miss Priss is on the wrong side of the fence. She's in the pasture with the cattle. I told him no she's not, I was just out there with her. She was standing with the other two horses. He advised me that no, she was in the other pasture and we needed to go check it out.

So we walk out there and sure enough, she's across the fence. And as we got closer, we could see the blood. It was coming from her front legs and her back legs. Part of her back leg was laid open. The husband told me to stay back cause I am a big sissy when it comes to blood. At first he thought she broke her back leg but actually, she cut the front tendon. We got her up to the barn and cleaned her off. Then started calling vets. It really sucks when you are new to an area, which is mainly farm land, and there are no real large animal vets around. We were so spoiled in Stephenville to have great vets available. Finally, had one vet return our call from his emergency line about an hour or so later. He couldn't see her. Another vet told us she was out of the area and didn't think she could do anything anyways. WHAT ARE YOU FREAKIN" KIDDIN' ME!! Finally, our neighbor's son called and said he knew of a vet that would see her. We called and she agreed to meet us. Only thing was, she's over an hour away! We loaded Miss Priss up and hauled butt.

Pretty much, we found out there was nothing they could do about the tendon except wrap it up and see if it will scar together. And the odds of that, not too good. All the other larcerations were cleaned and doctored. Miss Priss was a great patient.

The vet loaded us up with lots of drugs and goodies to bring home. Even gave the husband a lesson on giving shots, cause Lord knows he needs it! And back home we went. After we got everyone settled, we managed to get in the house and go to bed. The husband got about 2 hours of sleep before his alarm went off and I got about 3 1/2 hours. Needless to say, we are dragging butt today!


Train Wreck said...

I hope she is ok! How scary! Our vets are the same way, why even have an emergency number? My "Trainwreck" is the one that always ends up hurt! he needs a "paddeddock!!" I am glad it wasn't a broken leg or any worse!Dang pasture pets!!

BITR Country Girl said...

I hope she heals up really well and there is no permenant damage to her. have a great weekend!

The Wife said...

Thanks for the well wishes! Hopefully we can get her all mended up. Due to the tendon, she will probably just be a breed mare now. But she is an awesome little girl so she will have great babies!

Bekah said...

oh no! Poor Miss Priss!

Mikey said...

Hey, I hadn't been here before! Love it! Like Miss Priss there, she's pretty! Hell finding a vet sometimes isn't it? I've got 3 on speed dial and there's been times I've still had to wait... horses just do the dangdest things.
Had to laugh at your donkey's faces blacked out. I've got one of those too, he (is uncut) terrorizes the neighborhood. My neighbors LOVE to call me and say "Mikey, have you lost your ass again?" Funny funny people :)
I'll be back!!!