Saturday, August 16, 2008

Coming to a Realization

With the latest injuries to Miss Priss, the husband and I have came to the realization that we were not meant to be horse people. Both horses I have gotten this year ended up crippled. My thoughts are God must be trying to tell me something. Apparently, I'm not suppose to ride a horse! I see the writing on the wall! I don't need another two by four between the eyes or a vet bill!

Our joke of being the Home of Crippled Horses has came to fruition. So we have decided to keep the two mares and breed them eventually. Maybe God will have a change of heart by the time the colts are ready to be started! Let's hope. The husband said he was going to have a talk with the girls about not having crippled babies! And we are getting rid of the new gelding. The husband believes he had a lot to do with Priss gettin' into the fence so he's outta here. I didn't care for him much anyhow. Kinda glad to see him go. So what will our next purchase be?

Yep, a four wheeler!


Kellys said...

Get brave and get a two wheeler and you and the husband can go riding with us...... :)


Jamie said...

Two crippled horses?! 4 wheelers are fun! My uncle has one for farm work and misc. work. He loves that thing!

P.S. Thanks for the add!

Train Wreck said...

Oh no Don't give up on them! They are just like kids! Into EVERYTHING! Where do you think I got my blog name! I have a gelding (he is 4) He gets hurt all the time! I tell my husband he needs a Padded-dock LOL! We have a four wheeler and a Ranger, and a Jeep.AND 6 horses! We love all of our toys!