Sunday, August 17, 2008

Big Doings at Church Today

Our church is at it's one year anniversary. Today we had a big baptism day. Twenty-five people got dunked (saved is the more appropriate term, I suppose.) It was awesome to see all those people accept Jesus into their lives. As some of ya know, cowboy church does things a little different. And for those that have never witnessed a cowboy baptism, I took some pictures. Our services are currently held at a sale barn. So in the middle of the sale ring, we set up a water trough and brought them up one by one to get dunked.

After church, the husband and I went to eat at the local mexican food joint. We like to eat there on Sundays cause if you take your church bulletin, they give you a 20% discount. How cool is that! I could hardly eat my spinach and chicken quesadillas. I was full as a tick after two sections. I don't know what the deal was. I usually can eat my weight in mexican food. Well, really in any food! Hence, my fluffy days!

The husband full and happy!

I noticed when I added the sugar substitute to my tea, it was called "Sweet Thing." I told the husband I should pin on to my shirt cause that is exactly what I am. You can imagine his response to that!

On a side note, the husband was reading my post last night. He asked what fruition was? I told him the definition and he told me that I needed to quit using such big words on here. That other people won't know what they mean either. I told him that our readers are smart peeps and I'm sure they can handle it. He said he guess he needed to go back to college in order to read the blog. Drama King!


Bekah said...

hey thats how our church did baptism this year as well! only it was in a 4-H center.

haha "sweet thing." Nice. Sounds like something I would said as well.

love your hat!

Train Wreck said...

Look what a cute couple you are! My husband reads my blog too! He likes it, allthough he just makes gruff man noises when he reads it!He didn't think my post of him and his fish was very funny, too bad I did! I am a ball cap girl too! "Sweet thing!" LOL our husbands would die if we ever got together! I love to crack jokes like that all the time!
I love the baptism, trough!LOL!!

Mikey said...

You guys are the cutest couple!!
Love your church, that gave me such a giggle. That's very western!!